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We’Ve got a live preview of the rockford city council vote on the fourth of july. Fireworks display, we understand their situation, but we still have bills to pay with a ban on evictions. Rockford area landlords struggle to make ends meet winnebago county leaders detail a new form of assistance to help everyone pay their bills. There are seven different questions that are on the ballot for tomorrow, so you might want to make sure that you look at a sample ballot ahead of time. A stateline election official offers advice ahead of tomorrow’s vote. All you need to know before casting your ballot in the consolidated election good evening, i’m mimi, murphy and i’m eric wilson investigators release more information about a weekend crash that left two people dead, the winnebago county coroner says: one of the victims is a 52 year old. Roscoe man, police, say two cars crashed saturday night in stevenson, county near winishek, road, west of afolke road, the driver of one car was killed on scene and a passenger was rushed to the hospital. The second driver, the rosco man, died at the e.r from blunt trauma to the chest and leg. Two kids from the second car were also taken to the hospital. Neither victim’s name has been released. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. A teenager is behind bars after police say he shot a man in the chest. Over the weekend friday night, around 10 30 investigators say a 35 year old man showed up at a hospital with serious gunshot wounds.

The victim told police, a 16 old boy shot him inside his own home police, say the gunman knows the victim officers secured a warrant for the juvenile and took him into custody sunday he’s being held at the winnebago county juvenile detention center and faces aggravated battery with A firearm charges, beloit police, are looking into a pair of weekend shootings that left two people in the hospital. The first happened saturday afternoon on 4th street and portland avenue investigators say a 25 year old man was sitting in his car when a red, lincoln suv pulled up and fired a gun, the victim drove himself to the hospital. He is expected to be okay. Police, then, on on sunday police say a man was sitting on his randall street porch when he was shot. The 41 year old was also treated at the hospital beloit police hope. If you’ve got information on either shooting you will call the department or crime stoppers after a year full of cancelled traditions. Rockford city council has a list of events up for approval. This year, alexis carpello joins us, live from outside city council chambers alexis. You spoke with some of the organizers of these events, who say: they’re hoping they’ll be able to continue planning, yeah, that’s right, eric and mimi from the fourth of july. Parade to the fireworks show the kentucky derby party at don carter lanes event. Organizers tell me that they hope city council will give them the green light to continue planning these events.

There are up to six events set for approval on tonight’s agenda, some desperate for approval to gain funding. After a difficult year, the kentucky derby party at don carter lanes is the first event on the list it’s scheduled for may. First and second, the bowling alley’s general manager says they’re working with the health department to host a safe event. I think we’re all especially here at don curlings, my staff, our customers. I think the public in general is just very excited to have some sort of event to get them back into some sort of normalcy. We’Ll have a pent up demand to get out and have some fun, and this kentucky derby festival is going to be the perfect fit for that. Coming up at six on eyewitness news hear from one alderwoman who says the city will have to cover some costs. For these events, if they do get approved, but for now reporting live in rockford for your home team i’m alexis carpello alexis thanks. Thank you. We’Ll see you again. A little bit later, governor pritzker provides more details on how 7 billion dollars in new school funding will be used to help illinois students make up for lost time in the classroom due to covet 19.. Eyewitness news is keeping you connected to the state. Capitol federal funds from the latest stimulus bill will be distributed directly to districts around the state to help them reopen classrooms and address students, academics, there’s also money for things like behavioral counseling and after school programs.

We’Re trying to provide for schools what the next few years is going to look like, because that money really isn’t just one year, money it’s one time money but it’s, not one year, money, it’s really intended to fill the loss of learning that’s, perhaps has occurred for Some or many of the kids who didn’t have a chance to be in school together with their classmates and with the teachers. Funds will also be used for tutoring to help students make up for loss to time and help educators target individual students specific needs. Stateline residents have another place to get screened for covid wednesday. Hci health will open a mobile testing center at forest, plaza on east state street in rockford. Those interested in getting a coveted test should head to the white trailer parked outside bed bath and beyond. Screening is free. Rapid tests are also available schedule. Your test at, the coven pandemic, changed the way renters pay their landlords. A ban on evictions has bought tenants some time to pay rent, but that grace period won’t last forever. Michelle rave joins us with details on one option for tenants still dealing with coveted related financial struggles. Michelle thousands of people lost their job when the pandemic hit and many weren’t able to pay rent, which then hurt local landlords, but a new emergency rental assistance grant is now available to help in general, i would say 10 percent of a tenants out there uh in In our market area are experiencing trouble paying their rent, carl fauerbach has over a hundred units across rockford and loves park.

