School, Board of education NRSD School Committee Candidacy Announcement

I turned in my nomination papers yesterday evening and i got the call back from the town clerk. I got the necessary amount of signatures and i will be on the ballot officially under the templeton residents who are running for everybody who signed uh. I, for some of you, i went door to door, some of you. You saw me on the streets and pulled over uh by the end i had about 44 signatures and i only needed 35 from both towns. I really appreciate it. I really appreciate meeting some of you. Some of you voiced your concerns. Some of you were happy to see a younger person go out and do this or attempting to do this, and i really appreciate that some of you challenged me some of you. It was a wide range of different reactions. It was good to get out and see the community after the year that we’ve had and it was good to just just sort of connect back, so i not only was getting the signatures really. You know it was nice to get that from you guys, but it was really nice to Music kind of get something back from that experience. So i really enjoyed that and also for people who appreciated me being out in the rain, so that was um. That was fun, but the rain wasn’t fun don’t uh, you get what i mean so some of you may have emailed me. It was a crazy week um.

You know you either emailed me to either have a question about my candidacy to either sign the petition, or maybe not i’m slowly, gon na go through the emails. In fact, before the next video that i do on this campaign, i am going to have to go through all of my emails, so just bear with me here, i’m also getting a lot of facebook notifications, people commenting on things if i don’t get to you it’s, Because it’s way too down on the cue list and i’m, just not seeing it very well so don’t like email me or continue to bother me because then i’ll actually see it at some point. If i don’t get to you, i apologize it’s. Just a lot of things are going on i’m prepping other campaign information that’s going to be on this youtube channel. So if you are a parent or you or you are somebody in local government who is interested in what i will be talking about in this campaign, you’re probably going to want to subscribe and turn on notifications. This channel is demonetized because of campaign rules that i signed so i’m not going to make money off of it i’m, not interested in making money off of it. You get the idea since i am on the ballot like i said, subscribe like my videos, if you actually support my candidacy, that really helps comment. If you have questions it’s, another really great way to get to me i’m, not getting a lot of youtube comments, so i might actually see that before even the emails and then facebook, which is court, this is sort of the order i’m gon na go in.

I will check youtube, then i’m, going to check my emails, sometimes depending on the day i’ll interchange between the two and then i’m gon na look at facebook. So there we go. I want to just reiterate what the big topics of my candidacy are going to be about outreach and transparency, which i’m actually going to do my next video to outreach and then the next one’s going to be a little bit about government and transparency. One of the next two videos is going to be about that, so you’ll get a feel for that i’m going to also talk about race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating. I call that r triple s and compelled speech. It can also be called critical. Race theory has a few other names. I mentioned that in the other episode episode, wow video. There is an issue and in the next few videos i’m going to bring this up. This is becoming a very relevant issue. If you know what the topic is, there is a psa about this in the description of this video so check that out, i will do a psa about this, probably in a week or two. The reason this comes up is that this is coming up quite frequently in education. There is an incident that i will be doing a video on to explain it to you because i’m, not sure how many of you in the town understand what kind of a problem. This is i’m already getting questions from certain people that are sort of related to this issue, so i will be addressing it with them also individually.

I was made aware of an issue that got brought up because of a university of new hamp of new hampshire webinar. That talked about an issue in andover that affects perceptions about lawrence, the city of lawrence. So, and it is a race and sex stereotyping issue, where educators in the area taught. This is a preview of the situation, taught students in the andover area, older students, in a specific program that were living there to actively fear the city of lawrence through social conditioning because they associated a nonzero crime rate in lawrence with the black and hispanic community. And actually it got to the point where the residents of andover in this program were teaching other minority residents who were moving there to actively fear the city of lawrence. I will show you a video clip of that because it’s not on youtube and it doesn’t infringe on copyright and we’re going to talk about what is critical race theory and how this is an extremely dangerous situation. I was recently made aware that this is also happening in the school district right next to us very openly. I will also be doing a video campaign story on that to show you the steps into which this sort of climbs, if you know what i’m talking about you’re about to see where it is happening locally, if you don’t well you’re about to learn about it, the Next big topic: mixed media and technology, we’ll talk about that computer engineering, i’ve already sort of hinted at certain things that i would like to talk about on facebook, i’m, going to review some of the school committee meetings; i’m going to start vid doing videos on that.

To also explain where some of the grant uh money coming from the state comes from, and some of the way that that sort of works – and i will also answer some of these videos – will be about answering your email comments or responses to me or real questions. And also real issues in academia in general, so we’ll talk about that, but that’s sort of it. I just wanted to announce that i will be on the ballot. You can email me any questions or inquiries or concerns at gravesjjh,, that’s, gravesjjh, gmail.

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