Joe Biden, Gun control Will Issue Anit-Gun Executive Orders Soon: What You Need To Know

So you can understand what’s happening here. So it says, biden will direct the administration to begin the process of requiring buyers of so called ghost guns, homemade or makeshift firearms that lack serial numbers to undergo background checks. According to three people who have spoken to the white house about the plans, so what’s a ghost gun well, this is one example of a ghost gun, so this is a non serialized firearm and i could very easily build it out into a non serialized functioning firearm. So this ships straight to your door – and you have to do some milling and put the holes in there where the holes need to be those sorts of things to get it to actually function correctly, but again that ships straight to your door with no background check There are a number of different variants of this. One thing to consider, though, is that there’s we don’t know if this is going to be retroactive or not, since the dawn of america, americans have always always there’s, never been an exception to this been able to make their own firearms. So you know you can’t ban, forges you can’t ban a 3d printer which nowadays people 3d print way more guns than they do. Purchase 80 kits like this. One would be, for example, so not sure how that’s going to work out and obviously they don’t know who has what so, how they’re going to enforce that. I have no idea, but maybe we will find out tomorrow.

So that is the one thing that they say they are going to go for for sure and make people go through background checks, not sure if that will hold up to judicial scrutiny, because again it’s completely legal always has been for americans to make their own guns. As long as they don’t sell them to anybody else, i don’t see that one standing up, but the problem with executive actions is that they last until they’re overturned. So just obviously recently bump stocks were overturned um, but that took what years right. So these things that president biden is proposing could lead to a very similar situation. Unfortunately, um helicopters are coming let’s, let it pass, hopefully the helicopter’s far enough away now that it’s not getting picked up by my microphone. So the next paragraph goes on. Other executive actions remain unclear, but advocates who have been in touch with the white house have speculated the president could announce regulations on quote concealed assault style, firearms prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners, alerts to law enforcement agencies when a Potential buyer fails a background, check and federal guidance guidance being the word on home storage safety measures, so let’s knock those out real quick. So what is a concealed assault? Style? Firearm? Your guess is as good as mine, but this is my guess. My guess is pistols pistols with braces, so my guess is they’re going to try to do something about braces for those who are new to firearms.

This is not a stock. This is a brace meant to stabilize the gun. Should you shoot it one handed and um? If it was a stock, this would be a short barrel rifle which is regulated under the national fire impact. But is this what they’re going to go for? I don’t know i would say conservative estimate right now: um there are easily 10 million or more of those types of firearms in america uh. Would the owners overnight become felons? Would that be a grandfather clause? We have no idea right now. It kind of is what it is. Unfortunately, moving on prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners. The vast majority of those cases they’re already prohibited. There are some exceptions so, whether or not they’re going to tighten that who knows don’t know alerts to law enforcement agencies when a potential buyer fails a background check so first off, i don’t think there should be background checks. Personally, i do believe that’s an infringement but um. That said, if they’re going to have that – and it is a crime to eye on it which it is um, then they’re not even prosecuting those. Now, like i’ll, put up the percentage here of the last year that we have on record of prosecutions, but it is a small percentage that they even look into never mind prosecute. Why they’re going to notify law enforcement? I don’t know again: law enforcement is notified already.

Are they just adding another layer? No idea doesn’t make any sense and again, if they’re not even prosecuting what’s the point um and then also people are lying on them all. The time which is a crime like hunter biden, for example, lied on his and they’re, not doing anything about that either, and how are they going to check that versus somebody who actually fails it versus somebody who lies and passes? No idea makes no sense. It is convoluted to say the least, and then federal guidance on home storage safety measures and tell people how to store their guns in their own houses. Good luck with that! No one’s gon na follow that i can pretty much tell you that right now, any you know reasonable adult will make the call for their house based on whether or not they have small children, whether or not they don’t etc. No one’s going to fire follow those rules uh and again they would just be perhaps if it goes through. Turning regular lawn abiding americans who want no problems want no trouble are causing trouble to no one um to become criminals overnight. Should these things go through? Obviously they’re all unconstitutional – hopefully they would all get overturned eventually, but unfortunately there’s that gap where things have to work themselves out in the legal system. So obviously uh go ahead. Contact all of your senators house representatives. There will be a list of down below in the video description on how to contact them links.

I should say, and then contact the white house as well telling them that anything like this is completely absurd and the american people will not stand for it and uh that’s what i got for you. Hopefully nothing comes out tomorrow, but if something does i will put up a video, letting you guys know what’s going on and then what to do next on that front, so that’s it guys thanks for watching. I truly appreciate it.

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