Indian Premier League, Cricket, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2021, Twenty20, India UMBAI INDIANS vs ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE Match HIGHLIGHTS (IPL 2021 on CRICKET 19)

In this video we have got the opening match of the ipl played on qriket 19. It is going to be the mumbai, indians versus the royal challengers being a law, and it should be a very exciting match up. If you do enjoy the video be sure to leave a like and subscribe. We are only doing 10 overs as each side, and we are also going to just be betting at a very exciting matchup. I have got myself and i have also got my dad with me. Hello. There. Welcome to all our viewers should be an exciting matchup. Two strong lineups as well for rat coley. What is he gon na do on this soft dusty pitch he’s gon na have a bowl. That is good news, because we don’t have to change teams right. It is going to be me. I am the one with the red arrow: it is glenn maxwell who is bowling this one for the first ball of the ipl. We are running there and it has gone through the gap as well and there’s gon na be two, and it might even be three. No just two: there good shot from roy sharma to get us underway. Don’T forget to call no don’t leave a man hanging what top run scorer of the competition at the moment off the first ball and he could be towards the end of the tournament too um where’s maxwell put it yes, put it white again, tell you what he Said that one a little bit better and that one is going to be fine in the boundary of course, we haven’t got much time to get underway only 10 over 60 balls each for these sides maxwell none for eight four balls gone.

Oh that’s, good it’s gone straight back through that gap. For you, oh maxie, you can’t be dishing them up out there. Oh okay, going kyle jameson the kiwi, oh the short ball. Oh it’s, gold straight to the man. He has been short. Oh yeah it’s been caught. There quinton to cole jameson picking up the first wicket of the ipl. It was the short ball from kyle jameson. We mentioned the bounce pretty decent bounce there overall and taken well by the man in close veracoli himself, quentin. The is on his way, one off four balls. Of course we are betting in the second innings so anywhere over 100. Oh that one came back in and what a ball that is from the man he was able to pick up the wicket of roy sharma. Look at the turn on that one stayed low as well taking out the middle peg or everything, but it that was a very good delivery from the man using the conditions to his advantage. Roy sharma on his way: 14 off nine carnage, carnage, stumps everywhere, each bowler. Only allowed to bolt two in this t: 10 competition. Oh, that one came in as well. We are going to be running those though yeah it’s gone through the gap, and it might go all the way to the boundary. Yes, it has, and that was an awkward shot that led to four runs. Oh and kishani backs himself, and he is at that one for the first six of the ipl for 2021 and what a six it is.

130 meters don’t get much bigger than that. Jameson. Trying the bitched up delivery outside of the off stump in kishan. He said i’ll have a bit of that thanks and that one has gone very far, that’s, probably up on the second tier by the looks of that lovely shot through the covers there. That is going to make it all the way to the boundary first boundary of the day for yadev, oh he’s, giving it some there and that one is not only going to the boundary it’s gone all the way for six 79 meters bowl’s the bouncer not much Cover out there, though, for it – and he absolutely gives that some over the head of the man at square leg over the rope as well – and it does go for six – oh jail – that one’s a hundred and thirty two, we thirty, four a hundred and thirty – was Going to be the biggest one we saw, but kishan has just taken it to that next level. Oh no! I haven’t got that one, but we are going to oh yeah. So sorry i’ve done a bit of a mix up him because of it. Oh he’s missed the stumps though, and that one has not gone well for them and we have got the leg buy out of it. Easy single yeah, oh tell you what it’s gone on the fault, and that is a catch out at square leg. From this shot.

I didn’t actually think it went in the air, but it was it just towed all the way to square leg. It wasn’t dan christian. It was the manchester’s had a very good game so far, just taken the catch and now 12 from 12 for yadav, oh lovely, shot yeah. What that’s, bubbled up as well and that’s, got some pace on it, keep your eyes open in the crowd, because that one was flying and there’s a very good way to get underway Applause. Oh, they do love a yorker, but that one’s going as well and that one’s going all the way to the boundary. I don’t think you can be bowling those yorkers, those full tosses on this pitch, just get punished. You want to use the surface to your advantages. That is not oh, i was gon na, say that’s better for the length, but unfortunately, still almost a half volley and punja says. Thank you very much. This man’s on fire three boundaries in a row. Oh, that one’s, going through the gap, it’s a lovely cover, drive once again finding the boundary we get it underway now. Oh, that one was spinning back in but tell you what we love our cover drives today, it’s almost that kind of almost bat on a diagonal isn’t. It oh and he’s gon na straight away, go for a boundary, not a good way to start he’s, not too happy with it either sami for these t10s we’re only going to have three men outside of the circle at all times, which does open up a lot More opportunity for the batsman, including that shot there hasn’t gone over a set.

