UEFA Champions League, Liverpool F.C., Manchester City F.C., Real Madrid C.F., Borussia Dortmund Quater-Final 1st leg predictions – Real Madrid Liverpool – Man. City Dortmund

I guess we did uh have a preview on the draws and the the the last rounds of the second leg uh in a previous video, so do check that if you have any questions um and wish to delve deeper into that, so real madrid, liverpool – and this Is really just such a showdown of two? You know: real madrid is the most successful club in champions league history. They have such an experienced squad and they still rely on these players. Who got the three peat who you know they had a fourth title too uh. You know ramos is still essential to their um uh defense courtois has of course, been major now lately. Zumandi is a nice addition and farrah next to ramos he’s, of course, an entirely different player, he’s great next to him, but without ramos it’s been uh. How are we going to get this together? You know uh course that midfield is just disgusting and then benzema up tops. Who is he shouldered the responsibilities ever since ronaldo left, i guess and it’s crazy how dependent they are upon him scoring goals and upon ramos keeping it tight defensively. You know, and liverpool, on the other hand, has of course been really up and coming. You know these teams played each other in the 2018 final um, in which you could see that the experience in in real madrid won them the champions league and then obviously calvious mistakes, and then liverpool bounced back next season and won the champions league, which was kind Of predictable and then they got the premier league title last year, uh, however this season, i guess the whole calendar year last year, was kinda problematic for liverpool and they’ve had injuries that have really had such a ripple effect right, like midfielders thrown out of position and Um having to step down you know they can’t really have alexander arnold or roberts on attacking then which is so key to their attacking, and then they haven’t been able to maintain the same pressure.

Perhaps you know um, perhaps due to the tight scheduling you know or whatever like for me. You know it’s, definitely not been good enough. Of course, you what i’ve also gotten injured, it’s nice, that he’s back now it’s really good that he’s back now, because they have they can’t, be comfortable with their positions. Up up top, you know can see the essence of having like a wide squad and people really competing to play in the champions league and and really just like chelsea has it now. You know and like city has it, you know they they’re in every cup, essentially or city, is still threatening for the quadruple, and you know they throw in players, and then they want to prove themselves because everyone wants to play against dalton in the champions league. Of course, you know and that’s what that’s, where it matters and um all right, so so so this game is, i mean i gave you a little preview now, but this game is super hard to to bet on. I can see real madrid with this one. I can see there be a draw and i can even see liverpool. I i think real madrid’s s, like experience, does have an edge in this matchup, although, like liverpool, can save the season. This way you know but they’re, just not good enough defensively and real madrid are just too experienced and too heavy. You know i’m saying under one and a half goal at half time.

I feel like that’s gon na be the best bet. You know, i think sierra’s here at halftime, that 3.15 is a good one, but i’m rather gon na. Do this one this time because yeah we want the bet to go in. You know, but i’m going to throw this out there for discussion. 3.15 is a great odds, hella hard game to bet on under one and a half goal. I think this is gon na be a tight game in general, you know under two and a half goals in total. Two at two is really good. I guess we could even combine it with that. I guess let’s see what that gives us. I couldn’t really combine those two makes sense. All right and let’s just go for that, one guys we got ta. I know i’ve said i want to keep it above 1.5, but that’s such a hard game and 1.42 and under one and a half goals at halftime. I think it seems like a given to me aight. On the other hand, i understand that it’s, you know, dortmund is charming, sanchez may be back or i don’t think that’s clear. Yet i don’t. I think, though it looks like he’s not gon na be back to be fair uh i mean huawei land. You know he’s such a champions league player. Where is he gon na? Go this summer uh? Of course he has yet another opportunity to prove himself and apparently he thrives in the under these circumstances.

It’S been so evident, he’s been so great and sure he may very well score a goal. Surprisingly, city’s strong suit has been the defense. This season, tribendias have made a an immense impact on their defense and, however inclined i would be to put dortmund score a goal, or so i just go for for this one man. You combine that city to win and over one and a half goals, which means city to score one and a half goal. It would be the same as doing that. It gives you 1.58 in total. You could do dortmund score at least one goal. If you would like guys – and that would combine to be 2.7 but i’m gon na disregard that one, because i can see city play two nil, i can see this game be three one though four one i i can’t see dortmund uh, i can’t see dortmund protect Himself against this city, orphans who’s been proved to everyone that you don’t really need a clinical number nine to be successful to be a threat. I mean you know: they’ve they’ve had bananas, a false nine they’ve had food and they’ve had er. Of course, they’ve had jesus aguilera has not really been part of the squad. They’Ve even had the boy in there have they not so it’s been really like. I think that while felix would be a cheeky little transfer for them this season, i can’t really see hualan. Go there, however much i just don’t think he suits you know i don’t think he’s that compatible with with pep’s style of playing.

