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This is an exciting season, albeit just a few rounds in and uh. I guess one great example of that would be the form of the sydney swansville. Oh no doubt about that it’s, the young boys that we don’t know a lot about, and people are calling them horses Applause, because if they’ll geese they’d be called goslings. But here we go here uh. These are the young boys, that’s chad, warner, okay, davey warner and then there’s uh wait for logan mcdonald up here and then they’ve also got johnny wicks who’s, a bloke that i didn’t know about, but he popped up sam yeah. I know that we’re here, but johnny wick’s here there he is johnny. Just goes. Bang like they’ve got these kids they’re all exciting, exciting they’re good to watch. They kicked 17 goals. Yesterday they kicked 19 goals in the first round. They kicked 18 goals uh in the second round. Nobody, they are good to watch world unhaul. Who do you leave out? You bring buddy back. Who do you leave out from a team that’s just uh pantsed, the reigning perimeter well we’ll find someone. Mclean will be the one that misses out, i think, but they are good. They move the ball well and watching them on saturday. They work hard in the ford line, but they work back and they help their teammates out down back they’re good to watch well done spot on bill. It starts from their pressure and they hunted in numbers against richmond.

Yesterday they beat richmond at their own game and we see this. The ball movement is off the back of pressure, so cunningham doesn’t get a stat for that, but that was elite. That is braden, campbell, lovely left, foot kick and just you see they’re away. They were too quick in the end, and richmond have relied on getting blosston and grimes, and these guys behind the ball due to the pressure further afield. But the smalls of richmond couldn’t apply that pressure and they got beaten out the back and you just kept expecting richmond to get back into this game. Don’T know, but they never did uh the swans were far too good. Did you sorry did you expect that at half time, because i must have been watching it, i thought to myself? Oh, this is going to be one of these yeah because we saw it uh with hawthorne recently and then the bombers yeah you think to yourself. Okay. Well, football’s played at such a break breakneck speed that it’s doable well, like the grand final, you always expected, richmond to even get back from three goals, but this was far too big and the swans were far too strong yeah. I don’t see a huge issue for richmond. I mean they’ve done this a couple of times over the last few years still won premierships around three last year. They got touched up by the hawks but they’re if you’re one percent off in this competition.

At the moment, you’re going to get found out let’s have a look at some of their efforts yesterday, which allowed sydney i think jack graham, is their hardest working player. I don’t think he’s working hard enough, normally he’d get to him and be able to quell that going inside forward 50. They get it in quite easily and they kick a goal he’s their hardest working player. So you give him a have a look at this easy entry out of the stoppage and you wonder when they get the ball. How do they have a two on one forward at a stoppage? So you see tom happily down there that’s a two on one. Have a look at this. This is that stoppage just before. So this is before the stoppage, and this is a baker running in and leaving tom papa there on his own that’s. How that happens. I’M. Sure that have a look at this one. This is where you just give it to the best user in the competition the best decision maker, all of a sudden you give it to him late, expect him to do something and normally richmond hit these guys. Here there was just that little bit off yesterday and uh. It was a couple of things. Shay bolton should have got a free kick there, but he’s arguing with the umpire while the ball is still live. Just those little things that they’ll tidy up and damien harvick will have a look and uh have a look at this.

One you’ve got papalee and also marlon pickett. Here the ball goes into the middle of the ground. This is the last one and they’re still next to each other. Picket and papali here’s pampley running back and uh runs next to pickett. Here they go and have a look at pepley. He runs past a couple of plays. He runs past arts. They get the ball. All the way down and guess who’s at the feet of this one when they finally get it in he’s, just worked harder than a couple of other players, so sydney very good richmond. Just slightly off yesterday, okay and of course tom pappley to join us live a little later on in the programme. Dusty always has an influence, but how much of an influence? Yesterday, two schools of thought: you can go with dustin martin, you can go the flat out tag or you can look to expose him for his lack of defensive accountability. Sydney did the ladder yesterday with kennedy and parker. So i want to highlight a couple of clips back to back center bounce goals here for the swans look at how physical sydney is with dustin, martin and kennedy, then he hunts the footy, because dustin doesn’t want to play on an opponent. So kennedy wins that one mark my words that goes down to kick another goal. Here we go again kennedy martin physical what’s, dusty doing there he’s not in the dangerous position, nothing significant there from kennedy, but he squirts it out.

