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As democrats put more pressure on corporations to fight back the president’s words which got four pinocchios, i would die if i ever got one from the washington post now having real world consequences. After the mlb decided to move their all star game from atlanta to protest, the law and georgia officials estimate that decision to move the game will cost the state 100 million dollars in tourism revenue. Here’S georgia, governor brian kemp, on that people are getting screwed in this. Martha it’s a small, hard working business, people that are up in cobb county and in the metro, atlanta area, they’re going to get hurt by the all star game being pulled from here. This is outrageous. People need to stand up and join the fight and say: look. We are done with the canceled culture in this pressuring and former new jersey governor chris christie. Had this strong message for biden he’s lying about this bill, he’s lying to the american people about it to cause the raging fire. He said he was going to put out. He is lying to cause racial divisions in this country, that’s. What he accused donald trump is doing and he’s a liar and a hypocrite all right. I also wanted to play some sound from a restaurant owner in atlanta. I could imagine how disappointed they are to not have this business coming in it’s, devastating it’s, devastating to the city, it’s devastating to many businesses, mine included, it’s uh.

It seems very um, unnecessary, very punitive and counter intuitive intuitive to what we’re trying to do uh by reopening lawrence. Last week you were talking about some of your thoughts about atlanta um and how and then right before the general election last november, you were telling everybody that the state is changing uh. What do you think now that now that mlb has decided to leave well yeah? I kind of sounded alarmed during election time because i was on the ground and i was seeing the demographic shame, the the ground game change. You know, it’s, true, that the republicans are correct. On the merits of this um, the washington post has already destroyed the democratic party on this. When you’ve lost the washington post, then you know you’re just straight up lying um, most of the businesses that are over here virtual signaling. They really don’t care about this issue. They care about the people that are going to make them suffer from a business standpoint right. They don’t care about what’s happening in georgia, but none of that really matters winning the argument on the merits. Doesn’T matter. If you don’t, win the people and republicans often fall in this trap, i’ve been watching the governor of georgia all day all week, actually talk about how he saw this coming from the left that they purchased the domain weeks ago. Then why weren’t you prepared for it? I watched the guy say well if they just read the bill most of the legislators, don’t even read the bill.

You think the people are going to read the bill. So i’ve seen this circling from republicans and it’s. It is an often mistake that they make. You have to win the people now. Republicans and conservatives like ben shapiro would say: listen facts, don’t care about your feelings. That is true based on the marriage, but guess what voters vote based on how they feel and until republicans win the people on the ground they’re going to continue to go through this circling squad when it comes to race, republicans always lose the battle when it comes To race, because they don’t win the battle of ideas. What do you mean by that? If republicans dominate on the ground, when it comes to school choice, if they dominate when it comes down to gun issues, education, the economy, then they won’t have to worry about the race. Look at ron, desantis and florida. He has won people on school choice. He’S won black voters latino voters, because guess what he won the battle of ideas when they try to attack him on race. It doesn’t work, it’s, really interesting, uh perspective. Let me also have you all: listen to jan saki, of course, he’s the white house press secretary about whether president biden really wanted mlb to cancel out of atlanta watch. He was not dictating for what major league baseball should do that that they should dictating. They should move the all star game that is was their decision.

They made that decision and, as he stated earlier, he certainly supports that i’m, not here to call for anyone on behalf of the president or the vice president or anyone to take steps in reaction to the law in georgia katie. It was almost like he was speaking in his personal capacity. This is not the president speaking yeah, it was the president speaking and the language was very carefully selected after president joe biden went to georgia and had a meeting with stacey abrams. Who was the one who has been pushing the narrative that this is jim crow, 2.0 and when it comes to all these boycotts? The democrats own this stacey abrams is the one who came up with this hyperbolic language to describe this legislation. She’S the one who’s been leading the charge and lying about what’s in the legislation and joe biden simply amplified it during that interview on espn and jen saki. When she was asked about it multiple times at the white house briefing, she also repeated the lies about what is in this legislation. Now, when it comes to the argument that lawrence made about republicans needing to win the people on the issue of voter id 80 percent of the country, nobody agrees on anything but 80 of the country. According to gallup agrees that voter identification using it to vote is a valid requirement when it comes to casting your ballot, and so republicans, i think, are not backing down on this that’s a good thing, they’re standing up and saying we’re not doing this.

