Juventus F.C., Serie A, Genoa C.F.C., S.S.C. Napoli, UEFA Champions League 2020-2021 SERIE A ⚽ MATCHDAY 30 PREDICTIONS

Ah, as the fellow title, chasers ac man drop more points, but what will happen this coming week? We’Ll, take a little look Music next, Music that’s right folks back once again with another production show today, we’re talking about number 30 over in sydney ah and we’ll, get to that in just one. Second, if you’re new to the channel smash your subscriber back and take little things black and rose later, see that related wow, Music, yeah, that’s right, of course, uh big big chance, though, of course, it’s announced externally further this coming week and also a chance for some. A couple of teams to make up for lost ground as we play up a bit of a catch up. We will take a look at that in a minute. Of course, a big big shout out to the vip vanderbilt we’re talking about the patrons that’s right. Thank you for your continued support. I do appreciate it guys, but let’s get cracking. Thank you very much here we go. Take a look back out, of course, my picks, then your picks and then, of course, we kick off forwards with our next round of matches. Kicking all off, it was back on the saturday third of april first game back from the international break ac milan, one more draw against sampdoria fabio crocodile. I get them goal for cos. Sampdoria james, peter halger, getting a course for ac milan as their title. Uh push continues to fade away.

Adrian silva again, of course, get himself sent off as a sampler. He must have to hold on for a point big point for them as well. I show him with the tune with him, but unfortunately i was wrong. Meanwhile, napoli seven goal thriller tony uh lincenzo lorenzo insignia course, victor summoning, of course, dress, mertens and, of course, giovanni de los enzo getting the goals for, of course, napoli semi got goals, couple of goals for cortoni, with junior messiahs, getting the goals as well. In a seven goal, thriller going in favor of napoli four three in the end three one for me not too shabby me what you know. I guess, if you’re in tina end of old square, one one in the end, uh mateo destro, getting the goal, scores two central hovich as well frankfurt getting the goal. Getting a goal get himself set off on that badger in a one one draw two one for me uh, but i got it wrong. We were benevento against uh palmer, two two in the end on that one uh, gillitch uh or glitch i’m scorching cause after anita as well with jasmine, kutich and, of course, dennis mann. Getting the goals for, of course, palmer uh. Two two in the end tuna. For me for palmer come on got that one wrong: uh salsa against roma end up two two as well: uh, hammond, triora, of course, giancomo raspadalee. Worst of that effect. Of course, lorenzo pellegrini and bruno perez uh getting the goals for, of course, roma.

In a two two draw got myself on this one: two one win for the cell studio. Shame on me! Meanwhile, lazio they picked up a 2 1 win over uh special mother manuel lazarali got himself a goal and a sending off and philippe casado uh you’re. Also going to go for lazio, uh jochen carrier also himself ascend off as latino ended up the game with just nine men. Daniel vardy uh get himself a goal for spezia 2 1 win two nil for me: uh atlanta, three, two winners over ud naysayeth uh, five goal thriller going in favor, though at santa luis marielle with a couple goes into duvet zapata as well: roberto pereira and jens Stryger larson got themselves a goal for udonese in a 3 2 win for atlanta in the emir, cagliari uh, two nil loss to them. I guess alice verona pick up a big three points, as their chase for europe continues: uh antonio barach on scoresheet, of course, kevin lasagna, getting a goal for verona in the end uh one more for me not too bad. Of course, juventus drop more points against torino. Two two: in the end there, where, where will ronaldo go? This could be a bit of an interesting sidebar, because antonio san bernardino, with the capitals of torino, very quies, of course, cristiano ronaldo get the goals for juventus if they don’t get champions league football. Folks, juventus uh, of course, ronaldo will leave. He will bloody well leave.

