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It’S an interesting game, because manchester city’s fixtures and form at the moment is very, very precariously balanced and not because we’re doing anything wrong. Just because we’ve got a heck of a schedule ahead of us now, we’ve got leads tomorrow, of course, after playing don’t worry the other day and winning two one, but we’ve got the second leg to consider against dortmund on wednesday, meaning we have to balance the squad. Then, after that, as well, we’ve got a fa cup semi final away at chelsea uh, which isn’t gon na be easy at all: we’re, not away at chelsea it’s, obviously at wembley stadium. But we are the away team we’re going down to london if that makes sense. So we’ve got chelsea in the semiconductor finals, then we got aston villa after that, obviously it’s on your league game and that’s kind of wrapped up, but only the week after that we’ve got uh a final um, the final in the cariboa cup. So it isn’t easy and we obviously have to kind of project ahead and look at all these games and try and work out a way to make sure that certain players aren’t over tired um and we still find a way to keep the focus and keep the Fitness up and all that kind of stuff, because it isn’t um it isn’t straightforward, and i do not envy guardiola’s task in this, but either way this leads game should be interesting. We have comfortably the best home record in the premier league this season.

Picking up 38 points from uh 16 matches, whereas leeds, though, have a decent away record, winning seven games away from home, which is the same as spurs in uh, west ham, united liverpool and chelsea. So they got a decent record on the road. Guardiola makes no illusions how difficult this could be, though he said about leeds united. I know how tough it will be tomorrow, but hopefully we are prepared to compete because a part of this we are three games away to be premier league champions, and tomorrow we have another opportunity to make a bigger step. We face them here, uh how difficult it was, and tomorrow will not be an exception. The quality of the manager and the backroom staff showing the position of the table being promoted last season and already safe. They have done incredibly well, which is true, they’re currently sat. Where are they in the table? They’Re currently sat eleven um same on points as arsenal, in turn, but obviously a poorer goal. Difference because they’ve shipped quite a few goals. This season, which is one of the reasons it gives me a little bit of hope, we create chances, they can see goals. No, they are good going. The other way um, especially if a certain man plays we will particularly going away. Guardiola was talking about kevin de bruyne and on 10 years of kevin de bruyne he said it’s, not normal, but some players are not normal we’re delighted.

Hopefully more players can join in this position. I can talk for myself, i’ve been here for five years and will be here for two more principal. If the situation goes well, he was also very complimentary as well about reuben diaz. He said he’s been so important. So far we still have two months but he’s been so important with clean sheets and leadership and the quality that he has played. Indeed, he has and obviously it’s great news about kevin de bruyne i’ve done extensive videos on that. Uh talked about it quite a lot. Kevin de bruyne for 10 years, what uh, what a time to be alive in terms of the team news? Well, basically, it’s, as you were really once again, we have a fully fit squad, nathan, aka, i’m, sure baby. I have to sing it every single time. Nathan, aka baby will i’m sure be chomping at the bit to get some minutes. Eventually it could be could be tomorrow. It could even be in the early kickoff tomorrow, and the one thing i do know is that i’m sure we probably will ring the changes for the clash this weekend, given their games coming up and they’ll carry lantern training as well. By the way, i saw plenty of academy lads in training which was interesting for me. I do wonder if he’s planning to do something crazy, he probably isn’t the likes of the lap cole palm and mcatee were all there as well as a few under 18s.

Probably there, for tactical reasons, to make up the numbers. A city tried certain things, but either way it was good to see him there and who knows, maybe we’ll see a surprise or two which does lead me nicely onto the lineup blood spoiler. I am not predicting a surprise or two. I am predicting, though, a vastly changed lineup, because i think that’s, essentially important and relatively inevitable. Um edison is in goal, of course, that’s the one reliable thing there that we can’t really um, we it’s easy. It makes us easier to predict because edison obviously is going to be in goal because he obviously is going to be in goal um. I couldn’t decide between walker and kan solo right back here. I spent a lot of time. Thinking about it, so i went and eventually with um kyle walker. I think kyle walker will start this one and then alongside him i think we could see something like garcia play. We could see aka play, but i think it’ll be john stones and i emeric laporte will come back into. I think ruben diaz will stick this one out, because diaz has played a lot football recently and he’s a talisman, and we don’t need him for this game and it could be zinchenko left back. But at the same time i think mendy will carry on. Mendy was good against fulham and i’ve got a feeling. He will get another start here. You’Ll get the nod and he’ll get enough to play.

Well, um finandino i put there in midfield. I would not be surprised if it was zinchenko actually that’s. My left field shout out zinchenko’s, maybe to get a start in midfield because i feel like finandina could be useful, especially against dortmund in particular alongside i guess. Someone like bellingham was all legs and energy, but finandino. I put down a start anyway with rodri rest in this one um ahead of them. I have gone for bernardo and uh gundam on uh, which does actually mean for me. Kevin de bruyne will be rested, uh, which i think makes an awful lot of sense. Uh and i’ve also gone for phil foden wrestling as well by the way, because those two definitely deserve it. Likewise bernardo and gundu one but we’re gon na have to play certain players. It could be something crazy. We could see. Maybe cole palmer get a game or something like that, but i don’t know i don’t know um ahead of them. I have gone for jay zeus and sterling out wide with mara’s getting a little bit of a rest and jesus starting out wide with aguero through the middle again. I think he will play aguero from the middle and hopefully sergio plays well. Hopefully, sergio shows uh just how good he can be and how he could be useful towards the end of the season, but i do think he’ll start aguero, like he digs fulham because um. Why not? I guess, is the simple answer.