However, it would, of course you know. He’S hualan is the whole. The most talented number nine right now it’d make a great impact in any team. He’D go to city should perhaps be all over him, but i don’t know if they are and quote. Flix is out of position and atletico, maybe it’s just time to to move on from there. You know realize that doesn’t really it’s not a good match, um all right uh by on psg. Oh, my god and i know i’ve said psg will go through. They have their chance at redemption here now and i think they’re gon na take it neymar back. They were, of course, disappointing uh in the second leg against barcelona, but were they really, though? You know they are a tactical side, and i i i think they are. They are not naive, as they’ve always been now they have poked back to. They were disappointing. Absolutely and barcelona could have had some traction um i mean caleb navas had he’s just such a great goalkeeper, and i understand why really let him go because they got such a good deal on courtois and he’s really prove he’s he’s. You know getting better. Now. Definitely had a little slow start, but navas is a world class goalkeeper he’s and he jesus. He was good against barcelona and that goal that messi got was just ridiculous. Like you know, like you, can’t really save that that’s just supernatural, and then he misses the penalty.

It was sad to see because the game would have been freaking great then for the second half it’s, just a dead game, but you have to give that to psg too killing the game mate. You have uh, you know empathetic to rely on in account new and um yeah. Why would they risk anything in in in that second leg, um by on psg levantovsky injured, set to miss both games? However, i did read now that he really is doing everything. Of course, to get back in the in for the second leg we’ll see about that hopefully, but i don’t think we can be optimistic about that. I think it’s just sad. That lewandowski is not gon na take part in this in this duel, because it’s um it’s going to be such a good one. The odds are even steven uh, the bookies, really can’t, say who’s, going to bring this home and both teams to score and over two and a half goals will combine to give you 1.71 in odds. I think that’s the best you know, although okay bion is without lewandowski now, are they gon na try and play tactical? Are they gon na try and just lock it down now and then bounce back in the second leg, where they have that away away goal advantage? We’Ve never really seen them play that game. You know they they just they will play with their high defensive line. They will try to score their goals.

They definitely do have players, you know uh, i mean they have great qualities up there. You know, with knobry, sunny and and miller to do his thing and kim mitch is just absolutely tremendous player what a player he is and what a great you know guy to carry on like lamb’s legacy. In a sense i know that’s a big big, uh statement, but i i don’t think it’s controversial. I mean he is just a phenomenal german lad and um over one and a half goals in second half actually gives you a 2.18 2.18 in odds, which i think definitely that could be a good. I mean it’s the same odds. I guess one uh that gives you 1.71, so it’s the same monsters, doing both team score and over two and a half. I will stick to this, though, because i was kind of thinking over one and a half goals in first half that gives you 2.18.. So naturally, they believe more goals to be scored in the second half and that’s general to any game really uh. But you do get a better odds if you want to do that. For the first half, first half over uh one and a half goals at 2.18. That’S definitely a strong bet, we’ll stick to this one, though at 1.71 and one upgrade match up. I do think that that psg will go through and yeah. I do think that city will go through here in real madrid liverpool.

I think man, i think real madrid will have an edge there and portugal. On the other hand, in contrast to to uh, to buy on psg who i i expect that game to be less tactical. You know in that sense that bayern are just going to play their game it’s not going to be, i think, they’re just going to try and score goals. You know, and i think psg is going to score goals, so this game is going to be locked down. I read an interesting analysis on that, too. Obviously, portuguese, without Music what’s, his name uh, sorry, i can’t really pronounce that name or tom eddy or something uh. Sorry, uh he’s been great at midfield. The turkish guy in porto, who got his second yellow in the juventus game and they nevertheless uh did go through against juventus and many people have been like, oh don’t, you know don’t underestimate portugal against chelsea. Now i understand why you say that i understand where you come from. I do think, however, that you overestimate juventus, and i think you all underestimate chelsea and who’s looking really well organized and really great right. Now, however, port will play a really defensive game now, with taren expected, you know he’s going to come back for the second leg. They just want to lock this game down. Chelsea have had a hard time scoring goals in the champions league and so or or in general, and so has porto, of course, scoring goals and they’ve been particularly good at set pieces.

So just locking down the game, you know oliveira, who scored that for brilliant free. Kick of course, against juventus and so on, that’s how they go, how they went through, and you can see them that that’s gon na be the way they’re gon na threaten this game um under one and a half chelsea to score at least one goal that combines To give you Music 1.52 in odds – and this is going to be the bat slip guys at 5.83 zeroes here at half time for this one um, the did. I click now all right, nevertheless, and that’s. Of course, gon na give you a good odds too um, but we’ll. We will stick to this one now, please. Let me know what you think in the comment section comment: what you think, if you think this was a little uh, you know if you’d like to enhance so it’s a little bit. There’S, definitely ways to do that. I think you could even have more goals in the bayern munich psg game and talk to chelsea, for example. Then stairs here at halftime same thing for real madrid, liverpool city, dortmund, even more gold scored by by city. Definitely i think you could do that. Please send out a like guys: we’d, really appreciate that, and please comment what you think and that could be really anything that’s football related and i’m happy to get back to you and i hope to see on the stream – and this is on leo v.

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