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Then lynch you were saying before big midfield questions for jurgen klopp, so let’s get into it alliston in goal, but he’s shaved off the mustache doesn’t. He guys yeah drop him. What what a dreamboat, what who can have a beard? A mustache and then be clean, shaven and looks that good. With the exception of me right moving on doily what’s what’s the battle going to be uh right, i keep on saying simulcast every single week don’t i yeah you do yeah. I do feel as though he has to play at some points, but this is the one where i’m not i’m, going to say he’s not going to play. I think the back four just got with the back four simple. As that i was going to say, maybe robertson think he maybe he got off a bit likely with his performance on tuesday. Maybe this is the game to drop him for lynchy. What about you, you’re, going to go with the the usual tried and trusted now played all the five games together. I would quite like to see summer cast come in for a game just because i think you know would be nice to see him and – and i think robertson’s form if he was poor wasn’t he on tuesday and just to give him a rest going into that. Real madrid rematch, i think, would be will be quite good, but i just don’t expect it. To be honest, i think he’s going to go with the same back four and he wants to get rhythm into that back four or you know, considering he played about 50 odd games on the bounce.

I think he’s going to stick with it: yeah yeah ben davis and sumikash just on the touchline doing keep going with each other. Well, somebody was asking me this: is there any chance that fabinho could go back to centre back ahead of the royal madrid game? Because you know what to do to them against real madrid yeah. Does anybody think there’s anything in there? Because i mean my answer was no, but i don’t think so because in the real madrid game, liverpool need to get goals. I think he might help study things up defensively, but actually one of his real underrated qualities is those those balls forward from deep isn’t it, and i think liverpool are going to need him actually as much of an attacking arsenal on the pitch as they can, and I think he’s better in that position. Therefore, in midfield you would then have to put cater in midfield wouldn’t. If you put filipino in defense – and i don’t think your club wants to do that anymore, no there’s loads of midfielders that could play curtis jones it’s, a big ask of him, though isn’t it, i think he’s. I think he’s proven this season that he deserves a goal. I think yeah, if anyone’s going to love it. If anyone’s going to love it’ll, be him, will he yeah anyway man for the big occasion, the midfield for villa um yeah? Can you go to get go to lynchy? First, because yeah lynchy, you go first mate.

I think i think, because you’ll be worried about the way that the midfield played on tuesday and i think, you’ll think there’s enough gap between the games. I think he might go with the same against villarreal as he goes against real madrid and i think that could be then fabinho thiago and wine album and then obviously, if he, if he can then make some changes early on and get curtis jones on or get James milner, on just to just to make sure those players are fresh, but i think he having mixed it up what he had as a unit there. I think he’ll want to get it settled and and sorted before the real madrid game. If he can, because he’s he’s not going to go with the same three as he so yeah. I think it might might sort of pick itself and that that be the strongest midfield on paper, which would be thiago wine album and for being here, i know we’re a sort of full decade without a goal in anfield, but erica milner comes into the midfield. Maybe maybe for fine album? Well, i i’ve my team is going to be 4 2 3 1 because i think they’re going to go 4. 2. 3. 1 against real madrid, but not with these players. The two i’m going to pick against villa are fabinho and milner miller on the left side for being on the right and then the one that joins up with the front three, probably curtis jones yeah.

I reckon that can play in a four three three anyway can’t, because milner did get fooled quite a lot against arsenal. How arsenal were pretty much on there in the whole game in the first half but anyway, yeah doily come back to you, then, for the forward. Three who’s, your yeah two and one in the four two three one uh. Well, i think well, it’s! Yes, you mean the the wide players will be jotter and salah and up front will be femino many dropped. Lynchy. Are you going along with that? I i think you might keep my name for this one and drop him for the real madrid game and so yeah. So maybe salad, money for me now and then and then he makes the big. The big call against real madrid and jotter starts. On the left hand, side, maybe do you think the thing with the the four players he’s got at the top end of the pitch which shot her. I think they started once together against manchester city and josh came off after an hour, or did they start with again? I think they started sheffield united united yeah and when one they were behind in that game, though didn’t they well against sheffield united i’m, pretty sure they changed it at half time, uh and oh certainly in the second half and against city city, worked out after 25 Minutes so i was going to say the point i was going to make on it, though, is: do you do you think it’s been far more effective having the four of them on the pitch when any one of them normally jotter has come on to the pitch And they’ve then gone to a four as opposed to the four of them all starting.

You know, yeah i’d, agree with that. I think it’s a better option when you change to it mid game rather than than starting out with it. I think yeah, because i think that those cagey moments early in the game and the fact that you know teams will do everything they can to restrict space in the early moments. You know, particularly across the first half, to have the four of them just getting in each other’s way, with the little space that’s there already is. It becomes a bit of a problem. I think when you introduce it later in the game, spaces are opening up. Players are getting tired and there’s just a little bit more chaos going on. I think it really suits them to do that, which is you know? Maybe what would keep him from going with all four in the in in the sort of the second leg against real madrid would maybe think that it’s best to to go with whatever he thinks his first choice, three is and then and then change it from there. Yeah right, what about them match results then liverpool, six defeats in a row, something about the number seven with aston villa this season. It’S not gon na be a seventh defeat in a row. Is it oily? Well, technically speaking, they have they’ve won the last home game against that yeah they’re in great form: yeah they’re in the ground, yeah it’s, brilliant at home, yeah um.

I think that, as i will be there and i cannot cope with another unbelievably boring game um. I will go with 3 2 for liverpool by the way on the push pass arena. We’Ve got what anfield south being wembley anfield west, maybe being millennium stadium, is that anfield east out in budapest in europe, yeah yeah yeah happy days lynchy. What about the match result for overused um yeah? No, i fancied a little to bounce back. I think they were very good against arsenal. It’S, quite easy to forget that you know real madrid are just quite good aren’t. They in aston villa not not as good as real madrid, so surely liverpool can can win this one and sort of get themselves right in that top four race. So i’m gon na go two now yeah. Hopefully that is the case. Hopefully we’ve lifted spirits as well. On this edition of the blood road podcast as liverpool look to go to end that open play gold route at anfield, you can make sure you keep across everything that doily is up to at anfield on matchday. Well, that will be the live.

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