York County, Rock Hill, Mass shooting Dr. Robert Lesslie, wife & 2 grandkids killed in shooting

This morning, in rock hill, a story we’ve been following for hours here on wcnc charlotte and overnight, we’ve learned the names of five people shot to death, including a beloved local doctor, his wife, two grandkids as well. The york county sheriff’s office says they were called to the scene on marshall road. Just before 5 pm last night york, county officials also say a sixth person was shot there in the hospital with serious injuries. Now there’s a lot to unpack this morning and we will get to uh richard vane down there in york, county kind of in just a few minutes. But first we want to verify for you what we know at this hour and what we frankly do not know at this hour and first things. First, our sources: this is where we’re getting all our information from as of this morning. Anything we tell you is coming from these two entities: the coroner down there in york county, as well as the sheriff’s department. We know five people killed, including two kids, the victim’s, dr robert leslie who’s, also a well known author, written something like a dozen books as well, his wife and two grandkids, a fifth victim person working there at the house. As i mentioned just moments ago, a sixth victim in the hospital – we don’t know that person’s condition. At this point, i want to know what we know at this point that that uh suspect has been identified according to york, county uh, sheriff’s office, but but keep in mind here.

They’Re also saying no threat to the public two interesting statements, and we want to help you walk through what this means. They say that, yes, they know who the suspect is, and yes, that person is no longer a threat to you or your family, but what we don’t know in these two statements, if that person’s in custody, if that person’s being questioned, if that person has passed, perhaps There’S a lot we don’t know between those two statements. So again we don’t know the status of that suspect and perhaps most importantly, this morning we don’t know a motive carolyn. So we go to wake up. Charlotte’S richard devane, who joins us, live from york county richard it’s, sending shockwaves. We know this throughout the community there this morning, absolutely correct carolyn. Everyone who knew dr leslie or any of his family members are shocked. Devastated upset at what happened: an elderly couple, dr les, and his wife, barbara snatched as they’re in their golden years. Also, their two grandchildren killed two of their grandchildren killed because they had more than two of their grandchildren, but at the house those two children were at the house killed before their lives began and another person who was just working there shot and killed, and a person Who was with that person working injured and clinging to life in the hospital and as for a suspect at this time, as you heard ben tell us? Basically, we don’t have any information on him, although they say they have an identification of him we’re at the moss justice center, where the sheriff’s office is as well as the detention center, just a few hundred yards away.

At this hour we can tell you that, so far there has not been someone booked in to the detention center for jail for on the charges of murder or anything as far as that suspect may be concerned. So that leads us to some other questions. Of course, at this time, everyone in this community devastated shocked even the sheriff’s department or the sheriff’s office. I should say trent ferris, who we spoke to last night and gave us an update, telling us about the personal connection that he had with dr leslie. I’Ve lived in rock hill, my entire life and dr leslie was my doctor growing up so that’s. How this is kind of a little hard on me so so, but dr leslie has been one of those people that everybody knows he started. Riverview medical center in in rock hill, um and it’s been a a staple in rock hill for years, so um yeah, very well known in this community people had gone to his practice or just knew who he was or any member of his family. He has a big family lots of children and grandchildren. Of course, we can also tell you that i’ve spoken to a number of people who work here. I actually spoke to a couple of correctional officers.

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