Yes, it has and it’s got all the way over chihuahua let’s go for six. That is a little bit of an unorthodox shot. There short ball, he decided, you know what i’ll just put the bat there and it just carries over the man and it does lead to the six. We might have to have a sixth tally for this um competition. I know they do it for the real life competition and that one’s going to be added straight to that tally, because that one’s gone all the way as well. Is that one? I thought for a second that one was going out of the stadium the longest six? Now hundred and thirty five got hold of that one and that’s 50, i don’t even realize ishan kishan 22 balls 51 runs three fours five sixes the man’s been on fire and there it is look at those sixes all over the place and he also spread out The fours as well, it is going to be washington, sunder bowling the final over of the mumbai, indians, betting, oh and jay. What he has got at the other end now. Has it gone high enough and long enough? Is it going to be a six as well? I think it was a four in the end. Yes, it was, must have been just short crooked in korea, but still is a lot of talent, dan christian, and we might get to see it with a bat as well.

Do you what that’s a shot and a half stand to deliver? Have that one out through extra cover once again, oh that’s, a nice shot, though it’s gone out to the man? Is it going to be taken? Yes, it is, and washington sunder picks up the wicket. Unfortunately, so close to the boundary had to go for it. We have still got wickets in hand of course, but unfortunately, for him, didn’t quite get enough of it. The timing was alright. I thought it was just flicked off the leg. It’S gon na be well taken out in the deep there and it does lead to the wicket and it was saney who was able to take that one washington sunder getting the wicket off pandya 25 off ten balls. Oh yes, oh no, we’re not gon na get through there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best last full shot, so in the end, sharma and the they probably didn’t get as many runs as they would have liked. Ishaan kishan, who went out there got 53 off only 25. Of course, jameson only going for 13 for one offers to overs, also chahal having a very good day with a ball. Nine runs for one. Now we are going to be switching to the royal challenges bangalore and we are going to have to see if we are going to be able to chase down 107. It is going to be parakal who is going to be opening the batting with the rat coley? The captain of the royal challengers bangalore – and that is going to be roy sharma, who is actually going to be opening the bowling.

So both sides have open with spin 108 needed off only 60 balls. That one is a wide one to start with, possibly shouldn’t have chased that no run there. Unfortunately, almost a mix up – oh he’s, coming big enough. He has only the four in the end, but for that goalie he was like if you’ve got to put a ring field in mate. I’Ll just hit you over the top, so i think they have got a big plan for virat kohli. Here, oh, has he got enough of a brett cole, or is it going to be taken it’s taken and picks up the first wicket? It was the plan to keep everyone in, hopefully entice virat kohli, to go over the top. That is exactly what ended up happening. Just didn’t quite get all of it, therefore, off the bottom of the back by the looks of that, and then from there was taken very nicely by your dove and in the invert goalie four runs off three balls. Oh, he has tried to whack that one has. He got enough of it. Yes, he has picked the gap beautifully and that one has made it to the boundary getting used to the conditions. Oh no, i tried to hit that one hard and buttercull. He did only get it to the man at midwicket, and that is a second for sharma, the leading wicket taker. So far in this competition good length as well just didn’t quite get all of it there and the midwicket man was able to take.

It was caught by punjab in the end right. I said it last time, it’s not over yet glenn maxwell now making his way to the crease william maxwell, the big show. What can he do from here? So he will be hoping to take it out on boom. Right here, a little bit but boomerang very talented, bowler gon na be hard to do or is it maxwell has said it to the leg side? Did it go all the way it wasn’t just a four? I think it was a four didn’t really bounce up either in that regard, but now there’s gon na be maxwell on strike. Once again, they didn’t allow that one oh he’s, hit that one no glenn maxwell has. He got all of it, though, and he has it. It is going all the way yeah that works a lot better than leaving it on middle stump. That is for sure, although it must not quite have been on middle because he wasn’t given out in the end very good news for maxwell that and now he is using the bat, and it has gone all the way down the ground too. Full when you give glenn maxwell that much room to swing his arms you’re in trouble, you will punish you for it straight down the tunnel and that ball is off home. Oh maxwell’s, trying to do it again. He hasn’t got all of it though, and it might just be the single or is it going all the way? Yes, it is, that was the pull shot from glenn maxwell was able to pick up the four there 14 runs off four balls.

