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A seattle does not like to do that in general yeah, but if you don’t, restructure wilson’s contract this year does make him easier to trade next season, yeah i’m, just throwing that out there well, because if they traded him this year, the cap hit would be like 36 million dollars yeah somewhere in the neighborhood extra seven on top of what they were already paying him, yes, which is gross you don’t, want to do that so yeah. If russell wilson is unhappy with the situation in seattle, you know what’s going to make him even more pissed off. If you say hey ross, hey, can we restructure your deal? Well, i don’t think he wants to do that. I think what the question was like taking his base salary, making a signing bonus to bring his cap hit down. He still gets the same amount of money. Seattle doesn’t like doing that. No, but i i would have done it to make it easier to win right now with russ. They chose to go a different direction and it leaves open the possibility next year if things are bad again of an actual trade from jose who’s. The seahawks draft, with their second round pick, i have a dream guy, but i, but i won’t, let you chime in first. I think they need to spend some serious capital on the defensive line like they focused in that area, but i i they’re all old guys right so start, stockpiling, young talent at the defensive line.

I don’t think you can go with offensive line. I don’t think you can go wrong with offensive line either, but who’s your dream guy landon, dickerson yeah, i don’t know i love it. I have to i don’t know if he’s there i get that there’s, the injury side of it as well, but if he’s there in round two and maybe he’s on there because of the injury stuff, i am all for it. I think that would be the best possible move by by the seattle seahawks from seahawk’s corner. If the seahawks don’t make the sir boy 15 super chat, mind you, should they blow the team up i’ll? Let you take this one. First, look if you have russell wilson on the roster you’re gon na compete for the playoffs in the super bowl every single year, and i know it ended ugly for seattle. Last year they went 12 4 okay, so they got off to that hot start. There was a lull earlier on in the season and toward the end of the year they weren’t great, but we’re, still talking about a 12 4 team here with russell wilson and pete carroll. So if they don’t make the super bowl, do you blow it up? No, if you go 3 and 13 and russell wilson says i demand to be traded, because i can’t see myself being with this franchise anymore, then maybe yeah. If wilson demands to be out, i think that’s the route in which you would blow it all up.

But if you’re going to have another great season, raider season wise keep trying to win like this is your window, so i say it should not be suitable or bust for seattle. This upcoming year appreciate the super chat from big dog uh, two zero. Four: seven. Do you like the locket extension? I certainly do chase. I do too yeah. I think, look a lot of people will look at that number and they’re, like hey that’s, a high number for guaranteed money. Tyler lockett, really for the last, like three to five years, has been one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the league line up line them up in the slot. You know he can extend the field vertically as well, so i do like the contract extension. I am included agreement there and, by the way it brought down the cap pit for this upcoming season and that matters for a team that’s fairly light on draft capital so i’m, giving you guys a chance now to be a hater in the comment section you can Be mean, if you want, who do you think has been the single biggest free agency. Loser so far get your votes in for me in the live comments and if you’re watching afterwards, this is gon na, be the pinned comment on today’s video, so get the ad break here on youtube scroll on down and get your votes in from joshua a five Dollar super chat, which offensive line draft, probably should see the seahawks drafting with their first pick: dickerson quinn, miners, trey smith, wyatt davis or liam eichenberg.

I think eichenberg’s off the board, so i’ll cross him off the list there. I think they’re in pretty decent shape at guard. Um trey smith, i think, is the most likely between him and white davis to be there. I would love landon dickerson. That would be the perfect and best fit for seattle. I don’t know if he’s gon na be there if he’s not with no third round pick either. I think quinn, miners, the wisconsin white water product is definitely in play from a sports fan. Could farley fall to the second round through his back and if he did, could seattle try to get him uh it? I agree with you: it is a fantastic fit. Farley in seattle is awesome and i don’t know where farley goes. He could still go top 15.. He could end up going middle around two or even later, i don’t know it’s such a wild card. As for seattle great fit, they have no draft picks guys. It is gon na be very difficult for seattle to move up in this year’s draft because they just don’t have the assets that makes it very very difficult. Now we got some face. Masks available still ends up 75 percent off. I know the. I know the vaccines are coming around, but not everyone’s been vaccinated. You can still transmit it to you, even if you are vaccinated so help everyone out and rep. Your favorite team in the process, chatsports.

com stay safe, nfl theme face masks, are on sale for up to 75 off check the comments and the description that link right. There bottom of your screen, stay safe, it’ll, be there, so you can click and go shop. They are on sale and you’re, going to wrap your favorite team in the process as well, so go check it out today, at, stay safe, get yourself an nfl themed face mask today from the kings. It just mirrors every trade involving nfc west team and they’ve been busy this year, huh um, it’s fun. I mean they’re just making moves. Seattle, of course, with gabe jackson, arizona has been active in more free agency style moves there and, of course, niners. The mega trade with for the three picks from jesse davis are the seahawks going to make any more free agency moves, sherman wright or someone else, um seattle’s pretty tight in terms of cap space, so it is possible, but i would not get my hopes up for A big time free agent move. I think, at this point they’re pretty much done. They’Re, just gon na add a player early in the nfl draft and maybe even trade down as well from mark hey tom. How are you i’m good mark? Thank you for asking uh, which team do you think will be the most least improved after the draft happy easter week. Look out, look how happy mark is. Thank you mark. I appreciate that um in terms of like most improved after the draft i’m going to go with like who makes the most impact least improved either houston or seattle.

They don’t have the draft picks, so those two teams will have been the least improved because they just lacked draft capital, most improved. You know probably jacksonville, because they got trevor lawrence and a whole lot of picks so easy answers, but that’s the truth. The truth. For me at least the only way folks to get on these live nfl mailbags is to be subscribed and to be active in the comments section. So if you want to join us for our live, shows every monday and wednesday hit that big red button and subscribe that way, you don’t miss out again.

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