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Obviously this is 100 real and we’ve also heard that roy williams is retiring from north carolina. So this morning’s been a little bit wild, which i’ll make a roy williams video after this one so check that out come back to the channel that video will be posted soon, but right now i want to talk about chris beard first, because this has a huge Impact on college basketball, at the moment where roy he’s retiring, we still don’t, know who’s going to replace him. I will get into that a little bit later. Texas officials wanted to talk to chris beard and they wanted to wait until april 1st, which is obviously today when beard’s contract buyout for the school at texas tech and for the big 12 dropped from 5 million to 4 million. Obviously, you know paying a million dollars less it’s huge for texas, because they’ve spent a lot of money. This offseason, you know athletic director chris delcante, who has hired you know obviously steve sarkisian, the new head coach of the football program and you know getting rid of tom herman and then even more recently, hiring vic shaffer to become the women’s basketball. Coach who’s had a lot of success in mississippi state. He i don’t know if he ever won a national championship. There. I forget off the top of my head, but i do know that he at least got them to a couple final fours, so he’s a very good coach for their women’s basketball program.

You know texas, longhorns, really crystal conte he’s, making big time moves, so huge props to him it’s hard to say that texas won’t be back because you know these three coaches are very legit, all of them. So you know good for texas, because sports at least college athletics are better. When texas is good and i’m tired of hearing this conversation of this texas back every year. These three people will have a huge impact on texas longhorn. But you know this is a chris beard, video and i really wanted texas tech to become a new blood in college basketball, and this offseason was actually proving a lot on what was gon na happen going forward with college athletics, because things are really rapidly changing, because You know, name image and likeness – is going to. You know, become a huge factor going forward because it seems like the rules are finally going to be changed and you know recruiting is going to be different. You know players earning compensation, is going to be different, so we’re, seeing a lot of change and really we’re seeing a lot of change in terms of the blue bloods not being dominant, especially this year in college basketball. Obviously we have ucla in the final four so that doesn’t really count, but what i’m talking about is we’re, seeing a change where, like a kentucky, a duke a michigan state, you know they struggled this year and even roy williams retiring at north carolina.

We were seeing a change in college basketball where these smaller schools, like gonzaga, a baylor. You know they’re going to become the quote on quote new blood. Obviously, maybe these coaches, like scott, drew or a mark few, are going to stay long term and texas tech was another interesting school because i thought texas tech had the potential to become a new blood in college basketball, and you could really tell it had a chance To become that, because texas tech spent a lot of money to keep chris beard there, their fan base is very passionate and you could really you know. You started to sense that, based on how successful their basketball program has become they’re very passionate there and you know, it’s been fun to watch and it really feels like this whole kind of situation with chris beard at texas. Tech ended really fast. Obviously, last year’s season getting taken away. It helps you know make it feel like that, because chris beard didn’t get to take that team to rich madness tournament – and you know the arena at texas. Tech is really underrated. That place is big and can fit a lot of people. They also just built a new practice facility, which is state of the art, and i thought that that was going to keep chris beard around and i’m kind of stunned chris beard left because of what he had built. You know everything that he built at texas tech.

You know that was because of him and he was a top five paid coach in the sport there’s. A lot of reasons why i thought he would stay, but obviously you know he’s going back to where his uh journey kind of really started, because he was a former texas student. So it makes sense in that aspect, and hopefully this won’t be a tom herman situation, because you know tom herman was a former ga at texas and you know i’m i’m going to say this. 100 won’t be like that i’m, not even gon na, say 99, because i really believe chris beard is a different breed. This guy he’s gon na do wonders for texas, basketball. Now, first chris beard, you know he did so much for texas tech and you can tell texas tech. Basketball was not much until bob knight really got there, and you know: beard was an assistant there with bob and pat knight for 10 seasons, and you know, even after that tenure ended and tubby smith got there. You know his improvement was, you know, impactful, and they made an ncaa tournament under tubby and it got him the job at memphis and then beard swiped right in after taking the unlv job after you know a week which you know it made a lot of sense For chris beard to go back to you know where he was an assistant instead of unlv, which unlv really didn’t even want him.

He barely even got approval from their board, which which is honestly kind of embarrassing on their end, because if chris beard was at unlv, things would be a lot different there and he got the unlv job because how much success he had at little rock. I mean that little rock team, his one season there they took off in college basketball, they were outstanding in 2016 and they won a game in the ncaa tournament over purdue he’s, a really good coach and then, when he got to texas tech, they had so much Success not their first year, obviously, but that second year they made the elite. Eight, you could tell something was brewing and, despite losing you know, a lot of good players off that 2018 team, that 2019 team a year later, they made the freaking national championship game and took virginia to overtime. I mean they could have been the national champions. Honestly. In my opinion, i’m a little bit stunned that chris beard left everything that he built and i’ve heard from you know watching college basketball, insiders talk about it, chris beard wasn’t the type of guy that really wanted to be there long term anyway, he’s kind of a Guy that’s always looking to move trying to reinvent himself change things up so that’s, really why i like chris beard a lot he’s, not stubborn, he’s, adaptable and his teams are really fun to watch too he’s a really good coach super underrated.

