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com look what is going on. It is late hours, heavy table, new chairs lots of stuff going on right now over at ghost picks, jimmy’s house um. However, i still have another free play for you guys. I even brought the backdrop over here uh but again guys subscribe to the youtube channel. If you are not subscribed and if you are not an exclusive member, you are missing out. We gave you the indian shane bieber first five under um lucas giolito. I think it was zero zero all the way up into the eighth or ninth inning and uh nice rocking chair winner for the youtube premium members that is a 6 0 run. We are going for seven straight youtube. Premium plays a lot of people. Ask me what is youtube premium what’s, the difference hey these are plays that barely missed the paid clients right and yes, they’re gon na do good at times and they’re gon na go up and down just like everything else in the sports betting, world uh, but they’re Doing very, very well and they’re rolling hot. We have another one for you. Guys. Nba is coming back full full strength here for team jimmy a lot of my mba season. Clients hit me up and i’m excited about the way things are going. We gave youtube uh uh winner, major league baseball. Our premium major league baseball, major, like baseball on a 5 1 run uh you throw that little uh youtube premium in there at six in one but uh on the premium side.

We’Re on a five and one major league baseball run, gave you the blue, jays and yankees over the total of nine um. However, our sixth gon na play on bayern munich team total over no dice. Listen, they had all the opportunity in the world uh. We should took him at plus 120 to get the job done there, psg neymar, oh my gosh. How many posts did he have that game? Uh? Sorry for the shaky crazy, weird video as well uh and then obviously the free play. We did drop flyers team total over. You know that was a situational game that we were on for the for the nhl, listen uh. We had a one and two day on the premium card uh, so it was a losing day if you’re on two for tuesday. I got you on wednesday. Uh problem is, is there’s big plays that are gon na go off uh this week. I feel like there’s significant value. First of all, i thought buffalo plus one and a half was every bit of a lock for today for nhl. We did not release it um, so we are dialed in on the numbers uh. So again i hate the shaky video, but i got so much stuff going on over here. Right now, uh plays are locked in dialed in almost ready for release here and it’s 11 o’clock on the dock, literally 11 o’clock on the dot and um i’m just excited uh.

So i want to give away a free 150 today, any basketball game that you can guess the correct score of show some love in the comment section. You guys know i’m very human and very transparent, okay, uh. First of all, sports betting right uh. If you’re looking for daily winners every single day 100, this is not the industry for you. Look at my free play track record, unbelievable 24 and 8, the last 32 alone, uh, almost 70 percent, the last three months. You know we document everything we do here, go check it out: uh, usually i’m posting up in the office i’m doing good things, but today i’m very human. I got a lot of stuff going on in the house. Situation got some uh people coming down uh in a week, and you know i just got a lot of stuff going on so sorry for the crazy video all right let’s get to the meat potatoes uh wednesday. There is no promo for wednesday uh, but i do have a seven unit play. I have a very, very big game. I have not lost a seven year plan a long time. Uh. Last week we had back to back red alerts. We hit two seven unit plays now we’re coming into wednesday, very, very hot. After a one and two day right, we come in and we hammer down period, there’s so much value uh for major league baseball, and i see value in the nba as well.

Uh wednesday, big big card, big card uh soccer goes off at 3 p.m, eastern time again and uh that’s, really all i have for you guys today, let’s get to the big promo shout out to ghost pigs, jack nba has been absolute fire. I think he was on the jazz minus 16 uh, but his nba has just been fired. Absolute fire don’t know the last time he lost nba play and i hope he doesn’t, because it is jack’s 4.0 uh promo nba 4.0. He has eight unit play and uh that’s. All i have for promos. Listen. A lot of cappers are on some big runs. Team justin just had like four days in a row of sweeps with a three team, parlay included shout out the ghost picks justin uh. We were on opposite sides today, i want to say he was on the public side there in the rangers and devil’s game. He got the job done uh, so shout out to ghost picks: justin uh, the public one very, very big in nhl for tuesday. So, look for some big dog winners, um public cashed capitals over um. You know look for the sharp side uh coming on wednesday we’re gon na bring the heat uh but again subscribe to the youtube channel if you’re not subscribed free 150. Again, i usually make videos that aren’t, like crazy screen all over the place here, uh but again, i’m human. I got a lot of stuff going on.

I got like a 200 pound table. I got i’m putting together right now, that’s all i have for you guys today. If you are not on jax 4.0 you’re going to miss out on another banger, 29.99 jax 4.0 go grab, it now n o w now jacks 4.0. You will not be disappointed. Eight unit nba play shout out to ghost picks jack, whose nba has been rocking um, ghost picks justin back to back. To back to back, i think sweeps nhl let’s go baby, keep up the good work let’s get to the free play um. We are going over into minnesota where one of my behind the scenes, guys, who does a lot of my nhl stuff, is gon na throw out the free plate, show them some love break it down, for ghost picks, rich let’s get to the free play baby. Good luck, god bless grind on sports, better sports fans, what’s up. We have uh nhl wednesday game of the day. Coming at you, wild versus coyotes. We have both teams coming off, losing streaks here uh, while they’re coming off a two game. Losing streak got absolutely embarrassed by the blues: nine to one that carried in slow dollar momentum on their second game against them and had to take that l, um coyotes, coming off a four game losing streak pretty rough for them. However, they did go toe to toe with colorado, avalanche, vegas golden knights and they put up two high scoring games great games, um they stuck with the opponent all the way through, but just not enough to clinch the dub.

So we have each team getting on ice tomorrow with several days. Rest coyotes have not played a game in one two days um, but what i want to point out is the wild have not had a game since saturday, um april 10th, a lot going on in minneapolis right now, but we’re here to talk about hockey, um sports Betting that’s an advantage, absolutely um. I was looking at the data here. I was thinking this game’s going to go over five and a half uh. The house says: it’s, not um. I think that’s history uh. Typically, these two teams do not go over five and a half um. I wanted to take it, but i tend to lean towards the historical data, so i couldn’t just i couldn’t grab on that one uh might be surprised tomorrow. We’Ll see, however, it’s an important note to consider here, minnesota wilder, putting up on average, almost three points. A game and uh talent between the pipes is rock solid. Coyotes tend to capitalize a little bit more on their power plays in the wild. Do, however, they do rack up substantially more penalty minutes in the wild um. I think that’s going to bite him in the end. Um i’m, not anticipating a very heavy defensive game tomorrow, considering the amount of rest and both teams coming off of losses. I think we’re going to see some big time offensive action could be a very high scoring game but nonetheless uh.

I never like to say never to an underdog, especially a team like the coyotes who can show up and show out. But i just cannot let go of minnesota wilds four days of shaking the rust off getting the cobwebs out of their system and getting ready to bring it because they are a number three team in the division. Looking to be a contender in the league, playoffs are around the corner and uh they want. You know they. They want it plain and simple um.

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