Fox News, Gutfeld!, The Five, Late-night talk show reg Gutfeld gives sneak peak of new show

m. Eastern and he’s set to rattle the late night landscape check out his face plastered on a billboard deep in the heart of hollywood, overlooking hollywood boulevard, greg you’ve been crushing it on the weekends you’re going to crush it during the weekdays i’m. So excited for your show. Thank you, katie there’s, going to be five times more crushing because saturday was just one night. You got five nights by the way. If i had known about that billboard that’s across from jimmy kimmel’s studio, i would have, i would love to have done my own. I would love to have defaced. My own face would have to draw a mustache on. There would have been really fun, but i love where it is um and by the way katie. Do you remember the first show you were on red eye right red eye? Yes, yes, the key to the gut felt show is like you. We always look for new people. We always look for for people that had like you were fresh out of college. I think, and we and we’re, and because now we’re on we’re gon na have more guests and be able to take more risks. So you’re gon na see a lot of interesting and unusual people that you don’t normally see on tv well, i’m, looking forward to it. Trey one of the problems and challenges i have when i do the five with greg is that i have to reserve my laughter because he’s so funny, and i don’t want to be obnoxious and so i’m looking forward to some late night, comedy five days a week From greg, rather than these other late night hosts, i am too katie i, but i do want to ask greg two questions, and one is one is serious and i used to be a prosecutor, and i think i owe it to the american people to ask this.

Tough question greg your critics and you have some, but your critics have alleged that the only way you got this show was based on your your good, looks your charisma and your sex appeal. So how do you respond to your critics that that’s? The only way you got this show you know i’m, so tired of hearing from them, but in this case you know they’re right they’re right i mean how else do. How else could this loud obnoxious creature ever get on tv if it wasn’t for just being gorgeous? I mean one serious question: the funniest people, i know are often introverts and it’s much harder to be funny than people. Think. Is that true in your own life, i mean it it’s hard to be funny all the time. I i don’t, i i i all. I do is i just speak what’s running through my brain, so uh oftentimes it’s, not funny but it’s. The whole point of comedy is taking risks. So, every time you open your mouth you’re, basically jumping off a cliff, and you never know where it’s gon na go that’s. Why cancer culture is so damaging to people who are comedians people who go out on stage i’m? Not one of those people i’ve never done stand up. I’Ve always been in publishing uh, uh packaging magazines and books, but uh it’s, it’s a scary time to be a free thinker. That is true, juan you don’t agree with craig on much, but i think you can agree that he’s, a beautiful he’s, a beautiful face, which is why it’s on a billboard in hollywood.

So true, i agreed with the 13.. I tell you that you know what you know. What i i was thinking greg. You say you say: you’re gon na have new people on there and i was thinking well this week we had new people, we have jesse waters junior. I know he’s born april 1st he’s going to be a fun guy greg. You got to get him on the show here’s the deal. How sad is it that jessie waters had to undermine my new show by having a child like this was supposed to be my moment juan? This was supposed to be my moment. This whole week was about me and then he goes and has a kid or his wife as a kid on april fool’s day, and then he names it after himself, it’s crazy, shannon i’m telling you very competitive, very competitive, yeah, listen i’m excited about the monday launch. I could not possibly have a better opening act than greg gutfeld, i mean he is going to jam up those numbers and have people laughing across the country we are foxy’s at night is moving to midnight and the east coast will be nine o’clock pacific uh, and I can’t wait to see what you do greg cause. I feel like so much of what is quote unquote, um comedy out there just not funny these days, and i think i don’t care who you go after just at least make it funny.

Yeah, i mean they all they’re all drinking the same juice but i’m, looking forward to coming up with great transitions. When i hand the show off to you uh there’s a lot of things that i can be awkward at all, no, not at all it’s it’s gon na be you can do a lot there’s a lot of rhymes with bream. I have to tell you: i’ve been looking them up.

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