Masters Tournament, 2021, PGA TOUR K21 – The Masters 2021 Par 3 Contest

Pga. Tour. 2K. 21, live here on a channel, so it is the build up to the masters weekend and what’s a better way to start things off by playing the wednesday night holes by the miguel grande. Sadly, there’s actually no powerfully contest at augusta this weekend due to covert, but we are going to be taking a look at this course. We will be leaving everything at default, as always, fairways are normal. Greens are normal. Green speed is medium fast time of day. Is morning weather is like clyde now it actually did start the round with the default settings which was noon, but it was far too bright. So we have changed it to morning and we are playing from the green teas, which are playing 106 yards. But i do always love watching the par 3 contest on the wednesday before the first round of the masters, but, like i said sadly this year, due to covert the par three contest has been postponed. So hopefully this round does satisfy your itch for it. So we do have a little pitching wedge into this first green, that wind is going to hold us up, not altering this pitching shot at all, not a bad swing, slight slope i’m, not sure if we’re going to catch this slope, that’s right in the pin it’s Trying hard to make its way down towards the flagstick just on up short right there, but we do have a putt for an opening, birdie, 11 foot, putt four inches down all green speed is one five, eight, but my swing and my swing timing at the moment.

Guys is i just i don’t know what to expect each time my tee off, i really don’t, so this could be either really really good or really really bad, hopefully it’s the really really good stuff. But we do kick things off with a part and we move on to hole number two. This is a very short shot. I am actually gon na have to pitch this one. We do have the sandwich anything left at his pin and it does look like it’s gon na filter all the way down towards the flagstick good swing, but it’s a slight fast 98. This should really turn hard right, though. If it does stop – and i will take that all day long with it – the pitch shot on the master difficulty and surely we are going to get our first birdie of the round which we do and we do move to one under through two holes. There are a few par three contest courses out there, but i thought we would give miguel grande another new designer showcased on the channel. Give him some good exposure so far, really good course, but we’re really going to have to go full off full backspin and a little bit of partial on this lob wedge, try and land it right. Next to the pin and generate a lot of spin. We got the powershell really good swingline, but a tiny fast, but we should really get a lot of spin coming back off this wedge.

Nowhere near as much as i expected, the greens don’t seem very receptive, but we do have a nine foot pot. Greens are really really tough. I have heard some like pundits and x pro say that the greens at the augusta par 3 are more difficult than oh that’s. A great part are more difficult and more challenging than the main course itself, but back to back birdies. We do find ourselves on the fourth t at two under part: oh really, tough, hole this one. We can try and use that slope. That’S left off the pin, but too far left it’ll filter left off the green too far right, it’s going to be in the bunker. I couldn’t have really hit it any better. This should kick right towards the flag wow. I really expected that wind to hold me up a little bit more than what it did, so we are going to be Applause facing a difficult part. Uphill 21 feet not a lot of movement in this one, but at the moment it’s just a difficulty. Keeping my pot line straight or straight ish we’ve really get a straight pot line there. That should turn it does turn, and that really is a good pot for our third consecutive birdie and we do move to 300 power, but sadly guys i am not allowed to showcase the the main event in the main course on my channel augusta national. Due to copyright infringements, but hopefully this is a a good substitute so without winning behind us i’m just going to deal off this gap edge a tiny bit, hopefully land a short in a pin, get it kicking up with a bit of speed.

Oh there’s a fast and i have pulled it. Yardage is going to be good. It should kick right actually just that slight fast and that huge pool left actually but, like i said it started around my swing line. My swing tempo is really inconsistent at the moment. I don’t know whether i’m going to shoot a 12 under or a 30 over when i step onto the the t box of courses before recording at the moment, but it’s another birdie, just gon na take a couple of practice swings here. Ah, look at that swing line, timing’s good, though that was a lot better, so let’s see if we can get this. One close, i think, we’re gon na, have to apply a fair bit of backspin here that six mile per hour, one should move us left, but anything two left of the pin and it should slope back down towards the flag, stick it’s a decent strike. We get the perfect swingline a bit iffy, but surely it sits down fairly quickly. It does and we are going to have a look at birdie from about eight feet. Oh it’s five feet way off of my yardage estimation there, but look at these putts guys a lot of swinging movement in them. Green speeds are slow as well at one five, eight that needs to turn. Oh, it does a 180 before it takes the plunge into the hole and five consecutive birdies. I did say at the start that this is going to be really really good or really really bad.

At the moment, it’s really really good. I don’t for one second believe that that’s 26 feet above my feet, so just applying good bit of backspin here and with that six mile per hour wind, we should comfortably have the yardage it’s a laser beam, tiny fast, but it should hold the green. It does sat down very very quickly. I should hold the green, i meant it should sit down quickly and we have been awarded with a simple tap in for birdie, which we do convert and we are on fire here, six consecutive birdies and we do move on to the second final hole of the Par 3 contest we’re in between clubs here that’s six mile per hour. Wind is slightly hurting me but i’m just going to go full backspin on the gap wedge. Allow that wind to turn us around and just hopefully we’ve got the right yardage here, it’s a really good swing, it’s tracking, well it’s, going to be right at it! It’S got the legs go on, get up get up. Ah, just coming up a tiny bit shorter. We really have gave ourselves a good opportunity to go low, that’s right, no moving in this at all it’s a really good pot light. We do move to seven under power through eight holes, but i could find this course being a little bit tricky if you’re not getting close to the the pins like i am 133 yards eight mile per hour wind across the water pitch and wedge, has got to Be perfect, anything left of this pin surely got a kick right, love a hole in one in this course let’s see if we can get close to it.

Ah, that is a fantastic strike. This should hopefully kick right, but really being impressed with my swing line and swing, timing, the last four or five holes, and that is really going to give us a good look at birdie. We should be finishing it eight, under par through nine holes here. What a fantastic grind we do just about, convert that birdie putt and that is going to be a 19 8 under par on the par 3 contest. But what a fantastic start to the masters week for me on the wednesday par 3 contest. But that is it for today’s video guys. I will leave you with the rhyme stats. If you did like this video, please leave a like if you are new to the channel, hit the subscribe button and until the next video take care, peace out and love.

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