I can guarantee that and they’re not nailed on just yet. Meanwhile, of course, uh intermittent eight points clear now. Two near wind uh was my pick one one. There was a final score: romelu lukaku, getting the goal for across into milan uh, as you see, comes a four out of ten, which is pretty the table, though, looks like this eight points, clear of ac milan atlanta, of course, uh in third and they’ve, got two Point cushion over here so i’ve played the game more as well, so we’ll see how that pans, of course and napoli as well uh into contention as well and we’ll talk about them in a minute because they will be meeting in the mid week. Bruce lee bonus crunch clash this week, so here we go what’s the criteria, boys and girls know to three in the ship fifteen four to six straight, eight, eight plus you’re in the top bend. How about you then sure, of course, russell frost well done to you not too bad, because george, you guys have also did good i’ve been so long did, okay, of course, aj 24, not too bad. Of course, game changer also did very, very well alex well. I did bits back and also they’ve been very, very well, of course, costa kay he’s. Okay, do you bet the great he’s, also pretty good from school of stuff? Oh mascara! Well done to you, of course, james bcfc are great. You did great, of course, ryan long.

Also did very very well alan mc, you know me, you did good. Of course, austin also did very well janet busted. The bits watching monday also did good because leo olivier they’re, not too bad, because the d man also they’ve been really well ultra fair players. Here, of course, shane donald also did very, very good. Oh joe 52 also did good rubber holds up too bad because tom steiner well done and hands worse, kicking ass and taking names, female giant side, fridge, uh, and this guy here, of course, irish trigger all, did very very well for themselves. What about the leaderboard, though? Take a look, look at it, of course, look at these guys all with four just like me, but of course the kingpin. This week’s what’s cause alex weller, oh mascara, god ryan long, with, of course, getting himself seven out of ten, but it’s not good enough to get top bins. But what about the overall label? Let’S take a look at it then. Shall we here we go. Your kingpin as of right here right now is on magic monday, with the two point cushion of alex weller, who did make up good ground on omaji monday this week. So tremendous effort for youtube was clear gained, but still imagine monday leads the kings. Of course he is the kingping right here right now, as the season wants to end today, he will be wearing the crown, but of course it could all change, especially with this week.

As we’ve got uh 12 fixtures on the agenda, which means 12 points up for grab, so who’s going to be uh taking the command. We’Ll have a look at it next week. So here we go juventus. Take it across napoli place for the last six three for juventus two financially one draw last round in uv, of course, was a tuna win for, of course, juventus back in turin, that’s back in january 2021 in the in the in the uh italian super cup. I think it was ronaldo morata on the scroll she gave me juventus, but that’s. The pressure, though in the league in juventus, was the seventh goal: thriller going in favor of of of juventus back in august 2019, daniello uh, iguain ronaldo on scorpio cooler body as well. With bigfoot og, costas, manolas lozano and of course, giovanno el did lorenzo get the ghost, because napoli is the seven goal throughout. They also picture that this season in naples back in february, so of course it will won their win for, of course, napoli uh juventus are winning seven last eight home matches against uh, napoli and all comps uh, not only though i’ve actually won the last four matches. In syria, also because at least two goals scoring good two goals in six of the last seven matches in sydney are they coming to this winning four on the spin that’s? Definitely being nice to bologna, ac, milan, roma and, of course, juventus crotone defeats for them? Sorry back to back matches without a win uh losing to, of course, benevento also drawing to torino as well as they are going for a bit of a rough patch.

Look at the buggies odds on this. One we’ve got no juventus coming out 11 to 10 on, for the victory three to one is napoli 13 to five is the draw win for napoli in fifth? They could go as high as third. Of course, a win for juventus could go so third uh. For me, gon na go with on this one three two one for juventus, unfortunately, we’ll see what happens next of course, intelligent. Of course, south sulio let’s get into the cisco’s picture of the last six two minutes. A piece and two drawers laughing around in milan was a 3 3 draw, of course, back in june 2020, of course, ghost goes to lukaku, barayagi and valliero and squishy for, inter milan, with francesco caputo, bariatri and meghini on squishy, of course, for south pseudo milan screen Rag himself sent off the last time that these two sides played in milan. Of course, the picture this is in south sudan was a three in one for, inter milan, of course, so they’ll fancy their chances again. Milan they’re winning at their last uh 10 hop matches in syria are scoring these three goals and the last three matches get started as well. Coming into this at least six months on the spin, it could be more than that, as for south sudan, just one in the past six games against verona, uh three two win a couple of games back looking for his odds on this one.

