Joe Biden, Gun control Drop Executive Actions on Gun Control Thursday, Here's what I Expect

This is the tiges number four love this thing: man, uh series d, great cigar cuban uh, also johnny walker for a fifth is 97 down here – should have brought my own so anyway. What are we talking about today? We’Re talking about uncle joe’s executive actions – and this comes to us by the way, a politico binding to unveil long awaited executive actions on guns and for everybody who was being uh critical of the semantics executive orders versus executive actions. You know my condolences, i’m. So sorry, the announcement i expected for thursday comes a bit of a spate of high profile shootings, as some advocates have grown frustrated in the white house’s delay. President joe bond has expected to unveil a long way to package a package of executive actions to curb gun violence. I want to know exactly what he’s going to do that will help curb gun violence. Are you going after gang bangers? Are you going after people who shouldn’t have firearms? Are you trying to reduce uh the shootings in new jersey, the shootings in uh chicago new york? No, not really. What he’s trying to do is he’s just going to take away our ability to and our rights for. You and i uh people who are good mind and body to uh, prevent us from exercising our second amendment and that not only just means uh talking about our right to bear arms, but also our right to bear the arms of choice.

Am i right, or am i wrong leave your comments down below the announcement comes nearly three months into abundance. Tournament offices delayed that a frustrated action was who wanted the president to fill a campaign pledge to take action on gun violence on his first day in office. Well, i’ll tell you what he did on his first day at office. He killed a bunch of jobs, good union jobs, if all union guys out there that actually voted for joe biden. Shame on you and if you don’t like that comment, let me know why down below uh so because i’m sure he’s going to have all those green new deal jobs waiting on you all those people in west virginia who are sitting there waiting for those green new Deal jobs binding will direct administration to begin the process requiring buyers of so called ghost guns, homemade amenities of firearms – that lack serial numbers to undergo background checks. Okay, jackasses, here you go! So what are you gon na do? Well, you know we’d really like it. If you guys that bought those things a little while ago, you could go, do a background check, put a serial number on it, so we can track you, no white house players expected to join the at the event by attorney general merrick garland, who we all know Is a piece of pos we’re in an anti gun world? Other executive actions remain unclear, but stakeholders have speculated the president could announce speculations on concealed assault, style, firearms, otherwise known as ar pistols.

Ak pistols that kind of thing what’s he gon na do there? Is it gon na require all of a sudden? We have to go out and uh get a 200 tag stamp to make turn those things into sbrs. I had a good friend of mine, mr jb razer uh. He said something to that effect not too long ago. To me and i’m hoping he’s not right, but i bet you that’s the direction they’re going to try to do executive action, guys. Look it up. What is the definition of an executive action versus an executive order? Uh because i don’t have time i’m on vacation i’m sitting there getting ready to have a cigar drinking some coffee, more than 100 house democrats spread to divide last week, urging him to take action on conceal sauce style firearms, which is similar to the one used in Colorado shooting whatever at what point in time. If somebody used the revolver going into to do this kind of stuff, are you then going to turn around and say? Oh, we got to get rid of those assault, result revolvers or if somebody uses a bolt action rifle and an event to do some type of sniper. Oh, we got to get rid of all those high powered deer rifles. I mean i mean sniper rifles, no matter what they do. They will continue to try and take our rights away from us. Every single time, don’t give an inch uh yeah let’s, do that hashtag don’t give an inch that’s one word: okay, all the way across hashtag hashtag don’t give an inch um uh.

