I just wondered what you’d made of the quality of english players in the premier league since you’ve been here, especially, for instance, players like mason mount and ben chilwell. Well there. I need to to talk only about. I can only talk about the players that are in my squad and i’m very happy with the guys. We have a lot of players from the academy, but also like, like, like chili from who came from leicester, of course, and in other players, but it’s a it’s, a pleasure to work with them. I i um i experienced them with uh, with uh excellent work, ethic, towards training and towards competition and and towards games. They uh absolutely adapted over years to a physical approach of the game. They they are very good competitors. They are well educated and with a high quality. This is what i experience here, so it’s a pleasure to have them in the team, and this is important to have also english players around to not lose the identity identity, because we play for in in england in premier league and i’m i’m very happy to have Them and i i feel them hungry – to learn and and curious. Every day like i said they have a good good mentality. A lot of them are very young still, and they still have a way to go, but they they have the package that it needs to have a long career in in this club, and just the final question from me: um, i think tammy ingraham is the leading Scorer at the club this season now that he’s fit uh.

Do you think he will get more opportunities to play, especially because he still had hopes of getting in the england squad for the euros yeah, but but so yes, and no? No just for the fact that we have no, i cannot. I cannot uh do my session based on the personal um goals for the players. Um kappa has also the personal goal to to to play for spain, and this is good that they have these goals. But this can never influence my decisions: i’m. I’M. The coach for chelsea. I have to do what’s, what’s good for us and what i believe is best for us. Tommy had a bit of a rough time because he started, i think, twice or three times and and was twice substituted for tactical reasons, for tactical changes at halftime. So he could not have the impact that he that he demands from him and that we wish from him and that he can clearly give for us. Then he was uh injured and he lost a bit. The the connection and and the the possibility to fight for his place in the squad the squad played very well without him. We had a lot of results without him and now suddenly we enter in the in the in the decisive part of the season where it’s uh not so easy to to to to bring players who were injured into the shape or to let them play. We have only three changes, which is, which is a big big, uh, big, big thing and it’s a big handicap, because three changes mean most of the time that you only have two changes, because the last one is one you you you don’t want to lose too Early, so circumstances are not easy but, like i always say this is on tammy to to to do everything that it’s not possible to to let him out, but we have a full squad.

Now we have 22 players on the training pitch it’s, very, very hard to select the 18 players for premier league matches and, like i said, we can only. We can only um change three times, but in the in the in the in the offensive position. This is all always possible to to have a huge impact in only some minutes. This is very different, for example, to the situation of kappa and nothing has changed. We demand a lot of tummy. He demands a lot of himself and he’s using every minute to to to convince us. That is that he needs to be on the pitch and and from there we we go on and every three days is a match. So hopefully he stays fit and will play a key role in in the end of the season. Thomas, it was a tough night for kai and teemo in spain on wednesday night before you continue to give them opportunities to get things right and i’m sure how good they are as players, because i don’t think there’s any doubting of how good they are. Look at look at look at the games portoblade in champions league, if you, if you can show me any any nice fluid and pretty game of any opponent of them, i we can talk again. I did not find it they make they make. They make your life very, very tough, very, very tough. This is, they went through group stage with 13 points you can ask in in in turin how easy it was uh to play against them.

They make your life hard and especially for the offensive players. They they had not the easiest task up front. They had a big impact defensively. They they worked hard for us, both kai and teemo, but was difficult to find spaces. It was difficult for for them to to create something. So we changed after 60 65 minutes, but we will not. We will not. We will not lose a faith and we will not lose trust. We can. We can accept that sometimes it’s hard to have the a big impact, so you have to be maybe in both of them. Maybe teemo misses a bit like like his confidence in his finishing but kai. I feel i feel kyle very self confident and no no, no bigger concerns was just for this game that we tried to change the momentum up front thomas good afternoon, just a couple from me um. First of all, what has the last week taught you about your players that maybe you didn’t know already, i think, of the west brom performance that you didn’t see coming and then the way you came back in the second half, maybe against porto at midweek. Did you learn about your squad war in the last week? We are, of course, but because we learn is my job to learn every day and to learn from every game, especially and and from every situation that we have to face uh. I don’t have the big conclusion.

