New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Jacob deGrom vs Philadelphia Phillies Recap | Mets blow ANOTHER Jacob deGrom GEM!

This is richie in this video i’m. Going to give you guys my recap to the mets loss on opening night against the philadelphia phillies, what a devastating loss we waste another jacob de degrom gem. He pitches six innings, scoreless beautiful and, of course he does not get a w and we blow it in the eighth inning. So i’m gon na give you guys my overall thoughts on this game where went wrong and how my emotions are as a mets fan. Right now, but before i hop into this video, if you guys are new to mets media, do not forget to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want to check me out over on instagram and twitter, that is at ny, mets underscore media and if you guys enjoy the video, please do not forget to thumbs it up with. That being said, let’s jump right into this video. Obviously this is not the most positive video, because the mets did not come out on top. I felt like we had a really good chance to finish out this game, but there’s a lot of factors that i’m a little upset about, and the first thing that comes to mind is tom smith, not even getting in at bat this entire game. I don’t understand how that’s possible, i thought he’d be at least the first man off the bench to pinch hit. I felt like i think that was in the fourth inning. The mets had bases loaded, one out and pilar came to bat.

I feel like that was a perfect opportunity to pinch it for dom smith, because we need, as many runs as possible for jacob degrom, because we cannot waste another beautiful outing for the grom and that’s exactly what happened in the end. We only got two runs and those two runs. One of them came from jacob degrom himself, so it was just another example of the old nets where we waste another jacob de grom, outing and it’s, really unfortunate it’s our bullpen. We all know that going into the season the biggest x factor for this team is the bullpen. We have a lot of confidence in the starting rotation. We also have confidence in the offensive lineup, but how can the bullpen hold up and in the eighth inning trevor may and aaron loop? They just completely blew it. It was really unfortunate, but man i just i’m, looking back on it. I also do not agree with louis rojas taking degrom out in the sixth inning. He only had 77 pitches. He was in a groove i’m, pretty sure i heard rojas say himself that his pitch limit for the grom tonight was a hundred i’m. Pretty sure i saw that so for him to keep degrom on the bench and not put go uh put him out there in the seventh inning was a little concerning to me. You know: degrom was in a groove. He’S only gave up what three or five hits around that range: zero runs through six innings and his pitch counts only like if his pitch count was 90 plus or even 85, plus going into the seventh like yeah, i understand, but 77 pitches and i’m pretty sure.

He’S pitched like a nine pitch sixth inning like he was in a groove so for louis rojas to take the grom out of the game. That was a big risk. Castro came in and did his thing. He had a very good seventh inning, but then in the eighth inning is where everything fell apart. We can’t really blame the game for that specific decision, but i’m. Definitely not a fan of that decision. So unfortunately, i was excited to see if edwin diaz can close. It in the ninth, but at the end of the game we saw the mets, show some grit social life with two outs in the top of the ninth inning. We had back to back to back two out hits from pilar lindor and conforto. Pete alonso had a chance to take the lead and he hits it into the warning track in right field and bryce harper snagged it. I really thought that was going to be out and i was about to like go crazy and this reaction. Video would have been me super jubilant right now, but unfortunately again we fell apart. So let’s get into some individual performances from the new york mets and francisco lindor’s debut. He had a very beautiful double play at shortstop we’d love to see that him and jeff mcneal. He also got his first hit as a new york met in the ninth inning. He had four at bats, with just one hit michael conforto.

He had five at bats, with two hits and an rbi pete alonso. He had a hit and a walk in four at bats. Well, technically, five at bats, um and iataron scored himself jd davis. He had a hit um, who else got some hits let’s see james mccann. He had an rbi hit in his debut and brennan nimmo had a hit and jacob degrom had two hits, so that really does it for the offense um, but man, the defense it’s interesting, because i felt like we showed some some some flash in the infield, whether It’S lindor’s double play: pete alonso made a nice diving stop, but then we sub in louis guillermo for defensive purposes, which i like the move. I love that move, because gourmet is definitely more of a defensive, minor third baseman than jd davis, but that play at the end of the game where that error. I i know what guillermo was trying to do. He rushed it because he wanted to get the double play from home to first base and he kind of air mailed. The throw could could mccann got it yes, but you can’t expect that from a catcher to adjust like a first baseman um, it was just devastating. I wish giorgi kind of took his time and just threw a strike, but he overthrew it mccann got rid of it and that was two runs right there. So the defense, the errors, the the bullpen it all fell apart in the eighth inning, so it was very devastating, but the mets are all in one it’s, only one game out of 162: it just stings more because we wasted another jacob de grom uh gem uh.

Great cohen said on sny, i think 31 times the mets have blown a jacob degrom beautiful game, that’s devastating jake i’m. Sorry, you deserve more. Hopefully we can rebound from this and next time you’re out there on the mound we can score, runs for you and the bullpen can shut them down. So that really does it. For my recap, video there’s, not too much else to say you know the only positives. You can take from this game is jacob, degrom is brilliant and we have to appreciate greatness when it’s there, because you know it’s crazy how great he is. He really is the greatest pitcher in the game: borderline the greatest pitcher. Ever he is becoming a hall of famer before our eyes. He already is a hall of famer, but still he just pumping out 102 93 sliders. The changeups are crazy. His movement, his mentality, his demeanor, his attitude. His presence on the mound is just unmatched. We have to make sure we appreciate the greatness of jacob degrom it’s unfortunate. He did not get the w tonight, but hey. We got a game tomorrow, night against the philadelphia phillies to try to get revenge with marcus strowman on the mountain we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned for more met’s content, if you guys stayed until the end of the video comment down below an apple emoji, so i know you guys were here. I appreciate all the support on mets media i’m. Gon na be posting a lot of videos all throughout the season.

So again, if you guys are not subscribed, make sure you do so that is it for this one hope you guys are having a fantastic night. Let’S go mets.

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