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Maybe we continue on a strikeout for darvish to open his night, the dribbler back to the mouth garbage flips, it the first two up and two down the hill’s one. Two three first he’s got it to the outside corner with 95. on Applause. Kershaw gets him swimming with the slider two up and two down well with both grisham and the 2 2 curve is popped up. Both pitchers sharp in the first inning. Both pitchers go one two three off and rolling in san diego and no score swats a ground ball to the left side of the other man over Applause. Chris taylor swings and misses a little bit i’m sure as that one broke in there for the third slice. Let’S help the dodgers win, some games, fastball rises by the bat of mckinstry and six up six down for you guys with the guys at uh in seattle. I think he’s staying behind the ball. A lot better blocks, myers first base run not running, swings and misses good slider from kershaw for his second k. Applause, cronenworth rips, the ball deep right field back on it goes mckinstry to make the catch on the edge of the warning track. 0. 2. He’S. Now, kershaw, with three k’s over a couple of scoreless finished off with the fast wall again, but then rayleigh coming back to the dodgers as part of the kenta maeda deal down on kershaw, right to machado, nine, up, nine down fault and then a slider that carratini Can’T lay off of kershaw’s fourth k back and forth back and forth until pushed him towards soccer, but he wanted to give baseball.

Try you give secret a try here on one hop, both pitchers putting it in play actually pretty solidly before he ends up on balls that he hits hard it’s this one hard first hit of the game base it into center field with two guard in the third. So gets them again, and the dodgers continue to master fernando tatis to his six for five weekly back of third machado. Five machado leads it off pops up the first pitch Applause center, who wants it? The center fielded bucks for the caught in the catch ground? Ball. Past the mound perfectly positioned chris taylor second start of the season at set for 3 2. He stuck him out it Applause. Maybe he thinks he had a little catcher’s interference that barnes the glove got in the way chase single gon na come out help him with the argument. So this is probably going to extend this inning. He said that is a Applause right after he was fooled on the pitch flips it to center field, but no big deal for mookie belts. Well, some sparks fly here in date, number two in the fourth inning of a score: excellent, since max muncie leads off attacks. First, pitch breaker bounce to profile one pitch one out, and that has been the story on 200 taylor hits one on the ground and second phone and worth two Applause pitch count well under control for you garvish season, high 95 pitches in his left weights on it Applause here it comes barnes, watches ball, four to load tomorrow, so he was perfect over the first four and two thirds.

He then hits mckinstry really singles barnes walks Applause, baby, clayton Applause will myers watch the inning, but not before they drive in the run and now he’s back on the mound for defense. He’S going to get fam on two pitches and tommy family is now six for 45 to start the Music swing and a miss strike. Three two gone strikeout number six for clayton kershaw clayton dropped his head right after this pitch clayton kershaw with his seven strikeout tonight. As he gets darvish with a curveball through with five innings in san diego seeger, wraps it in the ground, the teeth shifted over there we’ll throw him out the other two, the middle one. As far as the speed spectrum he learned from craig kimbrell comes closer. Here. Comes teammates and the other Applause strike three a little bit north of the zone, but tom hellion rings up. Turner darvish has his sixth k his first one since the first out of the third Applause he’s home, with a 2 2 tails back in there moves a mile to get monkey who knew it a one, two, three six three on a payoff from kershaw. He takes breath forward to lead off manzo’d Applause Music, the 2 2, oh Applause, 2 1 on the ground, based it into left center grisham, had to make sure that it went through so he’s stopped at third and they’ve got him cornered with one goal grisham in Third machado, at first kershaw, with a 3 2 to will myers bouncing ball off of the mound to the back goes taylor.

He got him a double different angle at it, instead of surviving really thriving wherever they put him down in a high fastball. Applause for garbage Applause really hits a high fly ball right center field, but the trout goes miles just enough room to finish a one. Two three: seven for you: garbage Applause, a lead off Applause, so both wolf fans obviously had to do a lot of work. Ryan weathers was fantastic. Three and two off of barnes tyne run into scoring position wild pitch from nelson two balls. Applause here comes nelson, with a 2 2 did he go. You bet he did it over after the lead off walk three consecutive k’s for jimmy nelson slotted into center field. Grissom will come to casually put it away that cleared 32 rows of bleachers the concourse and the road behind the park, at least Applause Applause into the corner for vets Applause area where he was looking. He was looking middle in. You could just tell with the approach once he gets it there. He let it loose nice job, hitting it hard enough to keep it fair Applause. Corey seeger takes right through to the bottom of the eighth. We go. The dodgers lead at one nothing bounce that breaking ball. You just threw or go up the ladder, Applause breaking ball pounding into the dirt up along the line, trying it over the top to get him monsieur reaching for the heavens, to pull it down and get a pinch hitting heisman for the first down drops a 2 0 pitch on the infield muncie settles under a two way.

The cutter that mariano rivera made very famous has become a staple great. The czech swing he’s going to feel some pressure, maybe up into that shoulder one of the things that they’ve kind of taught him to Applause, be careful with your hands and shoulders. Applause bouncing ball back to trynan, who works at one two. Three eight let’s go to the ninth in san diego, how about dodger? Pitching since the five Applause here comes the 2 2 and it goes back to the fastball golf to left justin turner there. It goes. He leads off the ninth with a home run and the dodgers lead it. Two, nothing this home run was built on rhythm. This is not a hard swing like we saw a few of the padres trying to tie the game up. Justin turner, just timed up another fastball that was near the middle of the plate, seeing a few of them in the at bat. He’S got the power here early in the year, they’re just solidly struck the one hand off. The bat is just to keep the bet on plane it’s, not because of the aggressive swing he met it perfectly 18. we’ve got eight shutout in him. So far tonight, as muncie goes down on strikes one away in the ninth Applause it’s up there max’s eyes are lighting up. He just gets under. It looks like he was trying to go to the downs just like justin turner, Applause that sharply hidden caught by tatis.

Two gone in the ninth Applause down: you’re, not going to get to see the talent. These guys come up, mentally ready, mckinstry goes down and a nice change up from pagan and we go to the 1 2 strike. Three trynan carves up two outs away from an eighth consecutive win. I don’t know one pitch: myus it’s a ground ball through the left side base hit and they will get the tie run up there from mexico, victor gonzalez, delivering 2 1 and the dirt ball. Three up to second goes myers Applause on the hands roller to first, the only out is at first and muncie will take it. Myers goes to third, pro gonzalez is one to right. Center field diving play a walk off cats, mookie magic out of 19 and 20 21.. From your days in little league. You are first taught on defense to think what am i gon na do if the ball is hit to me, the mookie bets knew that before the pitch and boy did he execute boy? Are you glad it’s soft right there look! How wide open he’s got the glove and because of that hits the fingers and the heel almost at the same time and the hand, strength and the coverage of the bare hand to secure the catch.

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