He rents out. For the most part, everybody is keeping up, but there is a small percentage of people that are not, and it puts a burden on smaller landlords. More so because they can’t absorb the loss of income. He says the covet pandemic is making it challenging for both tenants and landlords. Like any other business, we are forced to provide services and living quarters for people that aren’t paying, but we still have to pay our bills and provide services to those tenants. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. A new grant means both tenants and landlords in winnebago county can get some help. Federal emergency rental assistance grant will help provide that stability in our housing market for both tenants and property owners. We have 8.3 million dollars available to help the tenants make their pass due rental rental payments, which will be sent directly to the landlords. Fauerbach says, while this will help he’s still worried. Our concern is that there’s no end game to this uh. You know: where do we stop? How long do we let people uh live without paying rent anyone renting and making less than ‘ 000 for a one person, household or 56 000 for a family of four can apply. The application period runs through april 15th to find more information about applying. You can find that on eric thanks michelle we’re just about 12 hours away from local voters heading to the polls, election officials say it’s important as ever to have your voice heard last week.

We told you winnebago county voting machines were tested to ensure your ballot is counted. Two years ago, voter turnout was only at eight percent for the local election winnebago county clerk, lori gumo, says it’s important to know big races can be decided by small margins. We’Ve had three races in the last year that were decided by a very small number of boats, so it’s so important that people get out and cast their ballots. Gomo adds social, distancing and masks are required when casting your ballot. Voting booths will be sanitized frequently it’s. Also important to avoid using hand sanitizer right before handling a ballot, so it doesn’t get wet polls will be open from 6am until 7pm tomorrow, we’ll have all the election results at President biden’s infrastructure plan faces growing opposition after the break. Republicans argue parts of the two trillion dollar plan. Don’T have much to do with jobs at all, plus illinois. Marijuana sales reach a record high coming up tonight at six experts, say part of that success can be traced back to stimulus checks. Temperatures made it back into the 70s following some cloud cover and a few isolated showers and a couple of thunderstorms earlier today find out how many more days we have of that 70 degree, warmth, and when we could see some more heavier rainfall move in all. Coming up in your most trusted forecast a little later you’re watching eyewitness news, your home team, with eric wilson, mimi murphy sports, director, scott lever and chief meteorologist candice king.

The battle lines over president biden’s infrastructure package have been drawn. Republicans argue. The american jobs plan hardly addresses the country’s needs, but the biden administration argues it’s all part of its build back, better promise. Washington, correspondent, jesse tanoor, is keeping you connected to the nation’s capital good evening. The biden administration is also selling the plan as a blueprint for sweeping social and economic change for the biden. Administration infrastructure is more than just improved roads, bridges and pipes. This is a public health issue during a tour of a water treatment plant in california. Vice president kamala harris stressed how the president’s multi trillion dollar infrastructure package would address racial equality to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. President biden’s plan would also make large investments in job training and affordable housing along with improving pay and benefits for caregivers corporations would foot the bill. We can compete with the rest of the world, but republicans argue. A corporate tax increase would make the u.s less competitive. The last thing the economy needs right now is a big whopping tax increase on all the productive sections senate, minority leader mitch, mcconnell and missouri senator roy blunt say only about 30 percent of the proposal fits their definition of infrastructure. I think it’s a mistake and i also think it would be an easy victory if we’d go back and look at roads and bridges and ports and airports, white house press secretary, jen saki, says the president understands how to negotiate with congress.

He knows some members think it’s too big, some think it’s too too small uh. Frankly, there have been folks who have come out on both sides, but president biden has made it clear. He ultimately wants the plan passed by the august recess, with or without republicans in washington, i’m jessie tannor. The work week started on a cloudy note. Candace joins us after the break to let us know if more storms are on the horizon. Our first foreign forecast is next Music. Now, your first warm weather forecast with chief meteorologist candice king well our day, is going to end a bit differently than what we started off at this morning with the cloud cover the rain and a few of those thunderstorms. Our skies are clearing out a live look of the merciless sky track, camera out of park, hills golf course, a couple of folks out earlier this afternoon. Now that we’ve been able to clear out things actually greening up over the last couple of days with the warmth and even a couple of showers and some thunderstorms that came through yesterday with some much needed rain. Not enough. But we do have an opportunity for a few more showers and a couple of thunderstorms over the next few days. The rest of this evening, though, is looking fairly quiet and, with our skies clearing out, temperatures were able to jump from the 60s. We were at earlier into the 70s, so most of us all of us actually now in the mid and upper 70s close to that 80 degree mark down in sterling, you might have even noticed it feeling a little bit more muggy out there and that’s, because our Dew point temperature warmed from the 30s over the weekend into the 50’s, so we’ve pulled in a little bit more moisture, so it’s going to have that muggy feel that’s also going to keep our temperatures in the 50s these next couple of nights, but you can see How our temperatures starting off this morning, stayed in the 60s with the cloud cover and those rain showers and then quickly jumping into the 70s, once we were able to clear out and see the sunshine and that’s the same for our weather, watchers across the board been In south beloit, at 71, bob here in rockford 68, the last hour, ken checking in at 71 in belvedere and mike just north of forest and mostly clear skies and a temperature up near 75.

