Leeds United, Marcelo Bielsa, Premier League, Manchester City F.C. Team news, Sergio Aguero, ‘a big test’ | Marcelo Bielsa pre-match | Manchester City v Leeds United

Well, both teams aim or they’re accentuated in in creativity, and this helps in in building a a good spectacle. Evaluation of his performances recognize how how important he has been for for manchester city and and for the premier league uh, Music. Well well. The team will be subject to a big big test against the leaders manchester city and we will see how the team has evolved. I prefer to not anticipate how the team is evolved and wait until until the match has been played for the wingers that make up our squad. Um apart apart from harrison, um Music um play this position in a different manner and and and they have different strengths to to show what they can do. But we always but we’re, always looking for the same thing: okay, attacking that they attack um getting in behind and they defend what the necess they descend. They defend the necessary amount, no, no foreign. We know that if we’re not able to take the ball of city uh, we we know the consequences there. There are an inevitable. Solamente is Music.

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