Of course, we got into milan coming out to three to one are on for the victory seventies, four issues or eight one is your long shot, that’s of course solve sudo sugar and ninth or whatever? Then they can move up to uh eighth intimate on top of they’ll be top no matter what gon na go with the tuna with it to land three points in the bag and another externally to eleven points at the top of the table. Next up, of course, that’s special against tony that’ll be on friday, so scrap that saturday. The 10th of april of course pleasure the last six three months, especially two weeks for tony and one draw last round. Inspection was a two woman for cortona back in city b. Back in august 2019, gold skills on they see me with a couple goals for cortona cause. Frederico richie get the goal so, of course betsy, but they lost, of course, up to each other. This season in croton is a full win for tony back of course, december crotoni, though losing their last nine matches on the road. Uh also consider these two goals in the last 11 matches as well coming into this uh just won the past six games to them. That was against torino at home. Meanwhile, just won in the past six games perspective that was against two one: win against kellyary, also at home, for them look at bucky’s odds on this one special three to four to three on for the victory of course, three to one issues draw three to one: Is also you’re away, win for crotone.

Of course, spec should come into this in 16th middleweight. Then they can move up to fourteenth, whereas gratoni are rooted to the table, but a whimper, then they can close in on 19th i’m going to go with a win for sputchy on this one with the one who win three points in the bag: uh next up Palmer taking it across ac milan on saturday also the 10th of april, please for the last five, nothing for palmer. Five: three mistakes went out and two draws last round in palmer’s one win for milan uh back in december 2019 theory and anders getting the goal for ac uh. Also, bishop of this season in malawi’s a two two draw back in december: mason lando scoring these two goals in 19 last 20 matches on way away from home, uh palmer because he leads two goals in the last uh 10 last 11 matches in syria are also Failing to win 19 last 20 matches as well heading into this, though just one defeat: the past four games for parliament that was against uh, genoa. Meanwhile, just one minute past five for ac man that was fiorentina a couple games back uh, look at the book e e’s odds. Uh take a look at the book. Is ours, of course, heading into this one? We have ac milan 64 on for the victory. 41. Is japan, 45 asia draw of course, palmer currently find themselves in the drop zone, but over there they can move up to 18th eighteen out of second and they’ll, be second.

If they get a win, they’ll get the win for me two and win just enough to get the three points. Uh next of udonesia take across torino. Also on the saturday the 10th of april place. You know the last six two of unisa three for torino and one draw last round. Indonesia was one win football back and, of course, october 2019. goal scorer stefano uka, getting the goal for odense. Also pressure. This season in torino was a three two win for uganese back in december, of course, heading into this, who denies just one win: uh and the past five for them. That was against, of course, uh south sudio back to back defeats them also losing to lazio. Of course, atlanta, quick succession, asatria just won, win the past five for them. That was against south sudio. A couple games back uh, not really good form for them either. I look at the book is odds on this. One we’ve got uh uh 65 for the victory 11. Five, as you draw 12 survivor, torino torino, actually just above the drop zone, but whether they can move up to close to the 16th, whereas they are 12th and one for them. They can move up to 11th. In the table, gon na go with the winford delays on this one to reno, look shite into milan again a double match week for them, because they can cause places of the last six four four into a man, one for cagliari and one draw last round uh For milan in milan in international business back in january 2020 was one one draw uh.