. Here are a couple of those showers that came through earlier. Really didn’t amount to much here this afternoon outside of some of the thunderstorms. We had come through late last night and through much of the overnight, but this is going to be it here for this evening. We’Re watching areas to our northwest across the plains. In the upper midwest that’s, where most of the storm activity is going to stay here through the night tonight, so temperatures down to 56 degrees underneath a mostly clear sky we’ll, add in a little more cloud cover after midnight i’m going to keep just an isolated shower Chance, especially to the north during the day break hours early tomorrow, because i do think we’ll see some thunderstorms roll in north of the state line across central and southern wisconsin, but we’re pulling in that southerly air. So we’re really not going to see our temperatures drop off too much tonight and with most of our tuesday staying dry. We should be back into the upper 70’s for tomorrow afternoon again just an isolated shower, maybe thunderstorm chance early in the morning and then again later in the day. But a good portion of our tuesday is going to stay dry and we can see that here on futurecast as we go through the night tonight. This is two o’clock tomorrow morning notice shower thunderstorm activity, staying north of the state line and, as i mentioned by daybreak tomorrow, we could see some of that sneak a little bit close to southern wisconsin tomorrow morning, but most of us are going to stay dry as Any thunderstorm activity kind of rides along a warm front that will stay to the north of us during the day tomorrow in wisconsin, so much of our tuesday going to stay dry shower thunderstorm activity staying to the north, but that will increase as an area of low Pressure moves closer to us during the day on wednesday, isolated showers thunderstorms wednesday afternoon, better chance for more widespread rainfall, then coming in wednesday evening and wednesday night, our overall severe risk is going to stay low these next couple of days.

This is wednesday and really kind of focused for areas to the west and to the southwest, but a cold front coming in on thursday will bring those temperatures back down into the lower 60’s guys and that’s we’ll stay here as we go into the weekend. Still a little bit above average, but not quite as warm as the weekend. We just wrapped up so enjoy the 70s while we’ve got them. Thank you, candace scott’s in next to talk sports to tell us why he’s happy about the match up. We’Ll get tonight in the ncaa championship game and which team will be celebrating when it’s over, and he says the bears have missed the boat on another quarterback, whom they probably could have had now. The napleton sports desk with sports director, scott glover, the journey to the college, basketball season and march madness ends tonight with one final game. Gonzaga and butler will play for the championship in indianapolis. At the start of the tournament, i had the top four seeds all making the final four well, we know what happened in the illini. Michigan came up a game short, but i don’t think anybody is surprised that gonzaga and butler are in this championship. Game they’ve been the consensus top two teams all season. If you watch them play, you know why they play the game at a different level. That doesn’t mean they’re not capable of having an off knight and losing to someone like ucla, which almost happened against zagat.

Some people prefer to see an underdog in the championship game. I prefer to see the best two teams go at it, not only for the ncaa championship, but for any sports championship game. I want to see great talent, matched up against great talent. Give me bird against magic, jimmy patrick ewing’s, georgetown hoyas against akimolaj, once houston, cougars give me michigan’s fab five against duke and tonight, jimmy gonzaga against butler, plus, even as good as these two teams have been this season, you could consider them both worthy of rooting for Almost like they are underdogs, because these two schools aren’t exactly swimming in ncaa championships and basketball. I pick and zag it and win. It all started the tournament i’m sticking with the bulldogs, but this one is going to be tight. Well, add: sam darnold to the list of available young quarterbacks. The bears missed out on this off season. Apparently darnold was very much available because the jets just traded him to the panthers and the panthers didn’t give up a single first round draft pick in the trade they gave up. Three picks total a second rounder, a fourth round pick and a sixth round pick that’s, not much for a quarterback who has talent and still has a lot of upside. I know darnold hasn’t wowed anyone in his three seasons with the jets, but the jets had very little offensive talent around him and he had adam gases as head coach. This is the type of gamble the bears should take, one where you don’t give up a lot, and in return you get a young guy with some experience and upside.

If he doesn’t pan out, you haven’t mortgaged your future by trading multiple first round picks. If he does pan out well, you’ve solved your biggest problem. Instead, the bears have been aging andy dalton, as their guy that’s. My take we’ll be right: Music, first back interactive radar brought to us by rockford, auto glass. Some more shows those showers we had earlier today. Moving on out to the east, things will be a little bit more quiet here as we go through the night tonight. Temperatures are also going to stay mild only down about 56 degrees. Tonight much of our tuesday is looking dry and warm too temperatures back into the mid and upper 70s still kind of muggy out there not going to rule out an isolated shower to the north early and then maybe later in the day, better chance for rain. Coming.

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