Lyons Township High School North Campus, School, Board of education Pensyfan Periodical: March 2021

This is a monthly news series which covers most of the major railroading headlines from around the world, as well as my opinions on them. We have a lot of articles to go over today. Once again, the most this series has ever had so with this in mind, let’s get rolling first off might as well continue a similar fashion, where the last fantasy fan periodical left off since amtrak is bringing back the night owl there’s a developing trend among numerous pasture Operators for bringing back night trains in which passengers can sleep onboard and wake up at their destinations after such proposals in europe, it now seems that amtrak is following this movement as they’re reintroducing overnight service on the northeast regional between washington, dc and boston. For the first time since 2003, with the twilight shoreliner starting april 5th, a few days after this video was uploaded, amtrak will be offering private sleeping rooms to train 65, 66 and 67 on viewliners, as more of them are entering service. Although sleeper service is nothing new on amtrak in general, with sleeper cars being used for long distance routes, it is a new and interesting concept to have sleeper service on narrow city routes, especially on amtrak’s, most frequently used and profitable service. This also raises the possibility for other sleeper options on other inner city groups, such as the pennsylvania from new york pittsburgh, the empire service from new york to niagara falls or even west coast route, such as the cascades from eugene, oregon to vancouver or the pacific surf Flyer from san diego to san luis obispo, the possibilities are almost endless for this overnight services.

They can be applied for both inner city and long distance service anywhere throughout the nation, while providing the luxuries of the sleeper car and the private room. As someone who has been on the viewliner two times in the past, they provide a great and comfy experience for long distances and overnight travel and comfy beds and is fantastic on any route it’s assigned to which would now include the northeast regional. So i am definitely excited to see these sleepers go into service on inner city routes and continue this trend of overnight service. Speaking of service introductions, sncf is to reintroduce their locomotive hauled services. After facing the mount in 2020, the long island road reintroduced their original timetable. As they revoked their temporary reduced schedule, railrunner started service again for the first time in a year due to the pandemic, the state of virginia is to dedicate almost 4 billion to improve rail service, which includes purchasing the abandoned csx s line for pasture service. Although i am a bit spooked by that vre genesis, local moment concept, art ontario north slim ran a test passenger train from coltrane to north bay for the first time since 2012, possibly hinting at a return and passed through service on the route. Aberdeen carolina and western has restored four sd 482s and two mp15s sentinel locomotive and has completed its overhaul lion has inaugurated their t2 extension. The european union is to run a connecting europe express to show the benefits of rail travel.

A minnesota lawmaker has proposed counties in minnesota to join south dakota home depot to support more rail shipments to their stores. Stadler is to produce circumvest suviana emus for eav in italy and rent phase to receive new train sets from both stadler and austin, with the latter company producing the extrapolis, which oddly has a double deck coach in the middle of the set. Speaking of which here are some interesting news, iowa pacific is placing all of their equipment for sale, ranging from e8s and f40s to passenger cars for anywhere between twenty thousand and ninety thousand dollars was the only steam look mob on the list. Ls 9 number 18. Having already been sold to the colebrookdale railroad for excursion service, meanwhile, that same road is to have sensory friendly rides for those with sensory sensitives go transit is to test autonomous systems. Trains magazine and luck in productions are to produce an emd documentary for their 100th anniversary. In 2022, a neighborhood in buffalos to recognize the transport of flower by rail, a loose tarp has knocked over the laramie wyoming rail cam, while flatbeds have been spotted on the top of containers and empty container cars. Roblox is now available on the new york stock exchange. The gulf of mexico is to receive two new rail ferries for cg railways. La metros use nyc, subway r160s in their concept, art for the proposed sepulveda pass transit corridor. Metrolink is using retired f59phs for work. Trains, which includes a caboose.

An emd is to make 16 sc 70ac lw variants for mongolia on another name, which i’m not going to attempt to pronounce. I must say the smoke move looks like it’s, a kit bash with the body of an sd70ace and the cabin pacific national 92 class from australia. I know that’s a ge locomotive, but still in other news, awesome has acquired a dutch maintenance, firm’s shunter that’s literally named company shunter hector rail has converted one of their electric locomotives to run on water. Muscle and rtb. Cargo are sharing a track slope mode. A missing, dsp vectron has reappeared in germany, ren phase to take 50 stake and check open access operator leo express as part of an internationalization strategy. France is seeking unesco status for the baguette rail charter. Services is to make a green inner city one two five set episode rails to convert class three to one multiple units for freight service. A freightliner class, 70 and 66 have pulled the heaviest recorded train on the west coast main line with a grand total of ‘ rail cars. Gb rail486793 is now a heritage unit for rail freight distribution, while fundraiser has started to repaint a class 142 into a valley line, slivery marble run is on display at south london hs2 is using retired wind turbine blades for reinforced concrete. The cat delayed an avanti west coast stream by sitting on its roof and virgin, is suing brightline for ending their licensing brand, specifically for brightline, saying that virgin group ceased to constitute a brand of international high repute, largely because the matters relate to the pandemic.

