Chelsea F.C., Crystal Palace F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, UEFA Champions League MUST WIN GAME FOR TUCHEL IN RACE FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! Crystal Palace Vs. Chelsea PREVIEW

This is a must win game in the premier league for chelsea in the race for top four. I don’t think you can put this and frame this in any other way, um, especially after that awful result and performance against west brom. Last weekend, the fact that west ham won against wolves on monday night, the fact that west ham as well i’ve got leicester on sunday, so a potential there for chelsea uh to gain on west ham. Basically, this weekend, which is essential at this point of the season um, i think there’s been a little sort of revision in terms of where we sit in the top four race, and this is in chelsea’s control, and it has been thanks to the brilliant work of Thomas tucker and his team in that unbeaten run uh before the international break, but from this point, chelsea should be getting top four it’s, not mission impossible. Chelsea have it in their own hands and we need to get back to winning ways tomorrow, it’s just about getting the job done now. I think those elegant, wonderful expressive performances, i think, will be few and far between uh from now to the end of the season. I think it’s just about getting the job done now for chelsea in the race for top four. So hopefully we can get back on track tomorrow, because if we don’t really dangerous um territories, chelsea are getting themselves into not only with what west ham are doing competing for that spot, but also the likes of spurs who’ve gained some confidence recently um everton liverpool.

Of course, too got a big win against arsenal last weekend, so chelsea simply have to win this game. It’S three points. If we don’t get three points, then it’s really concerning in the race for the top four in the premier league, absolutely is gon na give you team news, also my lineup looking at crystal palace and my prediction for the game, but before we get into any of That good stuff and ask you guys if you haven’t, already hit that subscribe button and a notification bell. So you never miss an upload or hit the like button if you’re enjoying the content, because it helps out the channel as well so team news. Finally, got it out of thomas tucker. Finally got the right question fully fit squad, so no new injury concerns after wednesday’s victory against porto, which is good for what is a ridiculously congested schedule for chelsea um. I don’t think even i contemplated how intense this next few weeks, i’m going to be like two weeks. So of course, this week we’ve got uh. We’Ve had porter on wednesday, the first leg, but then we’ve got crystal palace tomorrow, then, on tuesday it’s back to sevilla. To face porto again in the second leg, then, after that it’s, the man city, semi final in the fa cup, and i believe after the fa cup, semi final on the tuesday it’s uh brighton at home. So the game that got moved because of the man city, semi final and then after that, it’s that massive game against west ham.

It is back to back to back to back, and i think in terms of chelsea’s squad and the strength of our squad. It should come through now for chelsea, but it also means the amount of rotation took or does has to be spot on. You know players who do come in have to perform well because we’re at this point of the season, where you know we, we can’t make any big mistakes because, especially in the premier league, as i’ve just uh detailed, because it could be fatal in our hopes for Champions league football but let’s look at some of the comments that tucker made um specifically about tammy abraham. I want to speak about this because there’s been a lot of talk about tammy recently he’s fit now he’s back in the squad. He was on the bench against port on wednesday. Didn’T come off the bench, not a massive surprise. To be honest, um tuggle’s comments about tammy, and i think it was one of the first questions he was asked during his press conference were quite concerning to me. I think for the future of tammy abraham it’s, not that surprising but toggle compared his situation to kepper, and i felt that was quite concerning, because we’re not really dealing with the same player here you know kepler is a belaga. We expect to be moving away. You know isn’t the first choice: shouldn’t be the first choice. Goalkeeper and you know you feel like kepper is barely going to play any games.

I don’t even think he’ll play against man city next weekend, i’ll be very shocked. If he does, i think mendy will play a majority, basically all of the games for the rest of the season. I think for me unless he gets injured or suspended, because he is the first choice: goalkeeper tammy abraham is chelsea’s top goal scorer this season. He still is, he hasn’t started a game since the 20th of february um and my thing with with tammy, as i’ve outlined, countless times on this channel, that i just think that every time that uh attack in particular team overna doesn’t score doesn’t perform well. I think any of the other attackers who aren’t playing, who aren’t getting opportunities, do have a right to moan or do have a right to say why can’t we be playing and the fatal flaw to any anti tammy argument or saying that tammy isn’t good enough for Chelsea is the fact that he’s our top goal scorer if team overna was banging in goals if kai habits was if anyone else was really taking up that sort of responsibility over from tammy and saying i’m, the big striker here. No one has this season as long as that goes on, i think, tammy and as well. Someone like myself will be justifiably annoyed why tammy isn’t getting more opportunities, but i just think it feels more and more that tammy abraham won’t be here next season and i think for his own career.