One other announcement biden could make on thursday. Is the introduction of his nominee of the director of bureau and alcohol, tobacco and firearms? This will be interesting to see who he does a point to that position, because that individual is going to pay a heavy roll but watch what happens it’s going to be an individual who has no idea what firearms are because that’s? What democrats did not just? I know there’s some democrats out here – i’m, not making fun of you guys, i’m, just making fun of the lifelong democrats who don’t have a game to play in buying such a jackass as a hypocrite uh. The atf has mostly acted director since the position – yada yada yada, okay, in response to criticism from the gun, control advocacy grips that his administration has moved to slowly. What do they want us? What did they do so go out there and go? Oh, we want all this. We want these bands, we want this and this and this guys what they’re? Looking for these gun control, advocacy groups don’t understand that what their wish list will entail is a civil and that’s exactly right. What they want will create such a volatile environment that i almost wish it would happen, so we can go ahead and get it out of the way, because this jackass anyway let’s go wait. A minute hold on got ta refresh the screen here. Button is likely to make some the same point on thursday.

In addition expressing support for bills to expand background checks, uh let’s see uh loophole. It allows the gun to be transferred from the license. He also is likely to push for legislation to keep guns away from people believed to be a danger to themselves or others, as well as a ban on assault, weapons and high capacity magazines no way so anyway, uh the white house declined to comment, but a senior Administration official recently confirmed the white house was wrapping up their actions and can announce them in a series of stages. Oh, we love stages by the expected announcement to come as gun sales have skyrocketed amid the european debit quarantines that’s right joe what’s happening right now. Is people are taking their little cms checks and they’re going out and buying ammo and guns that’s? Why they’re off the shelves dumbass, because people are worried that you are going to take away their second amendment rights, get a shotgun and, first of all joe. Do me a favor quit whispering to me i’m, not a child and a sure, ain’t your wife. The administration has been working hard from day one to pursue actions to reduce gun violence, blah blah. We understand the urgency. No one understands the urgency more than the president and are looking forward to rolling out some initial action as we can yada yada yada. The white house has held several meetings on gun violence with prominent groups, none of which were the goa or, i hate to say, the nra or the virginia citizens defensively pushing for anti for gun restrictions, community based groups and survivors of gun violence.

The meeting was led by susan rice, because you know susan rice is a real honest person. Community based groups, cheered biden’s decision to include five billion dollars for community violence prevention programs. Now what that meant? He donated money to all these groups, so they could continue to do things like. Oh, i don’t know flag videos, uh or do flags of videos on youtube which pretty much shuts our youtube channels down. This is what happens guys with the investment of our doc. Our federal tax dollars, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build an infrastructure of peace to heal and disrupt cycles of violence, set a coalition of community groups dubbed fund peace that pushed for funding. What the hell ever, are these people they’re not down in the streets, trying to do anything in baltimore d.c, where the violence is happening? No, what they’re doing is oh let’s, take johnny’s uh assault weapon that he bought last week at a gun, show because he’s not to be trusted, that’s exactly what’s, getting ready to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, i know i’m getting along with it. On this one uh, the senate is even less than democratic, split 50 50 igor volsky executive director of advocate group guns down america guns down. America said he hoped biden would unveil a comprehensive plan that includes regulation, executive actions, funding and a strategy to get legislation through congress, yeah that’s called bans through congress. The president didn’t just run on executive actions.

When it comes to gun violence. Folks, you say he promised to put forth a robust. He did robust comprehensive plan for reducing gun violence, given the violence he inherited. We have expected him to live up to this promise. What the hell does that mean? He inherited uh guys. This is it. What this idiot is gon na do is he’s gon na lay out a bunch of crap he’s gon na try to move forward with a bunch of stupid things and eventually what’s getting ready to happen is uh. We are going to have to put a foot down and i’m looking forward to it: scatterboard 32 i’m on vacation, my wife’s right here beside me and uh that’s. It y’all be good. Let me know what your thoughts are down below, but i had to address this tomorrow should be interesting and we’ll be keeping a watch on it uh we always end up like this. God bless america, goddesses men and women in uniform 24 7 for our freedoms. For you, it’s not free to talk about the men and women in uniform who are going to be called upon by us patriots to enforce the constitution, to reduce and limit the government and their powers when they call it the power grabs ko132.

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Joe Biden, Gun control Will Issue Anit-Gun Executive Orders Soon: What You Need To Know