Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, MLB vs San Diego Padres Highlights April 16, 2021 | MLB Season 2021

Cronenworth, a running catch ground ball, base hit center field, lead off man on for the padres on a single from trent grisham wheeler gets some swinging with a cutter, a pitch that he’s not used much over. The first couple stops: oh he’s good lead for grisham Applause. Cronenworth rolls one over the mound seeger’s waiting to turn a double Applause same food. The dodgers had for the colorado series lead off, walk for smith same way they started that’s. Another 2 2 fly hansi lifts. It the other way the jurekson Applause over first hit of the game comes from zach there they go here. It comes really chops under second easy play, jake cronin, but he forced him to throw almost 30 pitches ground ball base, sits open. The second leadoff man’s, been on both innings. Both hits on fastball check swing, throw down out in time. Machado steals. Second fastball slotted to right back goes bets with room, and he sticks with the hard stuff to get meyers up to third goes machado, trigon Applause. To get the padres on the board, but that’s misplaced it initially that allows pro far to go to third one, nothing. This walk Applause on a payoff pitch, bratz pops it out; cronin works Applause, Music, Applause, two pitches, two outs, cronin cronenworth gets a curve rips it into right base here: cutter shadow right center, that’s, the call and the catch three or three innings in san diego 2. 2 to smith, under hosmer, into right, weathers de muncie, 2.

2. He chases here and he’s out number two third punch out. First, pitch breaking ball hit in the air left center field pro far inch into the track, he’s there and the enemy’s over one of his 2k. So far drops one there head over to mount and off the bag into center Applause. He gets it with a breaking ball. Two gone nasty one becomes a payoff who stuck him out a fast spot at 95., they pitch to mckinstry Applause, one nothing game. Fifth, inning luke raley hits one hard deep right. Center luke really ties the game with his first career, big league home, run Applause, trying to hold back the smile. Let it loose lou you’ve got a big league home, run Applause per hour off the bat that’s in foul ground. Hosner puts it away, oh two, to bets and the center field for trent grisham that’s that in the fifth grisham sends one in the ear to right, but he just missed it. Applause full leg cast in the hospital hits this ball deep center field. Sending taylor back to the wall and gone and the padres are back in front second of the season for tatis and it’s Applause, 2. 1.. Shoulder feeling good shoulder failure. It was when can i play baseball here, cronin worth now deep right center that’s back to the track at the wall makes the count. Applause pounds it into the dirt at third turner low, throw but muncie’s got Applause.

Blind drive left center field pro far can’t get this one bounces by him, backed up by on a payoff smith, watches a breaking pitch missed by an inch 0 2 pitch ground ball to first hosmer will go to second one that’s, all ground ball, diving, stop! Tatis goes to second: to throws wild the game is tied, muncie’s, given the wave he hopes for the play, the dodgers take the lead, mckinster chases it kicks away, and the dodgers add another he’s going to reach until he’s going to score one two to raley. Can’T lay off strike three and busano will finish this one up: Applause, Applause, his first two outings ground ball to second there’s one and two Applause; three straight fastballs cut on and miss and baby’s out number one pops, the first pitch up shadow center kronenworth, two quick Outs seeger takes the wall in the short tatis goes the short way: Applause, one 100 chopped to muncie lost the handle, recovered and found treinin for the harder than trinin 98 pulled by third, and then the left base hit he’s able to get around in the 0 2 pitch runner takes off kim steele’s second and the boundary payoff Applause, Music Applause as kim scores. A throwing air from zach, mckinnon Applause, ground ball softly hit up the middle seeger runs into his life, throws corn and ropes back coming in that hits, will smith and the lead off man’s aboard 4 3 way outside in the first two reach against adams.

Here adams delivers until he swings and misses one. The dog yanks, the liner towards the right field, corner myers, won’t, get there it’s off the wall here comes, will smith cronin worst throw to the plate, is not in time and an rbi double for zach mckinstry. Two bouncing ball to first heisman to the bag. To get really fastball got him this time and that’s. The ending folks wanted to right center field for a lead off hit. Second, here he comes. He threw one to get him back footing the curve for Applause, blind outnumbered, sneaking its way through machado, headed for third max will throw into second and the private of the plate. 2. 1. Breaking ball punch down the line, that’s a base hit towards the corner. Applause got him to chase two out ball: four one: one pitch bouncing ball to first months into the bag. Johnson gets the final out of the eight mcdenin catches that shoots. One right center base hit to lead off tonight. First attacks dribbles in front of the plate, that’ll move the go ahead, run into scoring position, Applause and the dodgers lead 6’5 in the not too smith pulls it in the ground. Tatis. The second one cronin luke, the first but the payoff pockfly muncie at first tatis out number ones: Applause Music. He takes off thrown down off seeger’s glove that in the o2 in the dirt kicks away from smith. Machado takes third one. Two Applause tonight taps on the ground to second that advances smith to third Applause; taylor lines it right at croninwood, Applause, Music Applause; he struck him out Applause.

We got to Applause field Applause, fastball pinpoint to get husmer to gone Applause, david price, the latest to pull a magic run, and this is their fourth try. Seeger gets into a ball way back. There it’s gone first pitch of the throat. The two run shot from corey seeger dodgers, ate padres six Applause, Music hit, zach mckinstry drives home turner station to station raley grounds on to first osmer feeds cronin with his late covering and it’s 10 6, and now moscow is out there making the catch and a Ball slap to the left, now, Applause that’s down swinging, but the dodgers erupt they get pro far lazy, fly into right field for bats Applause, um. That will do it.

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