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Thank you for joining us. My name is kel spellman and it is half time over in germany and we are currently one nil down against bristol dortmund 2, 2 on aggregate, but of course, with dortmund having that away goal. As it stands, they will be going through to the semi finals, but do not fear still 45 minutes still to come, and i guess where we want to begin on a positive note, richard the back end of that first half was closer to the city that we Were hoping to see at the beginning of the game, i think yeah um there’s, certainly some good parts of that half you know there was chances created. There was um good good possession of the ball it’s. Just obviously the the goal set us back a little bit. Things that you need to on saturday as well, the same we’ve got into a style where we start crossing a lot of balls into the box and the p. The part the cross has to be inch perfect because of the height of the players, and i think city are always better when they’re intricate and they play through the center of oppositions, and i think a little bit more of that tonight will will create the opportunities Because we said before – and we don’t think dortmund are amazing defensively, but tonight they’ve blocked stuff they’ve got their bodies in the way, but how long they can do that for hopefully not too long.

I think alistair man alluded to as well. A lot of those players had played at the weekend, so maybe fatigue might creep him but um kevin. We were talking about before the game. Uh play the game. Not the occasion did it feel, like the occasion almost got to city there when we were about kicking it early on they looked a little bit back. Foot, give dortmund credit, they come out flying they press the ball really well in numbers and their game plan. I suppose was to try and score early which they have done um the ties off the ties off. I didn’t want to say anything but yeah i’m hoping it’s going to be back on um i’m still sticking with it. I think manchester city win the game. 2. 1, i’m going to still be optimistic, but it it’s funny isn’t. It obviously dortmund had to come out and score that manchester city did look nervous and, and once dortmund did score. It seemed as if all the pressure released, uh manchester city then got on the ball and had more possession created a couple of chances. Obviously kevin de bruyne’s effort, um the pressure’s been lifted. We’Ve got score now so um, it’s plain and simple. So um more of the same like say it did end up and better the the first half there. It really did um let’s. Look at that goal. Then, of course, that none of us wanted to see, but but it did happen, um did was there more? We could have done defensively, i guess as a whole, richard with the goal um.

I think, probably when you look at the initial ball, maybe whether john stone’s right the ball deflated the ball correctly or not, you can you can maybe look up for them after that. I mean it’s good play. You have to give it that harlan held it up, well, laid it back and how quickly bellingham moved his feet when it came to him from the ricochet like three touches: control touch it and the finish is lovely yeah. He finishes top corner he’s, a he’s, a young kid and we spoke before about he’ll be offered because he scored at the weekend. He’S got the feeling for it and he showed again tonight what a good player he is and there’s not a lot. When someone moves their feet that quickly inside the box and gets a shot away before, anyone is set it’s so difficult to defend against, and i think yeah you have to just give him credit yeah it’s, similar to what kevin de bruyne did on the other end And he started to think back to the leon game and whether our looks not in again and stuff like that, it goes in one end, hits a bad either end, and but it was a good. It was a good. It was a good goal – boy dortmund and in that midfield, because, as you say, maybe if we were looking to stop them before, of course, that world class bit of quality that shone through it felt a little bit to me.

Kev, like we were struggling a little bit in midfield in those those 30 minutes. Can you pinpoint what that was, or was it just dortmund was so on it? They were so on it yeah. I think that the better of it not not just obviously possession wise, because i think we probably end up having more possession, but i just think dortmund did the ugly side of the game that they were keen to obviously get balls forward and and get the second Ball and in terms of the midfield battle, i think thought would come out on top um, once we’d kind of found our feet, and i think it was a great point. You said kev that it did seem to go like okay, the shackles were off a little bit. We grew into the game and maybe you’d say we’re a little bit unlucky not to be going in, at least on level terms with dortmund yeah um, obviously, that the brian opportunity was it was a great chance and then the one where foden kept it in mara Is nipped in great touch and but again what dorman have done? They’Ve defended well yeah they’ve put the bodies on the line and they’ve done it really. Well, so you’ve got to give them credit and it’s it’s. One of those you can’t start to lose the belief city plays a certain style of football which has worked for them over the course of the last four or five years.