Oh, he has tried to go again, though: it’s been dropped. What a chance that was for the mumbai, indians, you got ta hold those go straight to the man kyrim pollard. I believe that is, if i’m, not wrong, doesn’t get much easier than that for a catch straight to him. He’S got the biggest hands in the world. Just hit him right on the end of the fingers and down it goes nathan caught denial. Australian versus australian here didn’t expect anything different from cortana, but it’s gone straight out of maxwell’s out this time, but denial goes with the shortfall. Maxwell saw it coming, but, unfortunately, didn’t quite get under it and cortana does pick up. The wicket of his fellow australian was a short ball maxwell picked. It hit it straight to the man. Unfortunately, the one man out there, a couple meters in from the boundary is that trend bolt down there. No, it was chaha who was able to take the catch and maxwell is on his way for 16 9. The drop in the end wasn’t that costly and they were still able to pick maxi up. Oh, i thought for a second that i was gon na have to say he was gon na say that it was gon na, be a double wicket made him, but he has hit it all the way down the ground for six. Runs there abwell! Yes, now he is gon na be facing, he gets the short ball and he has cut that beautifully that’s a shot and that one is gon na be four to get him underway.

63 off only 27 balls. It is doable, but i don’t think we’ll want to lose too many more wickets, oh and that one could be the wicket. Unfortunately, he hasn’t got enough of it and he is going to be out there. I saw the lead and i decided. Oh, i like a piece of that and it’s another catch. Just a couple meters in from the boundary as well. Oh as boomerang, was able to take that one what’s he going to be able to do here. Oh i’ll tell you what that’s a shot from dan christian that’s the ball. You want and there’s a lot of experience on those shoulders and he has used every bit of it there to once again hit a fellow australian to the boundary. Oh that’s a better length, but dan christian is to say you know what i’ll give it another go, so that one’s going all the way once again, 113 meters you’re seeing them well, seeing them early and jeez. When you see the fact that we hit two sixes in a row, you see how many runs we needed all that hurt that one hit hard in the guts of dan christian. No, thank you. Applause very polite way of calling isn’t it poor shortball. Tell you what that’s a shot, though from devil yes, and that is going all the way to the boundary as well. No, i haven’t got all of that one, but it’s gone over the top for dan christian.

Is it gon na make it to the boundary it’s gon na be close? Yes, it does didn’t time it at all dan christian, but still got enough of it and it did lead to four runs dan christian’s got to go bang here, doesn’t. He oh, and he has tried to it’s, got a backward point as it got all the way down christian. Yes, it is, and it is 84 meters that that six traveled very good dot ball. Oh i’ve missed timed. It it’s gone high from dan christian as he’s. Still got enough of it, though it looks like it’s going all the way. Yes, it is, and dan christian he only told it. Okay, it still made it to the boundary. Oh he’s done a cheeky one. There dan christian saw the gap, and he has it straight back, and that is another four for the man and it is going to be devilious on strike 17 from six now for being a law, oh he’s tried to go all the way and it is gon Na be a wicket, you win early devil, yes and unfortunately, dreamfall picks up his first one. Of course he is a kiwi, so we’ve got to go well done, trent, good, stuff mate. It is dan christian on strike, 35 off 10 trent baltimore a little bit tired. As well, oh he’s built a slower board he’s going to pick up the wicket of christian as well, and shrimp fell two from two and that might just have been the game and it will be the mumbai indians unless something drastic happens.

Of course, i mentioned he’s got low stamina trent bolt, so there is still a chance of a no ball rolled the fingers around that one beautifully there dan christian had to go bang, but he didn’t get all of it and it was a great catch there. In the end, boycott denial and dan christian on his way, 35 off 11 good innings from him, but wasn’t quite able to close this one out. Applause, oh and he’s, trying to washington, said as he got all of it. No one has bounced, which means, unless we have a no ball from drip bowl in these last two balls. This match will go to the mumbai indians, oh yeah, set it out there as well. The umpire hasn’t stretched the arm for the no ball. That is another four. This match is going to come down to not many runs needed off the last, but unfortunately it’s just going to be a few more than we were able to get. Oh yes, right there, one washington, sunder and it is almost gon na – be a run out, but it’s not and the first match of the ipl is gon na be going to the mumbai indians. In the end, they were able to win it by seven runs. They are swarming around boomerang. Oh they’ve said it was one sided. I don’t know about that. It did come down to the wire a little bit. Six wickets in the end falling four rcb and roy sharma two from eight, and it was rahul as well, was one from my tremble two from 16, very good last over the man of the match, went to ishan kishan, who was able to get 53 knot out Off only 25 balls very impressive from him and in the end it was actually enough to get his side to win, but nonetheless, that is going to be the end of this video.

I hope you guys did enjoy if you did be sure to leave a like and subscribe. Let us know what you thought of the real match, as well as it will be taking place after this video has been uploaded.

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