If he keeps on being left out, not even getting off the bench, not getting a look in whilst the likes of team overnigh get bundles of opportunities and don’t score goals, if i’m telling you i’m looking elsewhere. Personally, i just think for my own career because it looks like just for some reason took doesn’t fancy him and you know, that’s took a decision and took us got a lot of decisions right so far. Chelsea are predominantly getting great results under him, so you can’t moan on that side, i’m. Just saying i think for tammy abraham. I do think there is a strong argument for him to get some more opportunities, because i think the current attackers aren’t exactly flourishing and taking their opportunities that they get more so than tammy abraham, but let’s. Take a look at the opposition. Crystal palace sit 12th in the premier league very comfortable once again fully expected. I felt they would stay up, maybe a little bit lower. I think for my premier league predictions at the start of the year. I think the fact in a pandemic year, a club like crystal palace are still safely in the premier league. I think for the night va, but this is the night view, or next year will be the the ninth year for them in the premier league uh wilfrid zahara, of course, is their biggest goal scoring threat not quite to the levels he was before. Um. Of course, all those links in recent years uh him going to chelsea.

I think that move and that big move for zaha has passed now. I do. I think that he could have made that move a few years ago and i just think there have been better attackers on the market. The clubs have gone in for and filled the position. Like you know, chelsea spent money on hakeem’s at right wing we’ve spent money on christian pugilistic. You know, i think that there are other clubs too in and around the top six that could have bought zahara and that’s, never really materialized. If you look at the last five free draws, that’s the majority quite a few golden straws, they don’t score a lot of goals crystal palace under roy hudson uh, recently, the 442 formation michy batshuayi, of course, on loan from chelsea to crystal palace. Doing chelsea a favor by getting that late, equalizer at goodison park in crystal palace’s last game but of course michi can’t play in this game. So i expect something like the 442 essay and zaha are probably the two most exciting players for crystal palace. This season, they don’t have a ton of pace on the break which can be helped for chelsea if we are to dominate possession, but as a is one of those players that does excite me just in terms of his flair, i think the way he goes on The pitch and looks to express himself – and i think, is one player chelsea should be looking out for and of course, wilfred zaha on his day can be an electric player.

We haven’t seen it that consistently this year, as i was just detailing, but those are the two players i’d be looking out for, and i think that set piece opportunities will be the big thing for crystal palace in this game, especially with gary cahill great, to see Gary cahill back on the pitch he’s had a decent season for crystal palace. This year, of course, fond memories for gary cahill. Lots of love for gary kale it’s a bit of a shame that fans aren’t in attendance, because i think you know chelsea fans would be showing a lot of appreciation for gary cahill for what he done for chelsea and i think at times, even not. Of course. This current gary hale, but i think that uh cahill when he was at chelsea great servant, great defender, i think at times we miss his level of performance, but uh gary ko absolutely will be playing tomorrow and i fully expect a low block. I fully expect this game to take the course of the first game against crystal palace way back. I think in what was it october september time early in the season uh, where we won four nil. The first half was quite dull, but it took chelsea to finally get that first goal and and the goal started renting in so i think that that will be the course of this game again. Unless anything strange happens, i think chelsea will dominate the game it’s about chelsea breaking down a low block, as we you know, are very much confronted with on a regular basis and chelsea’s ability, or sometimes inability to break down that low block, but can be a concern.

I just want to say before i go into my predicted lineups once again i’m, giving you two lineups today that i think may start tomorrow. Kante angolo kante, of course came off the bench on a wednesday. We didn’t expect him to feature in that game. Um just wondering how he’s managed, because i don’t expect him and i don’t think he should be playing three games in a row. He has only just returned. Does he start this game? Does he not start the midweek game against porto the fact we’re tuning up, but in that game i’d like angola kante, if we’re gon na play on the counter a little bit more it’s a big champions league game? But then, right after that, you’ve got the man city semi final, which of course you want kante in as well big premium games after that, so it i think, it’s about managing kante quite well um. I have seen a theory that kante may play this game. Not start on a tuesday against porto in the second leg and then start against uh man, city, all things being well in the fa cup. Semi final i’d – probably go towards that. I still think that you should be managing kante a little bit more cautiously. So i don’t predict him to start tomorrow, but i think he may come off the bench and play a large period of the game, potentially that’s. The way toku may manage it. We have to be really cautious, i think, with kante, because he’s so vital to our midfield and if he gets injured again, that may be his season over.

