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Do you and you can’t pick wolves i’m, not going to pick wolves that’s a terrible good night. Can i just and i’m going to? Thank you not to be not picking arsenal? Okay, good somebody today, by the way somebody called us an uh arsenal fan, show i had to correct them. I was like i don’t think you watch our show. You don’t watch the show there’s only one of us here and we got a couple. We got a couple of fans out there of all ilk of all of all teams. Uh, you know, look, do you think we’re gon na? Have this show and not talk about leads? Oh, come on come on, i don’t get 40 85 percent. Nothing there’s! Only one vote that matters here and that’s mine and i’m, taken as a game to watch leads in man city, because i think this is one that leads might steal from city and i’m saying this, because what do you? What? What does man city get up for? Where’S their focus. Are they focusing on the carabao cup? Are they focused on the fa cup? Are they focused on champions league? Are they focused on the game that’s coming up this weekend, where’s their focus, and i think they’re they’re over here they’re thinking about this they’re thinking about that they’re. Thinking about that quadruple. This is a game that could easily be stolen by uh bielson company yeah wow wow wow wow really trying to get some brownie points with our leads united kingdom no brownie points.

I really i this is something i firmly believe i i agree with you. This match this match. Um this this one and really the the west ham lester and this match are – are the ones that i’m most excited about? Yes, spurs man, united is a really big match and it does have some some top four implications, but entertainment wise, like leeds united, is afraid of no team. Leeds united is afraid of no player. No manager strikes fear into the heart of leeds united because they’re mental they’re, a bunch of crazy people right just like their fan base, which is why we love them so much you’re, you’re, all a bunch of crazies and your team is crazy and your boss is Called el loco, the crazy, the crazy guy, because you go in it’s, just fantastic it’s. The way you guys went in into the first match of the season. The freshly promoted team against the team that was breaking records and unstoppable until watford beat him right and you guys went in going i’m. Sorry, who are you guys off uh mohamed sal? What no i don’t, i never heard of you like james, would say: messi never heard of him um that you guys are fantastic about that, and your team and your club are fantastic about it. So you’re gon na you’re, not gon na sit back against man city and try to keep them from scoring marcelo. Bielsa knows the only way to beat a team is by scoring more goals period if they scored seven, you don’t have enough.

So keep go. Like 7 1, you don’t have enough, keep going uh and if you give up eight, you still don’t have enough. So keep going, and i love it, and this game is gon na, be full of goals. I see um melies is gon na do his best, but there’s gon na be goals um, i i’m gon na. Let naji talk a little bit about it and then we’re going to get to our scores and but just know from me, there’s going to be a bunch. I might as well just get two dice and just throw them out roll them and see so naji. What do you feel about this to choose from? Can you believe it in the champions league against dortmund? He didn’t play sterling fernandinho uh torres and aguero. He didn’t play them now, yeah, so mark’s over here saying who’s who’s he gon na prioritize who’s. He prior he doesn’t, have to no. He has three clubs that could beat your club for the backboard. Now, if united are a step away from getting into the top 10 right, but they struggle against title contender guys they put five points only from 42 points from the first seven team in the league, but the top seven right now they only got five points from Them out of 42, that is not good enough. They struggle against big teams and guess what jack harrison isn’t playing phillips that he doesn’t score, and i said that but jack harrison scored goals, seven goals for them.

This season and he’s not playing this weekend now listen jack harrison. Yes, he has seven goals, but he has not been himself lately and i think, taking a break and not not being pulled off at halftime or anything and not being told you’re, not starting but being pulled off because you can’t play um. I think it’ll be good for him and who’s going to start in there for jack. Harrison will probably be last time. Last time they moved alioski up. No, yes, they did. I don’t you played in place like harrison. We’Ll, see we’ll, see who starts instead of jack. Harrison but listen, this is, this is a freebie. This is, this is a freebie. Nobody expects leeds united to win so they’re gon na go balls to the wall and um, something else that we talked about the last time. These two faced off is the love that pep guardiola and marcelo bielsa have for each other, and the respect like um pep feels like bielsa is his father like he’s. He pep just wants to hang out with him all the time and and there’s such music when pepe yeah and then go hang out together and like sit around the fire and talk football um. So this is just we’re. Gon na see some two of the best managers in the world uh out there, together with vastly different caliber teams, and – and i think you know uh pep – knows what pep knows.

