Don’T forget guys if you enjoy this video hit on that like button. If you enjoy all my content want to see more want to get notified when i post my videos and when i go live hit on that subscribe button, everybody and don’t forget to leave a comment under this video, alright guys. So. Finally, the new york mets are finally going to play. A game are going to open up their season, none other than our annelise rival, the philadelphia phillies. Now we already seen the phillies already took advantage of the first two games of the series against the braves and they’ve looked good and they they’re two and oh right now, while the braves are owen too, so the phillies are riding with a little bit of uh Motivation right now, you know they got a little confidence building. They do got to play the braves again today on sunday, but going into the the mets series. They need to be 201 and 3 and 0., and you know if they become 3 0 they’re going to have they’re going to be riding on a big time. Confidence – and you know they do have a solid team, but the biggest issue they’re going to have is the middle of that rotation, because you see nola and wheeler the dominance that they had against the braves. Those two guys a lot of people didn’t, have to worry about, but it’s the pictures that the mets will probably be facing in their third starter and their fourth starter and their fourth starter is basically um, matt moore, so matt moore, basically is a left handed pitcher Who again with this mets lineup five out of the eight guys in this lineup, are left handed batters, so it’s already going to be a test for this mets team and this mets lineup against matt moore now, matt moore is not a great pitcher he’s, probably really Not that good, but he’s, still a left handed uh pitcher that some guys might have problems with i’m, not too worried about mcneil i’m, not too worried about smith and lindor is a switch hitter.

But at the moment he will be better and right handed so it’s a little better when it comes to this lineup, but even when lindor switch, hitting and batting on the right side with a left hander, you still got four. So you kind of split it in the middle. You got four left handers, four right handers, so it balances it out a little bit. But again we got to see how this lineup is against left handed pitchers and matt moore takes the male against our ace, jacob degrom. Now jacob degrom, as we already know, was supposed to pitch on opening day in washington on april 1st, obviously because of covid, the entire series against washington was postponed and now that the mets have a little bit of a disadvantage because they have not played a game. Since the end of march – and it wasn’t really a game where a lot of the players played, so they haven’t played in a while, they played a couple of scrimmage games, a coupling in washington they’re now in philly. So they haven’t really played real live action against another team since spring training so i’m. A little worried about that. I am worried that degrom has a couple more off days from his last start in spring training: that’s, never a good thing. He did pitch a bullpen yesterday, but at the end of the day i do worry about that, and it probably means that jacob de graham is probably not gon na go deep into the game, probably not into the seventh eighth inning, unless his pitch count is extremely Low and if i’m not mistaken, jacob degrom actually pitched about 85 to 90 pitches to his last out in the spring training.

So you can expect him to pitch between 80 and 90 pitches. I don’t think he’ll go much more than that again unless he has less pitches, he might be later in the game. So that comes into the fact that the bullpen is gon na have to close out a game. If the mets got the lead or hold the phillies to a certain to a certain lead that might happen during the game, so what we see right now with the mets opening day starting the season in philadelphia. Unfortunately, we did miss the first three games of the season, but i am excited. Finally, the mets are going to play some real baseball, the mets in the phillies monday april 5th at 7.05. I will be attending monday and tuesday games, so i will be in philly. So check out my live videos, pre and post game in philadelphia in the next couple of days, so guys check that out. So we’re gon na go a little bit deeper into the uh, the mets opener against the phillies. So we know that the phillies offense is very, very good. We remotel harper hoskins dd there’s, a lot of guys that are really really good in this lineup. They can score, runs there’s, no doubt about that. You know with jacob degrom you’re not expecting more than probably two runs if that, but the philly’s lineup is dangerous. It’S one of the best parts of their team, again matt moore, is the one pitching for the phillies for their fourth game.

So matt moore is not a great pitcher. We already know that. But again the big thing about this phillies team is their lineup. Their rotation is not that good, but at the end of the day, if the mets can score runs against the the middle part of the rotation against this phillies team, they have a pretty good chance of winning, especially with the grom, strowman and walker filling out or Actually, i’m mistaking it, it will be degrom strowman peterson in philadelphia, so that’s a pretty good chance that the mets have a pretty good chance to win this series, if not sweet, but nola is pitching the thursday game. I’M. Sorry, the wednesday game against the mets, so it’ll be peterson and nola, but with this phillies team, their bullpen has looked solid for the first two games of the season. Now it’s not a lot to look at, but they still have gotten better because that’s been their achilles heel the last couple of years and they seem like they’re doing a pretty good job at solidifying. Those issues and the bullpen did look good against the later. The last two games now we’ll see what happens on sunday, but right now, the first two games. They looked really really well. When it comes to the mets, we know the offense. That is something that we expect them to score a lot of runs. We got a few new faces in this lineup with mccann and lindor.

They look. They can be a big time part of this lineup. I don’t expect much from mccann offensively, but lindorum he’s going to be in the middle of the lineup. Looking like he’s back in second most likely, but it’s really possible that lindor might get bumped down to the third position only because of the left handed bad uh pitcher. That matt moore is so but i’m interested to see what luis rojas will do with this lineup. Knowing that there’s a lefty on the mound to start the season for the mets, so the lineup we expect to score runs that’s a guarantee. We expect that we understand that. But can we after the grom can we expect a bullpen to hold the lead? You know there’s not a lot of guys. We can trust you expect. If the ground goes, six innings, you’re, gon na see trevor may you’re gon na see possibly familiar. You might see loop, you might see. You know loop’s gon na be a big part of this uh sit uh it’s gon na be very important for this bullpen, especially in this series against harper and against dede gregorius. So you would want luke’s going to be a very important piece of this series. He’S, probably going to come to the game once or twice during this series, it’s going to be an interesting thing, because the mets only have one left hander in this bullpen, so loop is rojas, has to pick spots for loop wisely or it’s, going to be a Problem later in the game, when you don’t have a left handed battle when dd and harper comes up, and then you have problems and then obviously d has to close out the game.

Hopefully that goes all well. I expect the mets to win this series. I expect the mets to win tomorrow on opening day for the mets that’s, not the issue. The issue is the bullpen: it’s still been the bullpen, unfortunately, sandy olison and the mets did not do enough in this bullpen, and this can be the achilles heel for this met steam in the 2021 season, but we’re gon na think positive, because it’s the first game Of the season for the mets, we waited three four days until the mets can actually play a game because of covid with washington, so i’m pumped. I know you guys are pumped can’t wait to get down to philadelphia tomorrow, check out all my live videos that i will be posting in philadelphia, my pre game for tomorrow and my post game for tomorrow, pre and post game for the tuesday game. So i want you guys to also check that out so mets phillies april 5th 705., jacob degrom against matt moore is the pitching matchup two big time. Lineups big offensive lineups in the nles, the phillies and the mets. There might possibly be a lot of runs, scored and i think it’s going to be on the mets side, because matt moore is obviously a lot less of a pitcher than jacob the ground. So i do expect the mets to pull out a victory here. It’D be nice to you know. The mets are one of the best teams in baseball on opening day with their first game of the season, so let’s hope for that guys.

Let’S hope for a lot of runs. Let’S beat the phillies foo philly. I want to thank you guys for watching don’t forget guys if you enjoyed this video hit on that like button. If you enjoy all my content want to see more want to get notified when i post my videos and when i go live hit on that subscribe button, everybody don’t forget guys hit on that check. Uh show me your comments. Let me know about this video. Let me know what you think about the season.

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