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For short, a new patented indoor air quality solution that increases operational efficiency, reduces operational costs and delivers exceptional comfort for the occupants of your building school or facility let’s face it. There’S never been a time when the quality of indoor air has been more important to everyone everywhere, as the coronavirus continues to impact businesses, schools and organizations around the world, people must continue to take precautions in order to work shop, attend class travel and any other activities That are necessary for life to move forward. We’Re betting, air filtration, probably wasn’t a hot topic on your radar, but it certainly should be now why? Because your building’s current hvac system, isn’t equipped to handle the air purification your building, needs to properly operate in a coveted 19 world. The reality is hard to ignore covet along with other pathogens, and viruses will continue to be carried through the ventilation, ducts and distributed throughout your building until you do something to stop it and the quality of the air inside your building is important to every occupant people Spend upwards of ninety percent of their time each day indoors inhaling as much as twenty seven hundred gallons of air and the epa has found indoor air is 10 times more contaminated than outside air. So it’s a good time to ask yourself: is your building or facility prepared to successfully reopen and operate in a coveted world, for instance the center for disease control and the world health organization? Each recommend intensifying both air sanitation and surface disinfection practices prior to reopening your building or facility, is your building.

Ready. Ashrae has offered guidance that suggests that airborne transmission of covet may require buildings to change their hvac operations in order to improve how they handle both air ventilation and filtration is your building ready and recent research by harvard indicates that a small increase in long term exposure To covert particle matter leads to an increase in the covet death rate and through proper monitoring of indoor air. You can track those harmful pollutants in real time. Is your building ready? What you need is a smart solution for dealing with today’s new covered world introducing iaq cpr indoor air quality through cold plasma regulation. Let’S, look closer at the iaq indoor air quality. The quality of air inside your building or facility means ensuring you are consistently removing airborne. Contaminants which may negatively impact the people breathing the indoor air these contaminants can take on many forms, such as bacteria viruses, mold spores, volatile organic compounds or vocs dust, pollen and dander gaseous chemicals, small particle matter and a variety of odors and to help remove those from Your indoor air, we use cpr cold plasma regulation. There are four states of matter observable in everyday life: solid, liquid gas and plasma. The iaq cpr technology cleans the air by introducing positive and negative charged ions into the indoor space through your building’s ventilation system, here’s how it works. First, the system uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field. That’S filled with a high concentration of positive and negative ions, as these ions travel with the airstream, they attach themselves to air particles, pathogens and gas molecules.

The ions then kill the pathogens by robbing them of the hydrogen they need to survive and that cleans the air. This entire iaq cpr process is so powerful that the technology has been patented iaq cpr kills pathogens by binding and disrupting proteins. This process kills viruses like the coronavirus, influenza, the common cold and mold spores. Additionally, it’ll render salmonella and ammonia completely inactive. The pathogens cannot replicate and, as a result are eliminated, it also captures and filters out air particles by bundling them together. It’S a process referred to as agglomeration. This bundling makes the particles larger and therefore easier to be captured by your hvac systems, filters which remove them from the air plus it destroys. Odors, volatile organic compounds can be harmful, resulting in a variety of symptoms that can, through long term exposure cause things like kidney damage or elevations in blood pressure. Since the concentrations of vocs are much higher indoors, the iaq cpr system generates ions that break the vocs down into harmless compounds resulting in fresh, clean smelling indoor air and the iaq cpr system produces no ozone. The system meets ul 2998 standards, which means the iaq cpr system, doesn’t create ozone. The generator works at 8.7 volts, which is well below the 12 volts needed to make ozone. No other ionization air purification system on the market generates ions at a comparable rate. No ozone means the system is safe to use for all indoor applications and for all occupant requirements.

Let’S not forget one of the most important parts about iaq cpr. It saves energy. Your building’s hvac system has to heat the cold outside air. It brings into the building. In the winter and it has to cool the hot outside air it brings in during the summer and that can get expensive quickly if you need to bring in more outside air to support an air purification system. But iaq cpr doesn’t rely on the circulation of outside air to operate effectively by limiting the amount of outside air required to operate the system your hvac system runs less and with that lower energy consumption comes lower. Energy costs. Here are some good reasons why iaq cpr is a smart and sensible solution in providing your building or facility clean, safe indoor air? The advantages of the iaq cpr solution are impressive: it produces no harmful byproducts, whereas other solutions such as corona discharge, air purification discharge byproducts, that can be harmful, iaq cpr reduces the particles in the air. It destroys volatile organic compounds from the air, making your air smell, clean and pure. It kills viruses and pathogens, including the coronavirus. It reduces your energy costs by as much as 30 percent. Also uvc will reduce energy costs by cleaning the coil good luck trying to get that from any other air purification system. It produces no ozone, making it completely safe for any building type. It treats the air inside of targeted individual rooms or offices when needed.

