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This is our tournament preview for the 2021 masters. Thank you, everybody for the support to the 2021 season so far. This is our first major. If you are a subscriber hit that thumbs up and continue to support us, we really appreciate it. You know if you’ve watched a couple videos you haven’t yet subscribed just go down. Take that moment right now subscribe to our channel we’re gon na make that final push to a thousand subscribers. We think we might be able to get it done for the masters. All that support would we really really appreciate craig. This is our rapid fire tournament. For you, we’ve done a couple of those two hour long ones. We did the a to z, player guide. We did the players or the picks previews and predictions. This is rapid fire, yeah we’re gon na we’re gon na be under two hours for sure um. I would even venture to say we’re gon na be under an hour, but you know we’ll just have to wait and see. We’Ll see. Okay. This is the 85th edition of the masters. I mean it’s april it’s, the masters it’s great for golf fans with the masters. Obviously we do have the limited field for this major 90 players in the field top 50 and ties make the cut. You know it used to be with if you’re within 10 of the leader you make the cup announces top 50 and ties the winner does receive lifetime, invite uh two future masters.

You know that’s kind of one of the cool features of winning the green jacket. Is you get to come back for life yeah, although i think they have changed that and they they make it? So you can’t necessarily come back for life it’s like once, you’re no longer necessarily relevant in golf and like can’t, really get around the course. I think that you kind of gently get pushed out the door, but you’re still invited to come, participate in the weekend and it’s cool for the golf fans to see those those. You know. 80S champions come back and play uh 40 years later, almost uh i mean we have the covet changes with the november masters. There’S still a few in plays no par 3 contest on the wednesday, and we will have limited patrons to this event. Craig looking at previous winners, obviously dj ran away with that november masters with a record breaking 20. Then we had tiger woods: patrick reed, sergio garcia, danny willett, jordan, spieth golden boy, jordan spieth, who just won at the valero texas, open and bubba watson rounds out. Our recent winners – yeah – i mean you know i feel like there’s – not a whole lot about the masters people don’t already know. So i think we can be brief on the quick, hitters uh we’ll jump over to augusta national, which again people probably already know this stuff, but we’ll give it to you in case you don’t real, quick.

Most people do know this akasa georgia augusta national. It is augusta national, where the masters is held every single year opened in 1932. It has hosted the masters since 1934, designed by bobby jones and aleister mckenzie allison mckenzie. If you don’t know him he’s one of the most famous golf arctic architects of all time, he is designed uh royal melbourne as well as cypress point and, of course, augusta nationals. So i mean we all know this course pretty well, yeah, 72, an interesting guy! I mean a physician uh. He he left practicing medicine. You know served in world war, one i could go on and on, but as adam was not gon na. Let me because we do have to keep this one shorter uh, but aleister mckenzie, maybe i’ll do a whole video on him. One day i like it, i like it. Okay, craig tell us who has the best history here, who are the horses for courses? Okay, so so top five horses for courses what i looked at here, you know i tried to look at people who had longer history, so you know there’s some people who maybe have five stars or less that uh. You know that they they have shown to be very good, but maybe like a john rom, for example, he’s been very good, but he only has i want to say four or five starts uh. So top of the list i’ve got jordan spieth. He has the least amount of starts of the five guys i’m.

Looking at here, seven starts, but six times, he’d been he’s been tied for 21st or better uh, four top threes. Everyone knows he. He won this back in 2015 and he has a couple runners up. So jordan, spieth uh, i think he’s got to be the clearest horse, for course uh as long as tiger woods is not teeing it up. So next up dj dustin johnson 10 starts he’s got five straight top tens coming in that. That is not five straight tournaments. With top tens, because everyone or, as you may or may not know he had to miss, it was a i believe, 2017 when he had to miss after falling down the stairs when he was number one in the world. But he has been six or better four times and uh. You know he was the 2020 winner. I think he just he really needs to get that april masters, though i mean the 2020 edition, maybe there’s i mean there’s no asterisks, i don’t even get into that. I mean he’ll have a couple decades to do it. Yeah justin rose third on the list. First guy, without a win on on my list here, 15 starts he’s been in the top 25 12 times in those 15 starts. So just you know an absolute model of consistency. He does not have a win, but he was runner up in 2015 and 2017 when he lost. I know you’re gon na get this one.