I’M. Not sure where this lawsuit is going since brightline just said, they feel that virgin isn’t a good company, especially seeing how they were doing for the past few years, which i feel is an opinion on their part. Since others may say that virgin is a good brand. My opinion on this matter is that virgin is welcome to start any private bachelor service in the us if they can run it well and shouldn’t sue another company based on their opinion. In the meantime, we also have big news in the model railroading community related to a topic previously mentioned in an old pennsylvan periodical mth assets have now been acquired by atlas, as they just purchased their old gate stock. In addition to hoge to go over this major event, i’ve brought a model railroad expert and my good friend captain echo, take it away thanks. Penzi fan hello. All captain echo here your guest speaker and here are some breaking news. Within the model. Rarity community alice model railroading who’s, more known for their host scale and n scale. Models has acquired mth’s, o scale assets and tooling. Atlas already has a small variety of o scale stuff from early emds, some alco’s good number of rolling stock and some scenery. Some of the new things that will come from atlas will be modern freight equipment, cabooses passenger cars, emds ge’s, early emds, more scenery and sound systems jared hey trick. I really hope i’m pronouncing that right.

Sorry for butchering it, the ceo of alice, stated, the mch has long been an outstanding manufacturer of model trains and we are excited to continue that legacy. Mt will officially be closing in may sad to see you go mth, you will be missed and that’s all. I have back to you in the studio penzi fan, thanks for the great review captain can’t wait to see what atlas has in store for model railroading, but, alas, we have the sad news. Canadian nationals stored most of their remaining gmd ones proposed cuts for dc metro. Could cut service for 22 stations? The honolulu rail transit project will likely take another decade to fully complete at least phase one, its opening layer. This year, hydrogen has been rejected as an alternative fuel source for gold transit mbta has sidelined their crrc orange line cars after a derailment in an area which caused six derailments for the new cars mg tower in altoona is facing demolition. New york susquehanna in western is to abandon the passage and loadi branches amtrak cascades talgo six sets have been scrapped after being transported to anaheim california, elena 91, 132 city of durham locomotive, which survived both the hatfield and great headquarters, is the first british trail class 91 To be scrapped, metro e8’s, 521 and 516, two e units which visited the lirr in the early 1990s having the latest locomotives, be scrapped as part of national rail equipment, silva’s illinois plant shutdown, lwr511, my favorite dm 30 ac, which had a dashing dan logo on its Side has been stripped of all spare parts after having a bent frame and has been scrapped and m3s have been retired from the lirr as their inspections are up and are currently stored, awaiting scrapping Music.

Now, here’s the follow up news section for articles covering stories from previous episodes. First off we have a lot of follow up news for amtrak with negotiations with the stb for gulf coast service amtrak has also commented on mayor star rail’s proposal for private service on the northeast corridor. Amtrak is to restore all of their long distance services to daily. On may 24th, 31st and june 7th, which would also be supported by the proposed legislation to create permanent funding for amtrak at 5.4 billion dollars. Although 40 percent of that goes towards northeast corridor and photos have been released of alc42s being constructed, i feel like i’m missing something about amtrak, though i don’t know what maybe it was something else about the alc42 or something like that. But i don’t know oh yeah amtrak heritage units, absolutely incredible liveries to represent the 50th anniversary for amtrak and it’s, especially surprising, to see that genesis locomotives are receiving these deliveries since they’re supposed to be replaced by the chargers soon so up. First, we have a brand new livery known as midnight blue, representing all overnight services, followed by the phase six living on the genesis. It just looks a bit odd to have a reverse heritage unit, so to speak in which depressant livery is on the former locomotive. We also have the present day, phase 5 livery. Currently, on amtrak 46, a pepsi can livery originally used on the dash eights very surprising, to see his unique livery onto genesis, another phase, one genesis which somehow isn’t a repainted 156 and lastly, the only alc42 in this list, a nearly identical liver used by e8 number 4316, for amtrak’s first day in service, perfect choice for the 50th anniversary of amtrak, ms bachman, already making a showcase model for this particular heritage unit.

Additionally, amtrak has also released concept art for a phase, seven livery for their siemens charges. Only months after the phase six i’m, not sure if that means amtrak is skipping phase. Six, since it’s technically used for their coaches or if the phase six we saw from august will only be applied for a few locomotives instead of the whole fleet. But only time will tell amtrak has stated that phase 7 is supposed to be more effective for wearability, based on the back of the slivery i’m concerned. If the siemens venture coaches, which these chargers will eventually pull, will just be plain or have some sort of design to them, but again, these questions will likely be answered in the coming years. The only reason why all of this isn’t the top story, is that it’s, following up to amtrak’s announcement of the phase 6 livery further alc42s back in august. Meanwhile, life is getting back to normal, as the mbta is to restore their services to pre pandemic levels. The two class 69s are to be repainted in a gb rail freight livery. In mid april fox rail’s vekron has been named emma as it arrived on the rails property. Another british rail pacer has been donated to a school this time, 144.008 to the faculty primary school. As a science lab, watchco is to acquire x, wisconsin central lines from canadian national, including the algoma central. The csx acquisition of pan am has been delayed by the stb due to objections from nearby railroads.

