Volcano, La Soufrière, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Volcanic eruption . Vincent Volcano On The Verge Of Erupting| Evacuation Order Issued

So many things to see make sure yeah see finding one affiliate right now, because a lot of people don’t know because they’re live right. You see see as usual. Everyone seriously. I just opened. My pen and because that way, um the people say just leave there. They go in open fight, shelter for themselves, so that will meet your senate and and legally pig you’re good huh, my poor man yeah. So a lot of people don’t know um volcano being in orange right and then my sister called me after you see, even in orange before 12 o’clock, but between 12 and 4 o’clock. It was a great change, it’s, a a great change that it moved from orange. To red, so that one reason why you know the the evacuation protocol, what was i mean? Carl yeah? I mean people to evacuate from um, leeward, um and then countryside. Well, actually, countries said i’m using um van and bosses and them things, but lee won’t know um evacuate by boat as normal as with them say, but as you can see i’m showing you on the screen right now, um what’s, popping and what’s happening right now i Mean look at the life you see anywhere funny semester. Let me tell you, come and show you mercy see. Are they live on? One frontier messi are waiting on a boat you’re, not hearing from my sister she’s, all right man. She must be busy because right now iphone iphone 9 and enter the kind of car top now it’s messy – and this is another thing that that people keep saying right, and rather some people rather than evacuate some people end up on your first year i mean seriously.

I need to call shikoh shikashi. Rather you see everybody trying to evacuate. People are talking about who won’t break people places who are in this, and one holy party, you see me, say some people, okay, but vanity more than their own life he’s. Only one life figure um. I was also trying to call my mummy, please i foresee lifeguard, not so much foreign big up galaxy galaxy, um virgin die holding big up galaxy. My friend um jill jill, jillian crookshan. What me watch, let me show you see, slippers with you know. My shoes are thingy in a bag. The cabin i want a big suitcase. You know i just won shoes, two jaws, jana, pants and you’re good and some boxer. Yet so right now, any anything possible people could evacuate which are expert experts for x versus five express express, oh, my god right now. This is what happened right now: um simone murray good afternoon to you so it’s um arriving no i’m talking at um short billion.

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Volcano, La Soufrière, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Volcanic eruption : La Soufriere volcano enters an active state

Volcano, La Soufrière, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Volcanic eruption Today: 5th April, 2021