Chad warner kicks a goal parker on dustin martin, so parker 27 disposals kennedy 29. I suppose, was working off dusty yesterday. Free kick parker versus dustin martin just watch this play out. Now it goes down. Parker doesn’t end up kicking the goal, but hickey does have a look at the lack of accountability, dustin. Martin. Sorry teams can highlight dusty as good as he is offensively, certainly defensively. He is lucky now that goes to hickey. That could have easily gone to parker. Sydney worked him over yesterday, great job by parker and kennedy. It was a high scoring and free flying game. Yesterday, contrasted with the last time these two teams met round six last year when there was a 34 26 final match, scoreline damian hardwick on that occasion criticized quite condescendingly john longmire on that occasion, then you see what he said yesterday by way of contrast, horrible game Of football, i think we had 50 odd inside 50s for what is it four or five goals, which is farcical in nature? Really well there’s, not much. I can do i’m sitting there. We’Re attacking and we’ve got 75 000 people in our 450, so it’s pretty hard. Some of their stuff looked like richmond like if that makes sense and their ford half turnover game was very strong. You know they made us, make mistakes that we don’t normally make and that’s what good sides do they. They punish you so yeah they’re in a really good spot at the moment.

They’Ve got long memories. Coaches john longmire has remembered that comment and played accordingly. Yesterday the problems for richmond, as you said off the top tj, are now stretching into their injuries. Uh dion prestia had another hamstring injury yesterday, which uh is going to keep him out for i’d, say a minimum four weeks, given his history. Now he had one in the preseason. He got himself right for round one and obviously got himself through to the first half of round three, but he has had a history of soft tissue and i think they’ll be quite cautious with that. Flosston, as we know, has got a uh problems, keeping him out and and knee and also too can the mcintyre show his um concussion yesterday. So there are issues all right now. Of course, uh essendon finally got themselves on the board and it was uh one disabled. This one i’ve got to say for so the saints it’s amazing in the modern game, how you can tell from the first minute or so how the game’s going to go, and we saw it yesterday with essen. I thought this first center bounce was jake stringer versus jack steele jack steele was the saints best player yesterday, he’s the only one that probably should get a vote in this game, but remember he’s on stringer. Does he want to turn into defender here because he’s lost possession of the footy first 15 seconds of the game? Jake stringer ends up with the ball, not enough accountability, jack steele, didn’t turn into a defensive mode.

This is a mason uh redmond for the bombers, so they win possession of the ball there’s too many saints who didn’t want to defend or do the work yesterday versus hard running bomber side. Redmond had all the time in the world. Look at that from jack steele didn’t want to run didn’t want to chase. As a result, they got their tails up the bombers we got darcy parish best on ground zach merritt was superb, but suddenly what’s the e. So i paused this a lot of flat, footed saints who didn’t want to run and what’s the result that happens tj when you don’t want to work it just the seas. Just parted hooker had a diet. He kicked five string and kick four tipper three. This was the last one bradley hill, the pressure so saints didn’t want to apply pressure, essendon’s pressure, game and run and carry with super. Even this look at the scoreboard 60 points up, but essendon were willing to do this and sing kilda weren’t yesterday, tj okay. So when you talk about that laziness uh, i don’t know if you use the word laziness, but they were flat footed. Is it laziness? Is it complacency? Is it cockiness? Is it a lack of what is it uh? Maybe they did go into the game. Thinking well, sm was spanked last week, but brett ratton tried everything. He tried strong players in the center bounce, he tried speed, he tried everything, but it didn’t work.

They lost the momentum. Early brownian was all over, it was and they could quite easily be zero and three himmelberg in round one has a shot to put him 17 points up. The saints fall in their skills last week were pretty ordinary against the demons and again last night. I thought their skills and more their lack of 107 down in disposals last night, so the bombers just had the footy. They were 41 down and uncontested marks, so that is around 160 uncontested positions that they’ve allowed the bombers. So that is work rate. That is effort and the bombers had that much of the footy they still had 20 business tackles and but their skill worked yesterday they they’re a skillful side. The same so many times. We saw how quick they were. Last year, their foot skills were outstanding, but the first three games this year, their foot skills haven’t been up to after are they a loser from the rule? Changes with a one pace midfield, so brad crouch we’ve got uh jack, steele uh seb ross. Are they going to be found out a little bit on the outside, though i understand what you’re saying but all play.

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