So we really don’t want that in key weeks of our premier league and also champions league in fa cup season. It is quite clear but let’s look at my two lineups, the first one here: mandy dave, christensen, rudiger, james georginio, kovacic, alonso mount hudson, odoi and one of giroux or tammy, so no tiago silva. So i think that the the back three that started in midweek i’d be very happy to see it start again here. I think you could bring back thiago silva for that game against portum in midweek, just to get him that fitness once again, hasn’t played a ton of football, and i think if he wasn’t suspended for this game, i think he would have started it absolutely and by That’S, the best back free for chelsea, currently rhys james performed wonderfully in midweek. He really did, and i think, he’s really asserting himself with chelsea’s. First choice: right wing back in the system georgie cover as the double six i’d like to see gilmore, be given a chance here, but he simply hasn’t so far in the premier league under thomas tuckle um. So i still think it’ll be georgie and cover as the as the main double six once again, marcus alonso. I just think ben share well has been brilliant um. Once again, this is a big game. You know, could you bring back marcus alonso for the midweek game against porto, but ben played so well, of course, scored the goal against porter in midweek, so maybe i’m saving ben for the game against porto.

But this is such a key primary game, it’s difficult because in terms of performance level, i don’t think there’s a debate here. I think it is been sure well he’s, the first choice uh for me, but i just think there is that concern about once again rotation. Having players fresh for these big games, so maybe alonso comes back in here once again and then we look at that front three, where it’s always up for debate for me, uh it’s mason mount obviously going to be one of these players and then it’s the other Two and you can make a debate for any of them really in a moment i’d like to see calla monster. Do i get a start once again at left wing i’m? I i feel really confused once again by the management of of kalamazoo um. In terms of him being what seemed like a big player for tucker in the in the early weeks of his reign at chelsea, he’s, very slowly and actually quite quickly been phased out, the team um completely he isn’t, even getting off the bench now. Of course, he started at right wing back against a chevrolet. United didn’t have the best game, but i want to see him pressed up the pitch now a lot more because i think that’s, where he can actually impact the game, and i think he really impressed me when he, when he played at left wing against everton. I think in a really good game and i’d just like to see him start there and as well, giroud and tammy.

I think he’s, be you know between those two. If, if one of these players are going to be giving a start, i think he’s way more likely olivier giroud, who came off the bench in midweek he’s, going to start this game rather than tammy abraham, but both of those players have struggled for starts recently. So i think it’s unlikely either of them in particular tammy starks, but i just think once again we don’t have a clear goal. Scorer at the moment, those two are doing a lot better than uh team over this season. So i’d prefer to go for one of those two uh tomorrow night, but i think that’s more unlikely. My second lineup, as you can see the bulk of the team other than that front. Three is very uh. Similar mendy dave, christensen rudiger james georgie cover alonso. We get into the front three, which i completely changed so other than mason mount just once again, mason in terms of fitness levels, maybe wanting to rest mason, but i i prefer not to do that, but i wouldn’t be too stunned if z, ash verna may be Purely sick as well havers is the front three and werner just seems to get constant chances at the moment. Um. I don’t think he deserves it. I don’t think based on his performance level and actual impact in the game we aren’t playing to his strengths, he’s not playing well, and i actually think it’s putting more pressure on him every time we play him.

I actually think in a game of this nature, as i say, against a low block. I actually think it may be better to play someone like pulisic, for instance, if you want calamansin and dory better one on one players off the ball players and i think, can drop a little bit deeper. Have better dribbling ability to find a ball to their feet, which team ivana can’t do to a decent enough level and then maybe bring timo on later on later on in the game when space opens up and we can play on the break a little bit more. If we’re controlling the game and the game goes in that direction, i just don’t think uh teemo for me deserves a start in this game. Hakum ziyash didn’t feature at all on wednesday, so he could be completely fresh and but i don’t think ziyash um that impressed me that much even though he didn’t have a ton of time against west brom did play well pretty international break. So he could come back in here creatively for chelsea and kai havers. I think there’s been some harsh criticism of kai after wednesday’s game um. I think he’s actually been playing pretty good recently. I think he was completely isolated on wednesday. I don’t think it’s the same situation to team overnight and but once again, as i’ve demonstrated, i think there are several attackers who are not playing consistently at the moment. That could argue i could be in this team and do a better job, because neither kyle team are really shining at the moment, really is taking a claim that they should be guaranteed starters at the moment, the only one of that attacking free for me on a Consistent basis that should be a starter is mason map, because he’s chelsea’s best player – he just is you know he impacts, games, he’s, the one that you trust week in week out to perform consistently in terms of the performance level, the work rate, but also the end Product as we saw on wednesday against porto, so those are my two lineups.

Let me know yours in the comments below. I think the way to manages these games coming up is going to be so intriguing. He has to get it right. Chelsea have to get a free points tomorrow, night, no excuses. If we don’t, i think our uh chances for top four is really dangerous. It is so chelsea have to get it spot on tomorrow at cellhouse park. Let’S hope they do. Thank you guys for watching this preview. If you did enjoy it, hit that subscribe button and a notification bell, so you never miss and i’ll play.

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