Really we don’t need. We don’t need anything particularly special we’ve got this points buffer currently 14 points. The united do have a game in hand, but i think we’ll be relatively relaxed about our position and i think aguero will play this due to rotation with fodor and uh mahrez and de bruyne at all, getting a little bit of a rest. It could be for antorus by the way over on the right that’s, not something to kind of ignore, maybe the lap who knows i don’t think so, but who knows that’d be lovely wouldn’t it, but that is the team i’m going for it could be vastly different. I mean i’m expecting a whole bunch of changes tomorrow at manchester city um to take it seriously, but at the same time, look ahead to the games that are unquestionably more important in terms of leeds united. Well, it’s been a good season for leeds. Overall, they have established themselves as a solid mid table premier league team, a capable every now, then being a very good team, but also capable of shipping. A whole lot of goals, um against a variety of teams. Haven’T been totally honest. They have got a good side, though lees, and they have impressed people this year. Um they are in decent ish form, they did lose loads of games in february, but they bounced back a little bit in march um. They beat shuffle united last time around 2 1 and uh following two on before that got a good, solid point against chelsea um.

At the time when two shells chelsea were flying a little bit, they did lose to west ham before that and lost to villa before that, beat south savage in free, no lost to wolves, though lost to arsenal uh, so they’ve been very up and down um. Therefore, basically they’ve been very mid table really uh, which is what you’d expect from a mid table side. I guess which makes sense, beating anyone they’re beating no one at the same time, uh in terms of their actual team. No jack harrison obviously will be a blow for them. We are his parent club, so he can’t play against us, apparently so that’s a blow for them, not that i’m complaining because he’s a good player – and i don’t – want him anywhere near us, though they have got. Rafinha he’s been one of the breakout players. This season been excellent for leeds and, of course, patrick bamford’s, having won the seasons of his life and then they’ve got good players like costa and phillips, and so on, and island and and they’ve got decent players. Basically, that will causes some potential trouble and, of course, um they’ve got marcelo bielsa who’s a manager at guardiola, massively massively respects guardiola, said about bielsa, a guy who respects the opponent who plays for fans who just wants to play for victory, homework away and convinces the Players to follow him, i recognize the best people say he doesn’t win titles, but give him manchester city squad and he’d win titles, which is very humble of guardiola there, and maybe he’s got some of it to that man.

Maybe maybe he has look at when he had the best squad in the championship. Look what he did there, so maybe he would do better with the resources manchester city you’ve got either way. Guardiola is a big fan of him and also a big fan of leeds. He went on to say, i’m pretty sure they deserve completely what they got so far. I admire a lot of things they do, especially how they behave on the pitch it doesn’t matter, the opponent or the competition it’s a completely different game to what we played so far. They demand you to do something that you aren’t used to. At the same time, it’s a challenge we are so close, we need three wins and one draw to win the premier league and when you play at home, it’s another opportunity, it’s between important games between dortmund uh, which is true, and i think we should be confident Because um we’re, our better side than them leads, are conceded as well. By the way, the most goals from set pieces in the premier league this season, which i’m gon na say, could be a very big thing for us, given our uh delivery and given the likes of diaz and stones, getting their big heads um on big crosses this Season so maybe there’s an opportunity there, but one thing we will know from leeds is that they will play all 10. It all they’ll play with high intensity. They will play and organize they’ll play consistently and they’re very good side, and we need to be very, very honest, i’m still, confident, though i still think we’ve got a little bit too much room and they’re very much in the stage of the season.

Now, where they’ve got very little to play for they’re, probably not going to get european football let’s have a look at the table once again, but yeah they’re not there’s. Like seven points behind seven places, they’ve got no chance of catching that in my personal opinion, and they are miles safe as well from relegation, so they are just kind of hovering around the table. Now getting the job done and of course, though, it is a big game for them, so they’ll be confident or they’ll be up for it at least to try and make an impression. But you have to be confident with this manchester city side, because why wouldn’t you? Because we win pretty much every game we ever play in that’s, not even controversial it’s, literally a statistical fact at the moment, apart from one in like 28 or something like that either way, i am pretty confident i’m gon na go for manchester city to win this One um i am going for free one month to city – i think we may concede in this one, but i do think we’ll push away at the end uh and have a relatively comfortable victory, hopefully sergio a score. That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it for now guys. Thank you so much for watching this. Thank you so much to my patreon producer, ahmed al ali and also big love to all the patrons currently scrolling down the side of the screen. If you’re watching this uh certain individual i’ve got a patreon shout out coming out for one person soon, i haven’t forgotten it’ll be up very very soon.

I promise you for now, though, go watch the videos i’ve done this week.

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