Masters Tournament, 2021, PGA TOUR he Masters 2021: Justin Thomas opens up about two-month journey through adversity

Is able to kind of put that behind him, got a big victory and arrives here on the very short list of favorites sat down with jeff darlington recently to talk about that? The challenges of putting that in the past, as we were just talking about with dj and about focusing on what he hopes so desperately to do and that’s become a masters champion. I just remember i was so down on myself. I was so helpless. It’S, like it doesn’t, make sense i’m, not any good. I feel like i’m, not a good person. I feel like everything, that’s good can happen in my family isn’t over the last two months. For the first time in his career, justin thomas was searching. It wasn’t. The journey that i wanted it wasn’t how i would have wanted to get there, but at the end of the day, i’m i’m a grown up, and i need to figure out what am i going to do to improve from it to get better from it to Just become a better person, it started with an incident on january 9th when thomas set an anti gay slur that was picked up by microphones at the century tournament of champions. Obviously i was upset with myself, but i was just embarrassed because that’s that’s, just not who i am when you sit in bed sleepless so many nights like you, get down some deep, deep wormholes of thoughts and things and and then, when i started thinking about my Parents and – and i just didn’t – want anybody’s reflection of them to be.

You know altered because of what i did, because that is not in any way shape or form how they raised me. You said you wanted to be better as a person. How do you feel like, in the past two months, you’ve been able to manifest that i’ve worked on it? I mean i’ve had some really really really uncomfortable conversations with with some different people. Um i’ve i’ve read a lot i’ve watched a lot. I mean i just any time for me, and i don’t know enough about something, and at least i want to know more about it. I just try to educate myself. That was just an area that i felt like i clearly hadn’t done, any educational work and hadn’t um and hadn’t worked on so because of the situation that i put myself in, i was now in a spot where i’m able to educate myself and learn more and Have really uncomfortable conversations which are now not as uncomfortable but that’s, a part of it. His regret was soon joined by hardik justin thomas playing with a heavy heart, as he tries to win again on the pga tour on the morning of february 7th. Before the final round began in phoenix justin learned, his grandfather, paul thomas, had passed away. I was juggling the the two emotions of of obviously being so upset that he was gone, but i also wanted to play well for him, so bad it’s, already such a tough game when that was added to it.

I didn’t care. I really didn’t when i was out there. I just was like i want to get done with this round. Thomas says he was feeling the stress spilled off the course and on it. So, on the evening of february 23rd, he planned to seek advice from a close friend tiger woods. I knew tiger had a shoot on monday and tuesday in l.a, so i was going to wait until he got done with that and i was going to reach out to him tuesday night and be like hey dude. Just let me know when you get back home like i just want to call you i’m, not in a good place, and i just need to talk. The talk would have to wait. Breaking news coming out of the state of california tiger woods was involved in a serious car accident. I was just like when is stuff going to stop going so bad this year. Emotionally. I was a wreck on the golf course which i i hate i mean. I hate when i’m, taking my anger out either on jimmy my caddy or just like, or anybody around me or just like i’m, very, very irritable. You know it’s just like when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It was like every day Music as thomas arrived at the players championship last month, something changed. Maybe it was the inspiration of his grandfather’s memory. Maybe it was merely time.

Maybe it was a conversation. Thomas eventually had with the recovering woods Music. What kind of hit home for me is when things aren’t going well, he’s like you need to go figure it out, he’s, like no offense to your dad, no offense to your caddy he’s, like you need to go out by yourself, you’re a grown man and go Figure it out, is he talking about golf there, or is he talking about life? Golf okay, but golf for us is life, so i guess it could be both that weekend, thomas found his groove. He earned his first win of the season and a boost of confidence heading to augusta. It was the first time i’ve felt like myself on the golf course again that week, i think a lot of it as weird as it is had to do with the fans them being back. Having that feeling that adrenaline, that the just wave of emotions and the support it was so great to have again, how much would you love to win the masters for your family, for your grandfather for you, i can’t really put it into words. I would love to call you monday morning and tell you how it feels, but no, it would be incredible.

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