Siblings Day, 2021 ter day👭

Let me show you here something about avocado. Look at my nails. Look how much nail they have. These are fires. As you can see, my sister’s playing advertise guys. Tell me: go home guys. Tell me if i look 10 because daddy’s sitting in mommy’s city, Music, dude um ready, set yeah ready set. Yes mommy we come in, i don’t think he should go, why you can see it around them. Are you gon na even post it? How am i supposed to post it if i can’t even well, i could post i got ta make a youtube channel, guys we’re gon na have our own youtube channel. I mean a sister youtube channel. What is the howard twins? Yeah, no it’s, not called the hell. Champ we don’t know what their name is, but stay tuned for that. So daddy said he don’t know he’s actually gon na be a dad he’s gon na be a cameraman and guys we’re gon na have our own face what’s up at the task to share facebook. Daddy say a parrot: if we have a youtube channel, we can have tick. Tock, it’s hard and i’m gon na have my own i’m. Not sharing with her okay, uh, Music. Music. Hmm do not come is Music. I don’t chase chase. Okay, siri can’t see you the interior. I think he’s like um one month, 25, five, six well he’s like five or six months. I don’t know but he’s summer, because he yeah his birthday was.

His birthday party was last christmas.

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