Fox News, Gutfeld!, The Five, Late-night talk show OX News favorites critique Greg Gutfeld on debut of new show

Yes, so we’ve been on the air for about five years now, actually a half an hour and the time has really flown, and i thought what a great time to ask some expert judges about how i’m doing so far joining us to weigh in america’s newsroom co. Anchor and the five co host dana perino, the host of the uh tucker carlson tonight show and tucker carlson today on fox nation, tucker carlson. Oh, wait! You so bill hammer couldn’t, make it all right: uh, fox and friends, co host, brian kilmeade, all right um! I want you guys to be honest: you’ve watched uh more than a few blocks at this show dana um. I know it’s pretty late for you to be up um. What did you make of it so far? Well, first of all, you just stole my first joke, because i can’t believe that i stayed up three hours past my bedtime to watch this. Yes, you might consider moving this show back to 3 a.m and where you belong – and maybe you know, post it on youtube or something that was actually quite successful. The old red eye also, i wore orange to match your logo and i realize now that you seem to have stolen it from garfield the cat, and now the legal department has already called you’re 25 minutes into your first show, and we already have our first lawsuit. So let me say i brought down some uh some two for charisma.

Oh thank you out of two out of ten two for preparation, two for delivery. How did i come up with that number? I don’t know because 2 is your suicide wow hi dana, although i also have to say i was very impressed that kaylee mcaney knows less about illegal drugs than i do, and i salute you for that. Wow that hurt all right, tucker, uh! Well, um. What do you think so far of this show wow on fox don’t mess with dana perino, but sharp um look it’s. Your first show i don’t want to be. You know i don’t want to be critical. I want to highlight the positives. I think there are some there are some more points too, but i would i just want to start with something that almost nobody ever acknowledges, which is your studio audience and, unlike a lot of studio audiences they’re, not hyenas, no i’m serious there’s, not a lot of Forced defying, you know, there’s a lot of restraint, there’s some tittering there’s, some like chuckling. You know what i mean yes, and so for that for the kind of realistic nature of their responses. I give them a 10.. You go studio audience, so i also want to compliment cat tim um for the revelatory nature of her participation. She just admitted on television and the host missed it somehow, but that she’s free based parmesan cheese. No, i did not now even in a moment where everyone’s admitting, i think he did not.

You know nobody kind of holds back too much parmesan cheese, but to admit that you’ve smoked, parmesan cheese through a crack pipe. You go cat tim. I want to party with you as to the question i know you’re. I know you’re asking and you’re like well what about the guy, whose name is on the show the anchor as it were? I just want to say it i’m, not being critical at all. I, like the exclamation point, i think it’s emphatic it’s, bold, it’s, vigorous and i’m, just speaking, particularly of that punctuation mark and – and i want to affirm it with another one. Okay and i’ll stop there. I have not smoked parmesan cheese. Catnip is another story, and that was an accident um, so uh, mr kilmeade. What are your thoughts on? This show? Well i’m, not gon na stoop to giving numbers uh. I am not. I don’t have a figure skating background: i’ve not been into gymnastics international competitions, but i’ll, say this there’s a little bit too much you. I thought it would be more about the panel. I wish there wasn’t such emphasis on you and my problem was. I had such high hopes for the show. I think i went up to you last week and i said greg you’re going to do great and then i watched it and i’m thinking to myself. What was i thinking? There’S. One thing i noticed about late night television: is they don’t criticize each other anymore? Colbert goes on, each other’s show they go and host each other award shows and within three minutes you alienated jimmy fallon, stephen colbert uh, the guy from the daily show.

I forgot his name, then you alienated delta, coke baseball, brian williams, cnn, so every late night host you’re supposed to be the unifier bring america together. I see an a plus panel. I see a very handsome audience, you’re right, a legitimate audience, no legitimate, laugh track, and then i see you greg and i’m saying to myself. Is there going to be a guest host let’s say you get injured or you run a fever because everything’s there, the set is there.

What do you think?

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Fox News, Gutfeld!, The Five, Late-night talk show reg Gutfeld gives sneak peak of new show