After the two, the the two games and the up and down we the down and up. We had in terms of results but of course, it’s important to share experiences, and this is important for me to make my experiences with the team, but and to share them. So it was the first time that we lost and was a big loss and the unexpected loss um in a kind of a weird game. And so we had a lot of positive results and experiences together. And it was important for us to adapt to this situation. And to react on it and i could feel the reaction. Even so, it was not like obvious, like the the the best match that we that we ever made together. Of course not, but maybe it’s also not possible, giving the circumstances of of a quarter of a quarter final in champions league and accepting the the difficulty that that porto can cause to any team in europe. But i felt the the reaction clearly after the game. I felt the the reaction in in in training before the game, and i could feel that that we want to to to to have a immediate, immediate bounce back and i’m very happy that that that we could make it happen that we could escape again with a Clean sheet, we were a bit lucky in some situations in in in the game, but that was also necessary and, like i said, it’s um, also important for us now to to that.

We went through this and, and hopefully can start a winning streak again and given how close the race for the top four in the premier league is, and the pressure is on now at this time of the season. What characteristics will the teams who want to finish in the top four have to have between now and the end of the season? I think it’s so fast, very important that we that we are fully focused on on every challenge that we have, that we that we forget uh the the games and results we had and and go and and accept every new challenge and embrace every new challenge and From from right from the start, it will not uh gives us no advantage that we have a two nil lead now against porto, when we play against the crystal palace and to start over and over again in the end of the season. This is the challenge and to be fully focused, but this can give you a huge boost. Also in self confidence, because you don’t have to tomorrow, is not the day to fulfill all our obstacles and and to to reach all our uh to to um all our goals. Tomorrow is only 90 minutes, so you just have to you. Just have to focus for 90 minutes, we don’t have to to think about tuesday and then about the the the fixture against manchester city. The same thing: we do it step by step and we can rely that that we are fully fit.

We have full fitness, we arrive with without big injuries, and hopefully it stays like this, and this should give us self confidence and the fact that we are able to defend as a team and that we can always rely on a solidarity and a strong bond on The on the pitch and in the heart defensive work hopefully gives us a huge of a big amount of self confidence to to to go through all these steps. Even when difficulties arrive and, of course, they’re out there, there are teams waiting for us who play a little bit less like west brom during the international break. They had the chance to prepare better than than we have had like crystal palace. Maybe they had uh some hours more sleep than we had in the in the last days, but we need to accept it and and and rely on ourselves, but this is the the main. The main target is to find a good balance between recovery between training and then to be focused on point and to take it step by step. Last question is that i’m thomas um, i said a little bit after the last game, and you mentioned that politic is coming into a good moment. Christian um and – and you know last season, he scored seven goals in 11 for chelsea he’s in really good form, scoring goals and stuff like that um. Do you think he can replicate that form for you and uh? How much is this fitness important in you know helping him replicate that i think for christians with fitness is always important, because and especially for christian, because he has this huge physical impact for us in amount of sprints and amount of intensity that he can that he Can give to a team on the highest level? This is his biggest one of his biggest strengths, and the other thing is that he needs to feel confident and he needs to feel calm mentally, and then he can be a a a huge weapon for us.

He scored in the last game against west brom, unfortunately, the overall game and his um his his um. His needs to go off the pitch at half time clouded clouded the the goal and the impact that he had with could have had with that goal. But now again he was very close to score. He had a huge impact from the bench and uh yeah. We have to take care about him that he he he that he that he hopefully will not be re injured because um yeah for i, i feel him stronger and stronger. I feel more and more self confident and and can be a decisive factor in the in the next game, with his speed with his ability to to dribble and with his ability to arrive in the box in dangerous uh situations and in them from from both from The side and crosses he has the normally the the feeling to arrive and to score so hopefully he can.

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