I mean you can’t even say, underrated anymore he’s, a top five paid coach in college basketball, he’s, not underrated at all. His rise has been very quick and i’m happy for him to get the texas job now. Texas obviously opened because you know the shock of smart era was nothing special. You know shock is smart. His era it’s it’s a pretty frustrating era. To look back on. You know he had success at getting like incredible bigs. You know and five star prospects, but you know they didn’t really turn into much in his first season, after being the head coach of vcu for such a long time and getting them to a final four, his first season at texas in 2016. You know it looked like things were going to be promising, but you know, after that they only made the tournament two times, which was 2018 and obviously this past season and they lost in the first round in both of those you know, i think, to nevada. In 2018 and then, obviously that embarrassing loss to abilene christian and it’s very interesting too, because shaka smart is, you know he left right after that happened, and it was even before the sweet 16 started be being played. He left to become the new head coach at marquette, which i think he’s from wisconsin, if i’m not mistaken uh, so it makes sense that he went back to milwaukee. You know to become the head coach at a new program, one that really wants him texas, that situation kind of got murky, because i think he wanted the texas one to move on from him last year, but they gave him another chance.

So he was on the hot seat anyway, and despite winning the big 12 conference tournament and getting a three seed, you know just that. Failure versus abilene christian it made sense for him to move on, especially while his name was still fresh. In my opinion, shaka smart’s not the same coach that he once was chaka smart used to be a guy that you know changed his style. Every single game played a havoc style of basketball and they were really fun to watch and he he kind of shied away from that, and you could tell i mean something that i really thought this year was imagine if chris beard was coaching this texas team, because They had way too much talent, i mean you know those guards that they had. They have nba level bigs and just to see them like fall apart in the ncaa tournament was just kind of embarrassing and texas is getting a fresh new start with a guy. That is a legit coach, i’m happy for them. I, i really hope texas tech finds a good replacement. Obviously, you know there’s a lot of good up and coming coaches in the state of texas, like abilene christian, north texas, their coaches oral roberts. Maybe so texas tech is going to find somebody that’s, not the issue, but the issue is it’s chris beard, you know replacing chris beard. This is one of the best coaches in college basketball that sucks. But you know texas, they’re, getting a new basketball arena in 2022.

It’S going to open so that will be huge for them and recruiting. You know texas is a it’s, a very prominent brand and it’s something that has kind of fallen apart and it’s getting rebuilt as we speak, and i think that texas athletics is really on the rise and good for them. Austin is a very exciting city, so it makes a lot of sense that texas is going to become a school that gets back to being one of the national powerhouses instead of being said, they’re going to become that they’re, eventually just going to actually be that i’m. Tired of having this conversation, if texas is back, can they just be back? I mean come on i’m, tired of this, so that’s going to do it for the chris beard, video uh good for him i’m happy for him. I i hope he has a lot of success at texas. I’Ll be cheering for him, because chris beard is one of those guys that i really respect he’s gotten guys to the nba. Nobody ever says bad word about him. Nobody ever transfers from texas tech, because chris beard is somebody that you know people transfer to they don’t transfer from, and i think that he’s going to have a lot of success at texas and the ever changing landscape of college basketball. I think he’s going to be a home run higher, really it’s a perfect tire. He can’t even say it’s, not perfect, he’s meant for that.

If he was ever going to leave, i’ll say this. This is what i’m going to close on if he was ever going to leave texas tech, i thought it was going to be for three things: one if a blue blood opened like a north carolina, which obviously did just open, which i honestly kind of speculated – maybe He could go to there, but you know what do i know: i’m, just a fan, i’m, not an insider or an expert and then like a duke, maybe or a kentucky. I i don’t know maybe kansas. I thought that was like something that he could leave for, or number two would be a mba level job, especially in the state of texas. Maybe a san antonio spurs or a dallas mavericks, but you know, dallas is doing fine we’ll see what the spurs do. So those were two and then obviously number three would be texas. I mean it made sense. Am i a fan of this? No, because i wanted texas tech to be a national powerhouse, but if you’re, texas, longhorn fan you can’t be upset with me, i’m. Just a fan of seeing smaller schools do well that’s going to do it for this video. If you’re new here make sure you subscribe we’ll do the shirt giveaway here in a minute i got to figure some things out, it’s still happening. Don’T worry i’ve got two shirts ready to go.

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