Of course, last season goal scores on day and randognangeliland. Of course, kellyary martinez and bernie got self sent off as inter milan ended up the game with just nine men intermittently winning uh the last ten home matches. Instead of where’s caviar, fell to win 20 last 22 matches in syria as well. Coming into this three defeats on the spin for cagliari losing next to specs and of course, verona, ask until now they’re on their win, uh just keep on bloody winning uh, of course, heading into this, though, and they’re fancy the chance is 92 on for the victory For two fighter, one is your jaw 12 to one is your long shots that’s, kellyary, kaliari can’t? You find themselves in the relocation zone but away, but then they can move up to 17th. Of course, interim has got six points on the agenda for this week and, of course, they’ll get all six uh with the win against kellyary as well, without considering the goal next up. Of course, the aventis up against genoa, uh pleasure, the last six forwards, juventus one for genoa and one draw last round in turin, was a three two win for juventus. That was, of course, in the cup italia, of course, back in january 2021. Also, last time please subscribe on that day was, of course it was bonucci and ronaldo. Of course, robert gets himself sent off for juventus uh, francesco, cassata and frederick and machete get himself sent off also for genoa last round christian cooney getting the goal, for course, genoa.

Also put each other this season, engine was a three one would be invented. So one two three four four games: uh, oh uh, win winning run for juventus over judo in all competitions heading into this, though, of course, genoa just won the one win in the past. Six games that was against, of course, palmer. Meanwhile, of course, juventus backpack games without a win and they’ll come into this, though, on the back of a win against napoli, so a chance for them to uh. To get some points on the agenda when uh the odds are ninety two one for, of course, you invented five to one in short, eleven one issues, genela, of course, uh double double six pointers on the agenda for the events. If they were both of those, they could be as high as second uh at the end of it, of course, that’s what they’re, after as for their opposition, genoa, they’re actually down to 30, but whether they can move up to 11th uh going to go with the Tune of juventus back to back wins as well six points in the agenda to keep their season alive, uh next, of course, helles veronica. Take it across lazy, oh pleasure, the last six one for verona fought for last year. Of course, one draw left them around in verona was, of course, a 5 1 win in favor of latino back in uh july 2020, sido imma be liberal, but the hatching, of course, sergio malekovich savage and jackie herrera squishy, of course palazzo soffin i’m.

At about to get the goals for across verona, but they end up losing that game quite convincingly. It also pushes this is in rome to win for verona back of course december this season. Last year, though, winning the last three matches in assyria and they’ve also come into this uh just one defeat past four, for them, of course, that one defeat was against uh uh buying in the champions league, as for uh verona has just won in the past four Games that world and one wins last time around against cagliari uh just the other day. Oh look at the book is odds. Verona come into this. Of course, 25 for the victory 25. As you draw 11 10 is your lazio. Lazio are actually in sixth, and then they could close it on. Fifth uh verona are actually in eighth and whether they can close in on seventh, but i think it’ll be a draw on this one, one one in the end. Next, of course, my boy stopped doing it up against napoli played for the last six months for some tour of five for napoli cause no draws nothing around in sap doors. The sixth goal, thriller in favor of napoli. Of course, four two in the end alexander militia cause streets, mertens, uh, diego demi and, of course, evelyth on the school shooting cause, napoli fabio gorilla, of course, malo gabidini on the squashy of course sampdoria as they made a game of it.

A fourth a picture of this is in naples or napoli or whatever you want to call it napoli uh. It was a 2 1 win for napoli back of course december this season heading into this, though napoli winning their last four matches. They’Re coming to this on the back of the defeat, though uh and of course that will be their first defeat early in the campaign uh, this thing against uh, but prior to that they were unbeaten in the last four games, or at least five games winning four On the spin, of course, some doorkeepers just want to feed the past five that one if he was against uh. Of course, bologna. Three one loss: uh, look at the book is odds on this one sampdoria coming to this uh four to one for the victory, eleven fourteen sure, six, four on asia, napoli uh, of course, napoli – have got six points in the gender win both of those they could Go as high as uh second at the table, i think i’m going to go with the three one with napoli on this one with another three points in this one, but they’ll lose the other ones, which will just be three points for them. Next was a run up against bologna let’s get into this one. The shower of course picture the last six three for roma two for bologna and one draw last time around in aroma. Also three: two win: four bologna: back across february: twenty twenty five gold, thriller uh moosa barrow with capitals, if bologna ricardo oscellini as well in bologna, the win stefano dens willy with a big fat og and, of course, my henrikh mkhitaryan, as well with brian christanya.

