Volcano, La Soufrière, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Volcanic eruption : La Soufriere volcano enters an active state

My name is ernest cook and um senior reporter here at new 784. In st vinson, well, what’s, taking place here in st vincent is that uh today we were notified by the uwi seismic monitoring team that the lasso frey volcano has shown a different sort of activity. What are we talking about? Let’S go back a little bit november. Last year we heard about effusive eruptions at lasso frey we were seeing uh smoke, we were hearing about minor earthquakes occurring effusive eruptions, magma fresh magma was coming up and a new dome has been formed at la sofrere. Now what is happening today and what we’ve learned this morning is that a new a series of activities is taking place at lasso frey. What is happening? We learned this morning that there were some long period, earthquakes at last so far and some lower level seismic activity. What does that mean for the people? Let me try and explain that to you, because there was a press conference today held by the government, and the geologists on ireland spoke about that now. It means therefore long period, earthquakes and lower seismic activities. According to geologist richard robertson of the uwi he’s part of the monitoring team here in sydney center and he’s out, i’ll tell you what he said is that a new series of trevors took place this morning which takes on a different meaning, so robinson said at 3 A.M, thursday morning monitoring stations reported low level, seismic activity, which four different ones at varying times, and the latest one was at 10 a.

m. This morning now he also reported that long period earthquakes took place. What does all this mean for your audience? It means that fresh magma is trying to reach the surface. All indications show that the volcano wants to move to the explosive stage, because currently, what we know is that we are in an effusive state. Manga is coming to the surface. We are feeling earthquakes every now and then we had a series of them last week with the largest being 3.9 in magnitude. That is what we have now there’s a a new series of of events taking place at la sophrei. Now it means, therefore, as the geologist pointed out, that the earliest period that shows there can be an explosive eruption is actually now as i’m speaking to you at the tel assault, family and also the next few hours or even days so we’re. Looking at now, we’re. Looking at the next few hours, which could mean midnight tonight, it can mean 3 a.m on friday morning, or it can mean you know saturday morning, a few days from now. We could also mean next monday, next tuesday, that is the information that we’re getting here it’s in vincent and grenadine. So the government held an emergency press conference today and what the prime minister said was that they were looking at a declaration of a disaster, because a disaster is pending rarely, but we have not moved to the evacuation stage. Nor have we moved to the red alert stage.

All those are things you know you will do when a disaster is pending like a couple hours away, or you know even as upon you, but we have not moved to that stage. But what we, what we’re doing right now, is that we have heightened the activities on the island in terms of preparation for an eruption of lasso frey. So all the disaster, centers we’re, looking at them right now. We have them already. We are making sure that they are fine. Everything is fine tuned uh people know exactly where their uh pickup points are, which areas of the country they will be moving to, because the northern communities will be affected and these northern communities are located in the red zone, and you would have a map of that Which you could show your audience now important to note is that we are getting help from all over venezuela has responded kindly to saint vincent’s request and we’re looking at helicopters from venezuela and other help, as the prime minister said, he would detail further, maybe later this Evening or tomorrow, but barbados has responded to whole evacuees. Grenada, saint, lucia antigua, royal caribbean, has responded and will be sending one of their ships in harbor and could be there by eight o’clock tonight to get persons if evacuation takes place tonight or tomorrow uh another ship possible would be here. Also. Animals are being tagged. 90 of them have already been tagged, so they’ll be on record, so people will know where their animals are after an eruption.

If we go to that explosive stage, so everything is being set in motion. Supermarkets are packed today. People are taking no chances gas stations. People are buying petrol because you know once there’s an eruption. Everything comes to a standstill for that period and if it goes on for three and four months, we could have some serious issues. Our water supply catchment is in the northern areas in windsor, mostly, and the government is looking at that seriously, and the water authority is also making preparations to deal with that. Uh village, which is the electricity company on the island, is also making their preparations to shut down if they have to shut down immediately and to ensure that they can restore electricity or power to the nation as soon as possible after an eruption. If the eruption takes place, but as of now, what we do know at this time is that uh, the lasso frey volcano on the island of saint vincent can erupt any time as in few hours or in a matter of days. So we are prepared for that. Here in st vincent under grenadines – and i want to thank the the the family of telesurfer for um, ensuring that our voices are being heard to the world and that we will continue to update you as information comes to hand. But that is the situation at this. Current moment uh, we know that the suffrage volcano can erupt at any time now, as i’m speaking to you next few hours or even in a matter of days, help is forthcoming.

A lot of islands have responded, including the united states of america as well. Uh ships could be here in a matter of hours i’m talking about cruise liners, who are volunteering to take out evacuees once we get to that explosion, stage or eruption of la sofre volcano.

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