He lost in a play off to sergio come on yeah there you go, yeah justin rose kind of. Let that one get away from him. The sergio masters probably should have been a justin rose masters, but hey that’s. What happens? Got ta close down the stretch on sunday yeah question marks about his health this year, so let’s see how that yeah for history. Hopefully he is able to come out here and compete um next up, rory, uh rory and the masters i mean a whole novel could be written on this. One he’s got 12 starts top 10 in six of his last seven starts um. You know his potential potentially his best showing through three rounds. Uh is is not one we talk about because that was 2011 when he shot an 80 on the closing day, but but things are getting better. I think at the masters for rory and it’s just a matter of time. I think we all hope until we see him break through last step. Lee westwood 19 career starts. He has a career strokes, gain average of almost two he’s got 1.94 strokes gained per round over 19 rounds or sorry, 19 um start so 19 tournaments of the masters from 20 from 2008 to 2016. He was top 11 in seven of nine, so he was just you know: he’s been peppering this leaderboard for a long time, uh his his overall averages are up there for people who you know maybe have four or five start so it’s, just a model consistency, and He is playing the best golf we’ve seen him play in some time, so an interesting horse, for course.

There absolutely, i think, that’s a pretty controversial list craig, if you think so as well. Leave it in the comments who should be on that list. There’S three non winners in that list. I can’t believe that kind of how you structured that, but hey it’s your list to me it’s my list. I get to make it. How i want yeah, you, you got something to say, say it below for sure there’s, a few names i think deserve to be on that list. Uh some former winners, but hey you. Let us know all right next up. What are you gon na talk about the guys coming in hot, coming in good recent form? You know i was making this on sunday. As of valero. Texas was uh unfolding jordan. Spieth is number one. He was number one even before the win uh, but he got that win at the texas open prior to that craig five top 15s in his previous six tournaments, like he’s, just been playing really well now, just real quick, i wouldn’t qualify. This is for them, so these are people you’re talking about for how they have. You know for jordan’s speech. He is playing very well um. It doesn’t necessarily mean you think he is playing the best golf of anyone in the world yeah. You know dj’s not on here those guys jt’s going on here, there’s a few guys that you know bryson’s on on here and hey, maybe there’s some comments below that.

You need to make for me but i’m going to tell you it’s more, like momentum, momentum for sure uh. That includes for jordan’s piece at t3 at the pebble beach uh fourth place at waste management in fourth place at arnold palmer, so he’s just collecting those top fives now has that win number two scotty sheffler number two with the dell match play as well, but prior To that he did miss a cut for the players. You know that was i. I was gon na move him down the list, but a lot of people missed the cut at the players. One miss cut. You know doesn’t disqualify you before that he was fifth at the wgc at concession seventh at waste management, three top sevens in his last four tournaments, so not just kind of top 20s top sevens in his last four tournaments. That’S, really really good. Now model of con consistency is matt fitzpatrick, just matt don’t call me matthew, fitzpatrick don’t call him matthew, he’s, coming with six straight top twenties, including a fifth at riviera uh, despite not getting out of the match, but you know hard hard. Pull there match play was really hard it’s hard to make this list with that match plate because it kind of seems like a miscut, but you know not getting out of the out of the pool doesn’t disqualify you yeah next up john rom. This is a guy. I mean he might be the highest ranked of all these guys on the list.

This might be the best golfer of all these guys on the list, but he’s just playing so well this season he doesn’t have a win, but he has seven top tens in nine tournaments. You know he’s gon na pop soon, if it’s, not at augusta, it’s gon na be soon seven top tens in the last nine tournaments and number one, and i would say, with john rom too there’s like life things like i, i would have him at number one On this list you know he’s winning in life right now, yeah for sure number five. So i left off bryson i left off paul casey. I left off billy horschel. This is a little controversial but like he said, this is for them matt coocher out of nowhere. In the match, play came out, got third of the match. Play you know did really well there. He was when i was writing the snow he’s. Currently, the top 10 at the valero texas, open matt kuchar, just out of nowhere for this pga season, has come back and, of course, that he has played really well over his career. So matt kucha comes in at number five yeah. I was a little bit surprised with kucher. I thought it was just going to be sort of. We saw a flash at the match play with a form that that really suits his game, but he played well uh at the texas open. So i think that is a very, very interesting one to have on there.

