Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, Carlos Dunlap, NFL contract details are out, John Schneider has done it again

So i thought i’d go ahead and make a video to break it down. For you guys real, quick! The overall point is that the carlos dunlap contract is pretty damn good and another sign that john schneider is on the ball when it comes to what he’s doing this off season. So let’s go ahead and break it down and discuss exactly what it means and how it might affect the team’s decision making going forward so her source carlos dunlap’s two year deal has a base value of 13.6 million and three extra void years. So we are going to be looking at three years of dead cap for dunlap in the future, where he’s not on the team but still counting against our cap, but it should be a relatively small amount. I actually think it’s a very smart idea to use void years uh when securing somebody like dunlap. So i support this. I don’t think that the million or two million dollars that will be owing him against the cap in the future per year is going to be that big of a deal. In fact, it’s going to be a very, very small deal when you see how much the cap goes up in the future, so three extra void years on dunlap’s deal to spread out. The cap hit a seven million dollar signing bonus and a 1.5 million dollar base salary in 2021 make up the 8.5 million guaranteed in 2022. There is a 4.

075 million dollar base, a 175 000 roster bonus and 850 000 in per game bonuses and here’s. The juicy part here’s the part that we really care about right now. The cap number this year is 2.9 million dollars, not even 3 million, so carlos dunlap’s cap hit this year is less than al. Woods’S total cap hit over, however long we’re going to be counting al woods against the cap. That is way better than i was thinking. I was thinking at least a five million dollar cap hit for dunlap this year, 2.9 million. That makes the future even more juicy than even i was thinking and 2.1 million dollars. It might not go that far in the nfl, but it it’ll get you somewhere. So let’s take a look at the chart and try to factor this all in so. First of all, before we get to the dunlap contract, let’s factor in the tyler locket extension, we don’t know exactly what the locket extension looks like. Yet we still haven’t gotten the exact contract details. I am waiting very eagerly to see what we did with that, but the savings against the 2021 salary cap are estimated to be about seven million dollars, it’s, probably going to be a little more or a little less, but i think we’re looking at savings of about 7 million, so we factored that in down here right below the gabe jackson, restructure, which is also punched in and right above the jamal adams extension, which i think is imminent and again this is obviously an estimation, so carlos dunlap, i had him penciled in for a Five million dollar cap hit in 2021 let’s go ahead and update this sucker 2.

9 million, and where does that leave us all right? Let’S take a look at this refactoring. So after you account for all the players who aren’t yet um having their salaries accounted for on the new um on um on the salary cap and the 2021 draft pool cap, we are now about 14.8 million over so 14.8 million over that’s a little less than We were thinking that’s, pretty good, that’s, very workable, especially when you already have the gabe jackson restructure and the tyler locket extension on the books. If you throw in the jamal adams extension, which i estimated would save us about 4 million, we are already in the black by 1.7 million, more than 1.7 million, and this is we without – and i want to repeat this – is we without restructuring russell wilson, restructuring, jason Myers restructuring bobby wagner. Obviously the locket trade is now um moot because we decided to extend him instead, but we can now get into the black by a couple million bucks without worrying about restructuring anybody. So i don’t include myself among this group, but if you are somebody who really didn’t want to restructure russell wilson this off season, because you wanted to keep your options open with him going forward that is now officially on the table. It is now officially at least a possibility, so this is our current cap situation. As i see it, we start from basically being at equilibrium we’re in the red by about 40 grand which is easy to dig out of it’s nothing.

And then you start adding on these salaries and then you get to some of the things that we’re doing to mitigate some of the salaries we’re adding um. I am still waiting for word on a jamal adams. Extension there’s. No reason why this team shouldn’t get it done now, um honestly, given the way jamal adams plays football there’s a lot of incentive for him to want to get it done as well, and if we save money on his extension in 2021. The way i expect to then wow, we actually managed to get ourselves into the black without touching any of these contracts, and while i still want to restructure russell wilson – and i want to stress that i think it’s worth the risk. While i still think we should probably restructure jason myers as well, the fact that we now don’t need to is pretty valuable and might be something we want to keep in our back pocket. If we can’t find another veteran we want to bring in – and again i want to stress – there are veterans that i want to bring in dunbar sounds like he may come back i’m hearing a lot of buzz around dunbar and i’m hearing a lot of buzz around Antonio brown there’s some stuff flying around on instagram that indicate that ab may very well be coming to seattle in the very very near future, and we would probably need to move wilson’s money around in order to make that happen so i’m still down for that.

But the fact that we now have this additional flexibility is powerful and i’m really excited to see what this team decides to do with it. Are they going to restructure wilson at all um and by the way we still don’t know what poona ford’s cap hit is going to be? It could be less than this that could give us even more flexibility. Um al woods might have his cap hits spread out. Even more than i’m, currently imagining it might be a million and a half in 2021, so there’s still some room to increase your draft pool cap there’s still some room to move some uh a couple hundred grand around here and there in order to clear extra space And i got ta say man as somebody who has doubted john schneider a lot in the past he’s doing a really good job this off season. I have reservations around the al woods deal. I have reservations around the tyler locket deal, but i can’t say either. Move is just terrible. I just have questions but other than those two things he’s been knocking it out of the park, and i got ta give credit where credit is due. So, with that i’m gon na get out of here, peace out go hawks once again headline from this video carlos dunlap’s cap, hit in 2021 is 2.9 million dollars hell of a deal for a number one pass, rusher all right. Another video coming later today keep an eye out for it and i’m out of here.

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