Minnesota Wild, Arizona Coyotes, National Hockey League Game Highlights | Coyotes vs. Wild – Apr. 14, 2021

Annex erickson throws it toward the net ramped it with an awkward save loose pocket back header by felino, and a save by ronta beats him right in front of the net. But you see the three big boys for minnesota going to the net and that’s one of their strengths, and they do it very well and they did it real well here, unfortunately, he went to meet the save Music off the boards and out to center ice dumba Back defensively for the wild kessel throws it back across for a shot, that’s kicked away by talbot and that line together in the fourth line. So big change for arizona there dvorak turned it over bonino couldn’t find the handle cleanly. Now he got it to parisi back to the net out to the line. Spurgeon a drive save by ronta lucy holds for minnesota, and now it deflects the center pitlick got it ahead to kraus kraus moving in a shot saved by talbot after he had been scratched. In three of the previous five kessel is shot gloved and dropped by tal, but he hands it off to shooter easy to see it. Even though we haven’t been in and around the locker room this year because of the covid restrictions, you can feel it from this team that this is a tight bunch, loose puck controlled by minnesota. The pass at center deflected by zuccarello auntie ranta, gave it away caprice of a shot right on and a save by ronta hartman brings it all the way around keller, pressuring susie it comes loose to fiala, shot right on and a save by ronta top like that.

They seem to stack four guys great, deep little give and go gets johansson in zuccarello scores. What a play, what a great play and a great pass by johansen and zuccarella, got it on the inside before the goaltender end, that’s, all in getting rid of the puck quickly watch how fast zuccarella shoots this puck right there on a stick and before the goalie Can react it’s on the short side, great passing, play great passing play between hartman and johansen to gain the zone cleanly on the rush and that’s what’s so important getting into the zone with possession rather than having to dump the puck in and go chase it when You get, he can greenway. He starts with eric sanek here with minnesota on the penalty kill. This is one of the areas where fellino has been so valuable to minnesota this year. His ability to kill penalties will allow minnesota a chance. Sooner. Has eric sinek ahead of the play ericksonneck with suiter driving the net sooner denied by ranta move the puck quicker you don’t take as much time to make plays, as you would otherwise minute. Six left in the coyote man advantage goligoski and now chichron moving in. He scores beat talbot to the glove side and the power play goal for arizona ties. The game: 1. 1 it’s a great over in that corner. What a season this young kid is having his father jeff. I was more of a defensive player than this.

Guy has really got offensive skills; he can shoot it chicken who lack they they’re more effective down low around the net. You know with passes across or low shots, but i have to tell you i’ve, never seen so many goals scored on the short side. Finito shot kicked out, parisi scores Applause, great great rebound given to parisi there after felino takes that shot, and he just puts it on the side before run. Retina could uh get back in there. Take advantage of rebounds and greasy always goes to the net. He makes the pass across. You see him on the right side of the screen that rebound comes right out to him. He’S got just a yawning net, makes no mistake about it, bonino, with a great shot right there, the rebound coming to a wide open net for prezi and by the way sturm going to the net he doesn’t make contact now greenway supports the play bonino out front. Greenway on the backhand, save byron to rebound loose and he’s, able to cover with eric sinek hammering away kessel leads it two on one. He has krauss with him kessel moving in a shot same by talbot and the rebound knocked away picked up by ian cole way of scoring chance. There now hunt moves in hunt, centered broken up by susie. Kessel tries to tuck one in from behind the net and talbot kicked that away 45 in the power play, spurgeon a shot that was blocked, the rebound could not be cleared, fiala holds into the corner, it’s capricorn tried to force it out front bonino scores Music.

Well, your priest off comes around and then he’s going to make the pass, so it gets deflected right to benino and bonino puts it away in possession in his own. The puck comes down deep to capricious coming around. On that you look, he wants to pass it out. It goes off the defenseman right over to bonino and he puts it away. Watch as he’s getting checked here, Applause we get set for the third period in saint paul, wild win, the draw and suitor plays it ahead. Fiala plays ahead to hartman as the wild change, and it was an awkward change, so hartman basically had to give the puck away yeah they had to watch for too many men on the ice here comes joe hanson in for minnesota drops to zuccarello. He scores second power play goal for zuccarello today, it’s 4 1 minnesota a pass here for markman. The draw pass coming right here, it’s, actually look at how fast he got that away. Actually johansen drops that pass watch right right through the defenseman and that’s. Why threw the legs off the defenseman well known, capitalizing, on the loose play by arizona back in their own zone bonino at center settles the bouncing puck goes across to parisi centers they score spurgeon on the tip and minnesota makes it 5 1. All the way up. Look at this, you see them coming down the ice greasy’s going to be in the left, and here comes persian right down the middle parisie’s.

Looking for him waits still, a perfect moment gets that pass across right on the tape and spurgeon just deflects. It just change his direction: don’t shoot it right up and over the corner. What an excellent play hunt on the attack for the coyotes sprawls and throws one off the side of the net johann larson, trying to spin away from johansen a centering pass and kessel scores. Well, that’s, the guy. You never want to leave alone in front a great play out of the corner. Dangerous and he’s had the most ice time for arizona tonight, he’s been the most dangerous player and right here makes no mistake about it. You can’t leave that guy alone for a second, as the pass move right across from the far side. I’Ll tell you colino’s back in a second he’s on the ice. Now the wilder back at full strength, a centering pass and talbot has to slam the door on schmaltz schmaltz in behind and talbot with another save so strong on the puck caprisov centered deflected out front by zuccarello controlled by chikran dumbo with it. Dumbo plays it to caprisov out to zuccarello for a shot saved by ranta fiala tried to get it to spurgeon.

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