Stick to it because they’re good enough to create more opportunities, i think maybe silva playing in the the false nine hasn’t had the effect that you would. He would have wanted to have. But they’ve got they’ve, got rotations within that team and we’re in the 11 that’s on the pitch and they’ve got opportunities, and i think it’s, obviously everyone’s a little bit nervous and you start to worry about. I think it’s too early to get a bit too gloomy. I still think there’s plenty more to go on this game, lots more football to be played and, as we look to the second half, what do you think is being said in the the dressing room at this moment kev, i think peppa try and be calm. Obviously he was a little bit animated at the time and will be disappointed um, but i think it’s about call heads now being calm, knowing how good you are um but being in the moment and manchester are going to create chances. Have we got that cool head to finish? The and dunny alluded to it really well. The worry for me was that they picked up quite a lot of ball in between in behind rodrigu in front of our back four which, if they get another, could be really crushing for us. So um, hopefully come out clear. The heads, calm minds and just get get back to the business it’d be interesting to see how the the mindset switches, because obviously we spoke before, do we go for it? Do you hold on to it now that’s their problem? Are they going to then sit back a little bit more? Are they going to invite pressure on it a little bit like a chess game, it’s going to be interesting to see the mentality and, and does that switch now, and i guess actually, our avenues.

Kind of been opened up tools and going. We do have to now go score, so i mean when you, when you’re looking at maybe changes that either of you would make where. Where do you think? Maybe you could look to on the bench for those bits of inspiration. Um i mean you could take a pic from the bench to so many goal. Scorers on the bench that would the manager’s got a huge choice and i think maybe you might look at cancello. Just for something different to get that number going on to get him disrupting their midfield because, like kev says they have won the battle of midfield the past and when they go forward, is crisp and directed straight into people’s feet and they they do it really. Well. So, like i say, i still think it’s too early, maybe to make any substitutions, but i think in sterling, jesus and concello you’ve got players who can affect the game and the effect the rhythm and the style of how the match goes. I think i think we said about sterling didn’t. We before obviously not been great of late, but um can affect this game. It’D be interesting, i’m with donnie on it. I don’t think the changes will be happening just yet, but i think stirling brings that unpredictability that pace to to stretch the back back line of dortmund and then that may give the opportunity for the likes of de bruyne or phone to getting them pockets to be More more creative and more dangerous and then finally, just looking to the back and keeping that assuredness and solidness at the back now is going to be key isn’t it richard over the next year, it’s huge because they they obviously have something to hang on to now.

But they’ve also got that trek going forward. We spoke before about maybe their best part of the team is the forward players and i think, if, if we’re not secure in that area – and we said about them, getting the ball in around rodri has been causing us trouble. So i was still thinking that in this second half the one thing is which we don’t lose the game before it’s over. You know, wait and stay in the game and if we score in a 90th minute brilliant but don’t lose it. Don’T go gung ho too soon, lovely stuff chance. Thank you very much. All right, we’ll take a slight pause then, as we reflect on that first half and take a look at what some of you guys have been sending us on socials using the hashtag wnrh. Now, permit me uh to use my phone while i do we’re asking you to send in uh some pictures of you guys on how you are watching the game this evening, of course, hoping for one of you to win that manchester city shirt. So we had helping thomas who got in touch on twitter uh. He says: look out the back tonight, please um he’s there watching it with his dad and his uh. His son liam uh we’ve also got kevin, who is over in kenya, uh what a place uh. He says manchester city come on, watching it by a pool which looks pretty cool and then, as we look down here as well, and we also had daryl kind of tweeting to say, uh tell you what champions league horlock has outdone himself.

Premier league harlot, looking premier league in the suit very dapper. I love that. Thank you very much. You like that. He wins the show. I hope they’ll still be looking this stuff up at the end, so the toys now isn’t it get the tie back on kevin that’s. What we want um and before uh we go let’s. Also, of course, look at some mystery blue guesses. This is who we’re trying to work out uh this week at savage. Do you want to know what my dad’s guess was when he text me alano her dad’s guest was a llano which i could maybe see. We had um tom warrell ottawa blue on twitter, says: gareth, barry um, richard law on twitter says andy hinchcliffe um, and we had vanessa on twitter, who said kolarov, which i mean color of i could maybe see in there as well they’re, all better guesses than what I’Ve got what was what: where was? What were you thinking? Oh okay, yeah yeah, yeah, okay, i know what you mean because they did have them dark attractions as well around this time. Oh oh they’ve just said it’s good, but it’s, not quite right, richard. Okay. What about what about alano in the gallery? Is that a possum? No no as well to allano? Well, if you want to get your guesses in uh, just use the hashtag wnrh and remember if you’ve got a cool little setup. Manchester city team, manchester city theme setup, get it over to us and we are going to be sending one lucky winner.

A manchester city shirt that could be also just use the wnrh myself richard and kevin are going to be back at full time. Hopefully talking about was progressing into that semi final to take on psg, but 45 minutes to go before that. Where we do need a goal, so go get yourself, a brew, take a breath and hopefully kevin. Are we going to do it? I hope so where’s that potluck come on city.

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