Okay, i am up again here i’m, going with our first look: projections uh the grandstand golf model. So if this is your first time watching essentially uh what we do is we look at strokes gained in every year of the masters over the last 10 years, all of the players for the previous year and a half two years going into that tournament. How that predicted, the outcomes in that tournament so and then what we do. We use that as the baseline and we apply that to everyone going in this year. So it’s it’s sort of like a long term form who do we predict, is going to do well. Based on long term form – and interestingly, you were telling me that some tournaments seem to be more predictive than others and this one craig yeah. So this one is very predictive uh, some some courses, you could essentially throw you know, throw a dart at the wall and see whoever it lands on uh, but this one does seem to show a higher correlation. The the strokes gain stats coming in are more predictive of success than other courses uh, so so top of the list – justin thomas, you know i i don’t think we need to go much more in depth on that. One he’s been playing really good golf for for quite a while now uh and and approach play his putter has been better. Now we saw him struggle with the putter a little bit last summer, but his potter’s gotten better, so he he is uh nipping at his heels, though xander schofley yeah zander’s game is very complete uh.

He he does everything you might see a little bit of a skew on this list towards putting an approach play sure and i think i think, xander’s a much better putter than we give him credit for as a top player in the world and another one like That is webb simpson. You know, he’s he’s mastered that arm, lock, putter, uh and and approach play. We know. He’S he’s shown that for quite a while how he is an elite approach play um. The one thing that that web lacks a bit that i do not capture very well necessarily by itself is driving distance and so the way that our model works. It just looks at strokes gain off the t. It does not. You know it does not differentiate between accuracy and distance, so that may be something to to cause a little bit of skepticism and pump the brakes, but as adam adam is not pumping the brakes on web, so we’ll get into that later, yeah for sure. Next up bryson d, shambo um bryson, i mean he’s just killing it he’s topped the stroke scene total so far for the 2020 2021 season, so obviously he’s doing well in individual categories uh. But him and john rom, i think, are two obvious ones to be on the top of this list: uh yeah yeah. I really like seeing webb simpson coming to number three. You know we did our masters preview podcast, which you can watch on youtube, and he was my pick to win he’s my outright selection at 40 to one um.

I didn’t think that he only averages about 293 off the t. You usually that kind of disqualifies you from you know previous masters winners, at least in the recent history. So i like seeing web up there. I, like it yeah a lot of interesting names and and there’s a there’s, a lot of interesting names that just miss this. Like uh 2020 winner, for example, yeah for sure, okay, that leads us to the most interesting man in the field. You know maybe a couple hours ago this might have changed with jordan spieth, winning the texas open but i’m picking jon rom, because you know up until sunday we didn’t know if john rahm was going to be in the masters he had the baby watch uh. So the last point there he did welcome his baby boy, kepka kappa i’m, not sure exactly yeah, i don’t think it’s brooks kepka. I think it’s kept up but i’m, not not entirely sure. I don’t think he named him after brooks i’m, not sure about it. I don’t think so uh on april 3rd, so he will for sure be in the masters, and why do i like john roms, so you know i think he should have been on your horses or courses. His record at augusta is outstanding. Four appearances, t27. Fourth, t9th t7th his stroke scene, total average per round, is 2.71 that’s top five all time all time, he’s one of the best players to i mean get out of augusta.

I think a green jacket is coming. It might not be this year, but he really plays well at this course and then finally, kenya, as he talked about with the uh grandson golf model, his season has been really outstanding. 11 tournaments played 10 top 25s seven top tens he’s. Second, in the pga and stroking td, green at plus one point: six, seven, just a really really really small season out there yet yeah and i think one of the things uh at this. You know the the calendar year change from 2020 to 2021. He went through the equipment change, he moved from taylormade to callaway and a lot of people sort of anticipated. He might struggle for a little bit, but he has continued on uh fairly unfazed. By that, i think there might have been a hiccup for maybe a couple holes at the start of one round, but he seems to have taken it in stride and he’s playing great golf yeah exactly and finally, craig it’s time for a way way way too early Weather forecast, but i mean i got some sound it’s relevant this week. Yeah it is relevant this week. You know for thursday, friday saturday we got the thunderstorms, thunderstorms, thunderstorms. You know this could all change really quickly, but as golf fans, i think we all need to be a little bit prepared for delays. You know stoppage mid round. I don’t know what exactly there is rain. It looks like throughout the week so firm and fast, which is i mean what everyone’s been saying this year is going to play, like maybe it’s, not that firm and fast.

Although we know the gusset, they can suck that area or those yeah, they can suck the moisture out of there um, but that also could be if they sort of anticipated, that they may have some precipitation they might be making it even firmer, so that once if Precipitation comes they’ve, already sort of accounted for that and, and the course can can take some of that up uh, but no very interesting. I think i think it’s something to keep an eye on if you’re planning to skip work on thursday or friday, maybe keep a little bit of flexibility in the schedule. Yeah exactly maybe just work from home, maybe keep next monday open just in case yeah exactly well. Thank you everybody for watching. That is our masters 2021 tournament preview.

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