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My friends welcome to the channel and thank you for watching another beautiful spring day. Here in america, the sun’s is out it’s, breezy, flowers, everywhere it’s, beautiful and god is good. Unfortunately, you still have to wear the freaking mask and look like a zombie, but you know what i’m not gon na complain about it because safety first, you got ta, do what you got ta do to protect yourself and also other people. So my advice is: keep your mask on protect other people, protect yourself and don’t, get in trouble anyways enough with my blah blah blah let’s. Now talk about football and football is going to be back. The premier league is back on saturday for chelsea football club, it’s gon na be a way against crystal palace, and let me tell you that palace been a boogie team for chelsea football club for a little while now. Well, every team is a boogie team for chelsea because we give life to dead people. You know what i mean every team that are having some kind of issues. All you have to do is to play against chelsea football club and your problem is going to go away. We fix problems, we are charity fc and the last game we played in the premier league tells you everything you want to know. We lost 5 2 at home against west brom it’s still like a dream for me. Sometimes i can’t believe it, but i remind myself: this is the premier league and anything is possible, and if you think that the game on saturday is going to be a walk in the park, my friend think again and ask president zuma how many times we lost Games against oppositions that we supposed to beat.

Mr president, please remind us how many times we announced that our membership figures stood at 716, 800 and 700: listen properly, 769 thousand eight hundred and twenty five and seven members down from 100 and 1.2 million in 2012.. Thank you, mr president. That was impressive. Well done, as you can tell it’s, not an easy task to put in number how many times we lost against the so called weak teams. The so called small teams don’t exist in the premier league and i’ll. Say it one more time talking about president and power. We have our own king, king, kurt zuma, the guy that you just watched is used to be. You know the president of south africa, but we have the real king of the bridge, kurt zuma, king, kurt zuma, is the guy who is going to take it off business on saturday against palace. If, given a chance, every time zuma plays against palace, he always performs to the next level. Remember that taco that he put in front of christian bitteke until today i don’t understand how he did it. You know he just dropped from heaven, because it was almost impossible for a human being to be that fast and put that accuracy on that taco, because it was going to be a red card, a penalty and we were going to draw that game or lose. Who knows is a chelsea thing, so i am recording this video before thomas tucker’s press conference, so i don’t know who is fit or who is not, but the last game.

Apparently we were all set. Nobody was injured. Everybody is fully fit hundred percent. So i hope that we didn’t get any injury. You know during the game against porto and everybody is ready for selection and remember. We still have the second leg against porto on tuesday next week, so thomas tucker is going to be thinking about the game on tuesday, because that game also is going to be very important for us to qualify for the semi finals of the champions league. But whoever is going to be on that field. We got good players. Even our bench is better than many teams in the premier league anyways. My lineup is going to be eduard, mendy thiago silva, kurt zuma, aspili quetta wing box. I will go with kalim, hassana, doy and ben shiwell pivot. I will go with angolo, kante and mateo kovacic front three. I will go with christian pulisic, tommy, abram and hakim zitch. I would like to see billy gilmore, given a chance in the second half. If we are winning, if we secured the result first and then we can start making some changes, man i feel for the boy. Can you imagine if he had a full season this season and next season was going to be something else he was going to grow in the next level that what people don’t understand if you don’t play games you don’t grow, you know, so i feel for the Boy, but i respect the manager’s decisions, because he’s paid to make decisions and to get the result for my lineup.

That is just my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me and i don’t think um thomas tucol is going to agree with me either. I think he’s going to use uh cover siege and georginio in the midfield and in the defense. I can see the hustle tony rudiger also instead of for kurt zuma, it’s gon na be sad, but it is what it is. I don’t make decisions. My score prediction is going to be chelsea 3 crystal palace 0.. I don’t know if i have to start predicting losses for chelsea football club in order for us to win. You know i don’t know. Maybe you should blame me because i am always positive i’m pumped before the games and i sell you all kind of illusions, but at the end the next thing you know is: you are losing 5 2 to west brom. That was just a bad day in the office, okay believe in the process. I believe that this time around we’re gon na score for the first time ever under um thomas tuco, three goals – yeah, remember you heard here. First, we gon na score three or more goals who is going to score? Let me think i think i need a little bit of drums tamiya abraham with a breast. Yes, you heard it two goals for tommy and the other goal is going to be scored by christian politic. Captain america, there we go guys that’s it from me.

I hope you enjoyed my match preview, slash vlog! Let me know in the comment down below: if you enjoy this kind of videos, let us know what is your starting 11 and your formation on saturday don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. We are on our way to 100k. Be part of the history be part of the family it’s, only one click away and it’s free god bless you be cool luck in golo, kante, think outside the box and see you in the next one. Go you blues. If you met some people from denmark, what are they, what would they be called denmark? A group of people in denmark would be called jewish people – jewish Music, oh Music.

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Chelsea F.C., Crystal Palace F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, UEFA Champions League MUST WIN GAME FOR TUCHEL IN RACE FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! Crystal Palace Vs. Chelsea PREVIEW