On this uh themselves sent off as bologna uh picked it for three points. Also, pictures of this in bologna was a five one. Win for roma uh romano can see at least two goals in the last three matches heading into this uh roman just won in the past four games that was against shaq to the desk, in the of course, the europa league. Meanwhile, just one minute in the past. Oh sorry, one defeated past three games for bologna have them believe in the game. Of course, they did listen to milan champions elect you would say last round. Look at the book is odds on this one roma. Third, twenty two: thirteen on for the right 65, as you draw fifteen to four: is your bologna bologna coming this, of course eleventh, and whether they can move up to tenth romer, actually in seventh and over then they can move up to? Sixth, oh yes, they’ll get the win with the tuna win in the end into the final two. Now we have florentine up against atlanta pleasure to the last six months. If you’re in general for atlanta one draw last time around infuriating was a two way for atlanta. Back of course, february 2020., uh, duvan zapata and rusan maliovsky on scotia course for atlanta, ferry cookies are getting the goal. For course, fiorentina back in the day also pleasure. This season in atlanta was a three nil, win uh, of course, atlanta undefeated in 35, last 38 matches on the road, uh they’ve also scored these two goals in six last seven matches as well coming into this.

Just one defeat pass four for them, though, against real madrid in the champions league. Meanwhile, just one win in the past six games for fearing tina that was gon na benefit a couple games back. Look at the boogies odds on this one. We have fiorentina across four to one for the victory cause 65 is draw uh 13 to eight on issue atalanta, atlanta, our third one. For them they can move up to second uh, whereas their opposition, of course, fear and tina all the way down. And, of course, fourteen one of them can move up to twelfth in the end three women that’s that’s, another goal scoring fest for them to add three more points to the tally and then wrap it up, wrap it up. Every benefit i’ll be at south studio. Basically, the last three two for cersei leo nothing benefited and one draw last round in uh benevolent was a two win. Four south suda back in sydney back in 2017 goal scorers on that day was, of course, alessandro matthiri and, of course, federer capulso with samuel amaterasus are getting off of benefit and, of course, jetonno lentenza get himself sent off. Also, pressure of this season in south sudan’s, wonderful southern back in december, dominica barrardi on the coast with lucas how to sell and get himself sent off, but eventually, though, failing to win the last uh eight home matches in the city. Ah, uh also can see these two goals in the last five matches heading into this, just one in the past five for social against verona.

We were just one minute past six for benevolento that was against juventus, actually just one defeated past four for them as well. Losing to fiorentina was that one and it would defeat a couple of drawers knocking around we were. The book is odds on this one, twenty five, four betterment. Of course, thirty to five as usual, even stevenson is just tell soo leo and of course i win the sausage in ninth. They could go as high as eighth where’s, better vendors that are in fiftieth and river. Then they can move up to a 12th in the table. I think this one’s going to be a one nil, win for star studio, three points in the bag and, of course, move their bloody chains that’s. What i think will happen. Of course, this extended match week, of course, with, of course, the bruce lee bonus right here and, if i’m right on the table like this at the end of it, everyone’s played the right amount of games except for lazio and torino uh, but it’ll be intermittently in The charge 11 points clear of ac milan, which i have just a one point glimpse of juventus, who have one point clears over atlanta as anybody’s guess who will be in the champions xbox at the end of the season at the foot of the table. Of course, tony palma and kellyary going down as it stands, because it could still change videos suit in the next round matches let’s get into.

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