I love that marco rubio called out the commissioner of the mlb saying well, georgia is such a racist, awful jim crow 2.0 state. I assume you’ll be giving up your membership at augusta where the masters are held, because how could you support that? But of course, that would be a personal thing that he would have to give up. The bottom line is as soon as the mlb announced this, the atlanta braves cannot came out against it. Counting commissioners and tourism officials have come out against this, and all the small businesses are going to suffer and the democrats own this. They drove the narrative. This was jim crow and then there’s a reaction to there being jim crow laws back in place and now they’re all surprised about their being a boycott. This is on democrats, not republicans. Charles barkley had this to say one if you could put it up on the screen and i will read it to everyone. It says i think most white people and black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart, but i think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they’re republicans or democrats, are designed to make us not like each other, so they can keep their grasp of money and power. They divide and conquer any thoughts on that. Oh, i love charles barkley. I think he’s really great, but i must say i think if charles barkley was a major league baseball player right now, he might be one of those players who wouldn’t even go to an all star game in georgia.

Given the current law, i mean you think about delta coke uh other ceos they’re, not you know just reacting to nothing, they’re, not stupid people and they care deeply about their bottom line, but they’re indicating here that they don’t want to be caught off guard again. They saw what happened january 6th in terms of the attack on the congress. They don’t want to see democracy undermined and along with it, the economic base of this country. They don’t want to see that dana. I think they understand that’s dangerous. What republican politicians are counting on is that people will not read the law that people will allow them to get away uh with what i think of as a just a naked power grab that allows them to strip power from the secretary of state to take power From local election boards and to give all the power to count votes and to certify elections to the republican majority in the state senate, i mean big lie the washington post or republicans. No, the washington post fact checker got something that joe biden said and called him out on it properly lawrence, but they didn’t say that they were with uh the state of georgia and and governor kennedy delta. Did i think, what you said everybody is saying, hang on. Hang on just a second please. What you have to understand is here: everybody is saying this is born of the big lie that there was some tremendous election fraud.

The election in 2020 was stolen. Let me just tell everybody listening there’s, no argument here it wasn’t stolen. It was a fair, honest election and this effort to change election laws now is just an effort by people who want to be sure they win every future election that’s. Why you see the response from corporate ceos greg? What do you? Oh? You can do that that nothing juan said is true. You’Re saying that the corporate you’re saying that the corporations are responding to january 6th, no they’re, not in part no, no, no, now it’s in part, okay, they are responding to everything that happened before that meaning the billions in dollars, including an arson that occurred over the Summer months, in response to the yes in response to the quote, mostly peaceful demonstrations. Okay, this is not a principle stand by corporations. This is their way of saving their bottom line. You even said it juan it’s about the bottom line. This is the corporation equivalent of putting a blm sign up on the front of your place of business, so you hope that your windows don’t get busted or your store get torched in these, mostly peaceful demonstrations. That’S. What they’re doing this is? We know this is happening. The media has weaponized the accusation of racism on all potential behaviors and corporations only want to make money, so they will do anything and i’ll. Tell you this. If i were the woke right now, i would i would go for everything because they have companies on the run.

They should go to mlb and they should say, look a family of four costs: 215 bucks for them to go, see a baseball game. Why not make it more affordable? There should be two different tiers of pricing for race right let’s have black families free tickets? Do you know what mlb they will probably go for it as a form of corporate reparations, because they are terrified. Now i do have a solution for this, but it makes too much sense. We needed operation warp speed for free ids, because i asked this before last week and nobody had an answer even up to today. Do you know any people who don’t have ids? Do you know anybody, besides illegal aliens that don’t have ids and by the way, if you do know somebody that doesn’t have an id, do you might think that they have bigger concerns than actually getting an id for voting? So we know this is happening. This is purely a political grasp for power and what’s happening. Is we never thought as capitalists that it would be the corporations that did us in well? They have there’s. No, i hope, biden biden’s talking about a 30, what a 27 percent in uh corporate Music, 70. 80, you lost me i’m, no longer defending lower corporate tax rates. I am now pure occupy wall street. If they can’t stand up to the woke, then you lost the free market. We no longer care about you.

You politicized, you’ve, turned corporations into enforcement. Arms of the of political ideas fostered by the media. Once that happens, we should walk away, find our own companies to to benefit find. Our airlines find our sodas, because this is bs and baseball was supposed to be america’s past time, blaming it on january 6th. That is rich. This is all about the riots no it’s. Not yes, it is nobody wants their businesses destroyed juan that’s. What this is, let me tell you something.

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