Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Trae Young, NBA, Eastern Conference Full Game Highlights vs CHI (42 PTS, 8 REB, 9 AST) NBA 20/21 Season

What the hawks have to do offer turnovers you got to be willing to get out and run when he gets going like this early he’s. You know that basket starts to grow on him and he’s, not afraid to take the big shots craig on the line to capela. You seem to have the big fella back out there tell me if i’m wrong shot like that, moving to your left, tough shot to make trey with the crossover and sinks the floater to pick a roll again here, trey it’s, another floater! If you don’t stop the ball, one of the changes billy donovan has made with all the activity at the trade deadline is to is back to you. There, on the lane line as trey gets ready to shoot the second shot when sadovansky faded away against trey made it a much tougher shot, floats it and hits it again, and he going just get better and better, especially playing with zach levine trey, nothing but net Trey could get two up in the back at the foul line where he is an 87 shooter starting. The evening is the 15th leading scorer in the league. At 25.1, six foot, eight daniel teice, has already appeared in three games against the hawks this season. As a member of the boston celtics now in chicago trey gets to the top, they leave him measures pulls up, that’s that’s, bad defense. There makes something out of nothing. Floater by trey is good.

Trey, keep running the pick and rolls and they’re down by 13. Applause. Trey, looking lobbing oh just threw that one in first play they run for levine is right on the baseline and the hawks get torched right away. 68 55. The lob to capela Applause sadaraska, has been wide open on a couple threes. He doesn’t feel comfortable in taking that shot. Deep bomb portray is good Applause to really make you alter that shot. A little bit. Trey hits the floater he’s had that shot going tonight, and the hawks crawling back in have cut it to six trey with a floater crate. Trey sets that floater up with the crossover just underway third period 73 66 and the second shot is good tough shot to make because you’re not warm. They took saddaransky out floater by craig drops in he’s got 28.. I would run it every single time from trey. As we’re halfway through this third period, the all time bulls record is 69, as both donovan puts down a nice looking jump shot the only other player to do that, michael jordan, to go for 37, 5 and 5 in less than 27 minutes. He turns around draws out away from the basket trey step back for two good 31 for trey young. I think it’d be a nice psychological hurdle to get over in a game like this. Get that lead trey going in ties it at 82., oh trey, by troy, brown, jr and trey breaks the deadlock hawks by 134 for trey and they’re piling up again tonight.

This is his 10th attempt and his eighth make for 35 points comes back to get this one it’s young out there with galinari cappella, herder and bogdanovic young for capella and right back they’re coming at him. He gets into the paint, gets to get to capella for the lay in timeout chicago hawks by six and looking for more trey works. It banks it and hits it trey young, with 38. three minutes left trey jammed on that sideline rifles it into clinton and he jams it again and that’s. Eight dimes there for trae young trey at mid floor, patrick williams, on him behind the back gallow for three good night chicago Applause, entry pass detroit mid floor hawks by 10 and the bulls seem to be running the white flag up the pole. Trey drops it in 40 for trey Music, but no matter how many points, no matter how many rebounds or block shots you know they came. You know a little flat in the first half but stayed with.

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