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He had an unbelievable performance at the arnold palmer invitational and at the masters. He’S actually never missed the cut here in his appearances, but he also never got inside the top 20.. He quite a strange tournament last year. In 2020, where he was very confident but didn’t end up finishing as well as he wanted to now, though he’s playing the best form of his life, but there are still some problems with his game, and that is just for augusta with augusta national. He has no green running book and it seems that he can’t really overpower it, because augusta national can show its teeth if it wants to since bryce and shower made his master’s debut. He ranks 70th out of 78 players with 10 or more rounds in strokes gained. Putting he has six in strokes gained off the tee 11th in tita green, but not very good in putting so verdict for this bryson dechambeau an unbelievable player one of the best in the world, but is this game suited to augusta? We don’t think so now. Moving on to one of everyone’s favorite players on tour is rory mcelroy, and he is one of the best players at augusta. Over the last seven years, he’s had a top 10 in six of his last seven appearances at augusta and he’s. Actually, a top five in three of those as well. He absolutely loves orgasm, arguably, should have at least one green jacket, most notably in 2011.

. However, his form since the pandemic started is faltering. He is now down to 11th in the world rankings and he has had no win for 18 months. People say that mentally this could be the problem that he’s just gone mental game and it’s not there, but his putting and short game has really let him down. This season, his strokes again putting his 104th and his strokes gained around the green is 85th still, though he loves augusta and in the last five years, he’s in the top five in birdie’s maid. But what we would say is our verdict is wait till after round one because roy mccrory in majors since 2015, he’s 28 over, but in rounds two to four 56 under so let’s, wait until round one and see how well rory plays now let’s go on to The number one player in the world and the number one player for the last several years is dustin johnson. The tailor made staff professional and an absolute bomber. He is the world number one, and also the number one favorite here augusta having blown the field away by some considerable distance last year, breaking more or less every single record he’s finished in the top 10 of the masters in his last five appearances, so clearly, he’s In his groove he loves augusta and if he’s on top of his game, he will be there come sunday. The problem is in his last three finishes: he’s actually failed to register a top 25, and it seems that he’s slightly out of form which for dj, we haven’t said for quite some time, most know to be off the tee and putting is his poorest areas in These last three starts and he was supposed to play the valero texas open, but he had a sudden withdrawal early on the week, which is strange.

He did commit to it the friday previous, which seems that maybe he’s not quite settled with his game verdict for this. Although i’m saying that maybe he’s not the top of his game, dj will be there come sunday. If he’s got 75 of his game, he will be there come sunday, so he’s definitely one to watch. And finally, last but not least, is jordan spieth, mr augusta. The man who, from 2015 to 2019, made 17 more birdies than any other player. He absolutely loves it around here and arguably should have many more green jackets than he currently possesses. He now is in the form of his life, and that is such a great thing to say for everyone who loves jordan spieth. He won last week at the valero texas, open and from that he is now the third favorite for the bookies last week. He said he was not in it on top of his game, but he gained 12 strokes on the field from tita. Green spieth is second all time in stroke’s game total per round at the masters among players with 20 more rounds. The only player who’s beating him is ben hogan and he’s first in scoring average all time in that group. If he has any form – and i mean any form that he possesses for at the masters or over the last month or two, he will win the masters. We’Re saying that a golf magic right now, so our verdict from all of these players, including jordan, spieth jordan, love the house on him, jordan, spieth.

If he has any form, he knows how to win now, and he is the one to watch and he is the one who i think will be putting on that green jacket come the end of sunday. I hope you guys have enjoyed this video. Let me know what you guys think as to who’s going to win the masters out of these four players.

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