It has a sensor which provides alerts to the levels of ions in the air. It provides the ability to vary the ion generation output and it comes with an independent, positive and negative ion control capability having ions in the air to tackle pathogens and odors is a good thing. But in order to create an optimum breathing environment, the ions must be regulated right now. Most current ion technologies can cause ion counts to be out of balance as much as a fifteen to one ratio. Such a high ion generation can saturate the air with unhealthy. Hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide, which can cause lasting damage to those who are breathing that over saturated air, having an ion count in a ratio of two negative to one positive, is optimal. Having an abundance of negative ions promotes the good feeling it’s equivalent to the amount of ions, naturally produced by a waterfall. Elevated negative air. Ion levels are believed to have beneficial effects on humans, including enhanced relaxation reduced tiredness, less stress levels and anti depression. Having an abundance of positive ions promotes bad feelings, along with health dangers, most forms of indoor air pollution, electronic fields from technical devices, toxic chemicals, pollen mold and pet dander and other harmful chemicals in the air host positive ions. The downside of absorbing too many positive ions includes higher inflammation levels. Mood swings chronic pain, depression, anxiety, allergies and more, but the iaq cpr system is the only solution that offers independent control of both the negative and positive ion generators.

The system algorithms ramp the ion generation up or down and can even stop ion generation completely in order to properly balance the ion saturation in the air, creating an optimum breathing environment, it can also self adjust for factors such as indoor temperature, humidity and airflow it’s. A self diagnosing unit that comes complete with real time active notification capabilities. The system also seamlessly integrates with just about every known building management system on the market. The controller can connect right into your bacnet building automation system, iaq, cpr prevents plating. Buildup plating occurs in excess. Due to the close proximity of positive and negative generation in all existing products, current self cleaning models prove to be ineffective at ensuring constant ion outputs due to excess plating, because their brush assemblies have close proximity to the alternating current generation. Iaq cpr move to a proprietary needle system that does away with brush systems that trap dirt and debris, and even though other solutions on the market may claim to be self cleaning that plating buildup over just several months can result in arcing, which increases the voltage of Those units to 12 volts and, as a result, creates ozone. Iaq cpr has redesigned the needlepoint ion generation, so they’re placed at a distance which eliminates that plating and that’s what prevents the creation of ozone. This significantly cuts operator cost because there’s no need to validate and improve on prior model self cleaning features. This is a solution that can be used in turn key fashion across a wide variety of applications, such as commercial office, buildings, schools, casinos, hospitals, managed care facilities, churches, theaters, restaurants, fitness centers, airports and many many more so if iaq cpr sounds like a sensible solution for Your indoor air quality needs here’s.

Why iaq cpr with on site utility services is the best way forward. First on site has the experience you can trust we’ve been delivering energy efficiency solutions across america since nineteen? Ninety three so we’re, uniquely qualified to bring the level of experience, knowledge and proficiency. You need to get the right, iaq cpr solution for your specific needs. We also have the capacity to deliver iaq cpr anywhere in america, so no matter where you’re located or how many locations you currently or expect to have on site has the ability to deliver the iaq cpr solution anywhere you need it. Onsite also has the unique ability to deliver additional services at scale, because we partner with multiple technology suppliers, vendors and utility providers, we’re able to give you instant and ongoing access to energy efficiency solutions that go far beyond just air purification. Our expert team is capable of meeting all your energy needs, as required from water conservation to alternative energy generation from hvac upgrades to power management. Onsite is there, as your trusted partner for all your energy objectives and onsite has a variety of creative solutions to get iaq cpr into your building or facility, no matter what your budget is, in fact, we’re even able to deliver a complete iaq cpr system without requiring Any upfront investment and without adding any new debt to your balance sheet. Choosing an indoor air cleaning system is an important decision and that’s why building owners and operators choose iaq cpr from on site utility services.

Getting started is easy and free to see how your building or facility can benefit from iaq cpr contact us today at a free, 844, 768 7227 obligation. Consultation call now 844, 768, 7227 and let’s give your building the clean indoor air it deserves.

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