C.6711 has started testing on the hartford line, while the very light rail vehicle started, testing in dudley and the tennessee past survival has been rejected by the stb, since it still needs a thorough review. At least the possibility of reviewing it again is still out there up. Next is the station upgrades portion for proposals, constructions and openings of stations around the world starting off this section, we have northern rail, which is to renovate over 30 of their stations, followed by openings for kid rook, acton, sheffield, catania, airport and tulse hill. On the other hand, work still continues for maidstone merseyside, riga, international airport, harry potter and birmingham university temple quarter and st phillips marsh vilnius university of washington and kangasala. The last two were just featured on wikipedia and do not have any upgrades, but i decided to mention them here since their stations. Another news siemens has revealed their official designs for the london underground 2024 stock, which will replace the 1973 stock on the piccadilly line. Fa has revealed their crrc multiple units. Kenya, railways is to take over passenger services from afristar, while philippine national railways has terminated its contract with crrc for new dmu’s wlc has repainted the vamaritier tracks into their new livery city. Voostrons have entered passenger service, while ns has placed their vectrons in the service, with a new variant of the classic, blue and yellow. Although something about this design is a bit unsatisfying, specifically with one side having more blue than the other.

On the other hand, lancaster chester 8782 has been repainted into the roads completely black livery, while tacoma rail 1526 has been repainted into their railroads red white and black livery time. Street cars received their first brookville lrv. While esbond has received the lassiter memorial. I mean awesome class 490s. A study is considering converting milwaukee road 261 to run on oil instead of coal. The wwe net in maine is to construct a three engine roundhouse, while newly restored baltimore and ohio ea 51 has been moved to a permanent display at the bno rail museum. The north carolina railway museum is seeking funds to save 10 of their rail cars union. Pacific 4141 has arrived at the bush library, museum and the sierra northern railway is to purchase hydrogen powered switchers. The design looks pretty good and if it looks familiar, it should since it’s being rebuilt from the braille power pr20bd. After all that, it is now time for this month’s move in a month. This month’s meme of the month is the demise of streetcars, and now the top story of the march 2021 pence fan periodical. Is canadian pacific acquires kansas city southern? How can this not be the top story of the month? Canadian pacific’s american empire grows again, as it is planning to acquire the smallest of the seven north american class ones. With this acquisition for 29 billion dollars, cp rail will be the first road in history to have service in canada, the us and mexico, since its acquisition will also include kcstm and possibly the kcs owned, panama canal railway, in panama, with one two rows providing service to The southern border of the us – this is the largest acquisition between the two class ones since canadian national acquiring illinois central in 1999.

On a side note, the thumbnail for the september 2020 pennsylvan periodical happened to predict its very acquisition with a cp jeep and a kcs gevo in the bottom right, as one thesaurus mentioned, included a private firm trying to purchase kcs. Yet this acquisition is not immediate, since it has to be approved by the stb and the kcs board, but this is likely going to be approved in the coming months. With this acquisition. Many rail fans in the region, as well as myself to an extent, are a bit upset to cedar homer being taken over by cp rail, especially concerning the somewhat long history of the road since 1887.. Although it is sad to see kansas city southern go, it will be very interesting for what services and rail finding opportunities for foreign power. This merger of the two historical class ones will have to offer, as many are feeling optimistic with the merger of these two reliable railroads with such a major acquisition. Surely nothing can stop the sort. What now amtrak unveiled a new map suggesting new corridors? Well, let me see oh well, then it looks like we have two top stories for this periodical talk about an unexpected one year anniversary treat. So there are a lot of light blue lines in this map representing new services, mainly consisting of proposed route expansions, which amtrak mentioned over the years. This includes already known service introductions such as the gulf coast, limited atlanta, nashville and detroit to toronto, along with increased frequencies between cities such as toledo and buffalo, boston and albany, and now into tucson, as well as a lot of smaller branches, such as expansions of asheville Wilmington north carolina, green bay and madison wisconsin writing in downtown pennsylvania, concord, new hampshire wait a minute.

Does that say wrong kokuma? Does that say wrong? Music Applause? This is absolutely fantastic news. As a long island railfanner. I am absolutely hyped to see this happen. I remember hearing about two years ago, amtrak proposing service from long island to dc or albany, but he didn’t hear any news of it until now. So, despite the absolute glory of this map, i feel that there are still areas to improve servicing, such as in the further west, with routes such as the pioneer or the north coast, limited more routes to isolated regions in the west and south, and maybe connecting some Of the cities mentioned such as louisville nashville and scranton around town with buffalo, but this can be accomplished at a later date, if necessary. Also, some of the routes listed are in direct competition with some of the proposed private pasture roads. So i’m, not sure if having amtrak service next to a proposed, privately owned, pass through route is as good of an idea but it’s so good to see these roots considered in the proposal. I must say this is the most beautiful map i’ve seen in my life, and it can be made possible sometime in the near future, from the billions of dollars of dedicated funding from a rail based us government. America is getting back into training and i can’t wait to see rail transport in the us driving to the future. Thank you. Everyone for watching this month’s episode of the pennsy fan periodical.

There have been a lot of real news headlines for the month. It will be very interesting to see what the future has in store for all these articles.

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