What bielsa is gon na do uh not saying like he’s outsmarting bielsa bielsa is just very up front um, and he says this is what i’m gon na do: try to beat it, and and pep’s gon na have some interesting counters to all of that, and and It’S gon na be a good little chess match. That’S gon na blow up into uh it’s gon na start as chess and end as battleship or i don’t know i don’t know no hungry hungry, hippos it’s gon na be that frantic the pace is gon na. Be amazing, it’s gon na be it’s gon na, be absolutely amazing and uh it’s gon na it’s, one that i wish aguero was like fully fit and could play in because he would gobble up these these goals. I feel, like i don’t know if he’s got the pace to to play in this match the whole time no uh, so naji uh what’s your score prediction for leeds united state. But last time again, they united don’t, have donald trump take plain iron heart lee boya harry kevin mark feduca, guys. The whites are losing this game three to one man city. Well at least he gave him a goal: yeah, let you you forget. They may not have vaduka, they got mr potty bamford, mr hatrick bamford himself and they’ve got the the marvelous rafinha um. I don’t know and little uh little uh, mr breaking curfew. Tyler roberts don’t forget about him who will score two offside goals.

He will definitely have a brace of offside goals that are not even looked at with var he’s. Just no he’ll be just clearly upset um and then don’t forget about stuart dallas, he’s gon na run amok. I think gundaman’s gon na have a good old time. De bruyne is looking oh, that bastard, that that that ink is gon na be dry on that contract, he’s ready to go yeah. He just signed his new contract uh man he’s, looking dangerous, so uh i’m gon na, say i’m going to say this is a goal fest and i’m going say it going 4 3 city, but i think it’s, 3 3, until the 90th minute. I think it’s. 3. 3 to the 90th minute and then there’s a heartbreaker like uh kevin de bruyne, a free kick from 30 yards out uh, one that it’s like come on guys blow the whistle and he just curls one and melee goes what the you want me to do with That Laughter so there’s that uh yeah, i i don’t, think i i think it’s going to be fun. I think the pace is going to be tremendous uh. I don’t think that they’re going to be seven gorgeous gold, seven goals scored that’s. What i meant to say, seven goals, i don’t think so. What i do think is that it’s going to be the result is going to be 2 1 and leeds is going to sneak this one out they’re going to win this one.

Yes, sir. 2. 1. Calvin phillips, maybe he scores – oh calvin phillips – is on my score sheet every week until he scores exactly, and you know, naji ever since you said that calvin phillips has been shooting like crazy it’s. True, like he’s he’s been yeah everybody’s like what are you calvin come on, come on, get back, get back, get back, come back play over here, yeah um, so it’s very interesting thinking about it because, like leeds united, their their backline uh their their back, their defensive Midfielders and their their uh left backs and right back spend the majority of the match in the other team in the opposition’s half. Meanwhile, city has their their their guys sitting back in their own half most the time anyway, and then creates these incredible breaks. So it’s it’s going to be most of the match, is going to be played in the city half. Yet the goals are going to be probably favor city um, but it’s just going to be a good, exciting, yeah it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch yeah, yeah well, that’s, where the wings you know, look at some alias uh, luke, ayling, um and Then, but getting past that that man, city back wall, um, there’s, some talented, uh, fullbacks and and left back and right back in everybody, i don’t know it’s going to be a good one. I’M very excited for it. So what are your thoughts on that on all those scores predictions guys? What do you guys think is going to be the result for the leeds united man, city, leicester, city, west ham, united and the scum versus the spurs gums um? So let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button and all that down there nazi.

Thank you so much for joining us mark. Thank you for joining us. Thank you, mr sun, for being here and keeping us keeping us nice and warm.

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