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This month from a house in san diego as david goffertson reports, a search warrant targeted the home of her husband’s aunt and uncle the house on viewcrest drive in encanto is within san diego city limits. But on april, 1st chula vista police showed up to serve a search warrant, seizing about a half dozen long rifles and other evidence. According to neighbors who recorded this video of the police activity, it shows marked and unmarked police vehicles in the street and investigators. Putting evidence into a van neighbors say, officers were on scene for a couple hours. In the middle of the day, the house is owned by 66 year old, ricky, lincoln, better known as uncle ricky to larry miliete, the husband of maya meliete, a missing mother of three from chula vista uncle ricky lives in the house where the search warrant was served With larry milieta’s aunt, kathy lincoln on monday, uncle ricky and aunt kathy were seen dropping off one of the children at the miliete house. Police are looking at surveillance, video from the neighborhood on the evening of january 7th when maya meliete went missing and when six loud bangs rang out around 10 pm investigators also are trying to identify vehicles seen driving around the neighborhood during the early morning. Hours of friday january, 8th chula vista chula vista police, confirmed they did serve a search warrant at that house in encanto on april 1st. But we do not know how it relates to the investigation.

Ricky and kathy lincoln did not respond to messages seeking comment for this report and i want to stress they have not been named suspects in this case. Carlo another day, more developments, david now we’ve seen the family gather for searches for maya miliate. Are there any more of those coming? Maya’S family will be out all weekend saturday and sunday in the anza borrego desert. They are asking for off roaders to come out there and help them search for maya out in the desert, also on sunday, at 7 00 a.m. The maya millet search warriors will be meeting up as they say: 7 a.m, along proctor valley, road, david goffertson, with the latest on maya emiliete’s disappearance. Thanks david newly released video shows a two year old child being dropped over the border wall by smugglers. Agents with the san diego sector saw this on a remote surveillance system. On sunday night they say the child was dangled over the wall and then dropped into the arms of his father border patrol agents moved in and arrested the group. The child was not hurt, agents say the father and child are from ghana and that this dangerous smuggling attempt could have ended much differently. All san diegans, 16 and older can get a coronavirus vaccine starting tomorrow. The state is opening up availability in a push to almost fully reopen california. By june 15th news 8’s brandon lewis has an update from the county tonight in this beyond the numbers report, carlo and marcella.

Certainly, a lot of anticipation leading up to tomorrow, all san diegans, 16 and older will be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine. But the county is saying they are going to ask folks for one more thing, and that is patience because they are expecting a big surge of people wanting to get vaccinated. Please be patient as we as we work through the system. San diego county is already asking for patients ahead of all residents, 16 and older, being eligible for a coronavirus vaccine it’s, going to create a surge of people seeking out vaccines, and so there will be the normal frustration that we’ve been through multiple times here’s. The plan from the state starting thursday, all adults, can get any vaccine along with 16 and 17 year olds with pfizer only they think it’ll take about two weeks to get through the biggest chunk, so by may 27th most will have had their second shot. Give it another two weeks for things to take effect and that lines up with the june 15th reopening we’re, waiting on on more supplies and more vaccines and more people to finish their second dose, which will free up more first dose appointments. So please be patient. Ultimately, the state wants 75 percent of eligible residents to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, that’s about 2.7 million san diegans and we’re about a third of the way there, but the wrinkle may be. The johnson johnson vaccine distribution was halted by the fda.

The county adjusted scheduled appointments to moderna and pfizer, so no one lost out, but it’s sitting on 11 000 doses until it gets the green light again. The beauty of the johnson and johnson vaccine is that it can last for three months when it’s refrigerated, unlike the other two vaccines that we are currently using the county says. None of those adverse reactions were reported here in san diego for the johnson johnson vaccine. Meanwhile, they are sitting on about 11 000 doses of j and j. Those we’ll keep in the refrigerator for the next three months, carlo and marcela. Thank you, brandon. The vaccination superstation at the del mar fairgrounds will reopen tomorrow. It was closed today and scripps health says it will close again on friday, saturday and sunday because of a delivery shortfall. Anyone with an appointment those days will be rescheduled through the my turn system. County health officials reported 260 new coven cases today, that’s about 2 percent. Out of more than 16 000 tests, hospitalizations increased by 4 to 178 58 of those are in intensive care. 25 new deaths were also reported today, but officials noted that 21 of those deaths happened in december or january and were added after a review of data. The death toll in san diego county now stands at 3 648.. A san pedro man has been charged today with first degree murder and the disappearance of his former cal poly classmate kristen smart, the san luis obispo county d.

a, says smart was killed by paul flores during a rape or attempted rape in his dorm room back in 1996.. Flores was arrested yesterday, his father ruben flores also arrested accused of helping his son hide smart’s body. The department of justice announced today that no criminal charges will be filed against the officer who shot and killed a san, diego woman during the capital riot back in january prosecutors, said. The investigation found no evidence to support any criminal charges in the death of ashley babbitt. Video clips show the air force veteran was shot while trying to climb through a door to the speaker’s lobby. Babbitt was one of five people who died that day, including a capitol police officer. 35 people are under arrest tonight and 47 have been charged for their suspected roles in illegal gambling rings in city heights and other east san, diego neighborhoods. A task force of nearly 500 federal and local law enforcement officers raided two dozen locations today, most of which they describe as illegal gambling. Dens charges range from conspiracy, drug distribution and importation to operating illegal gambling, businesses and weapons violations, 12 pounds of methamphetamine 640 gambling machines and hundreds of thousand dollars in cash were all seized in today’s raid. You may not have noticed it when you drive, but trash is piling up around san diego i’ve seen it walking the dogs. Perhaps you’ve noticed it. Take out containers, plastic bags, ppe they’ve all dramatically increased the amount of garbage along local freeways.

News 8’s tim blodgett shows us someone who’s trying to help and shares what you can do to help solve the problem. San diego has an ugly problem, although it’s not unique to us trash left on the side of the freeway here can directly affect our oceans and our ecosystem as a whole, while we’re driving it’s almost become invisible to us trash garbage, litter, refuse or whatever you want To call it not only fills the nooks around the on ramps but scattered around the freeways themselves. They all end up washing into the bay everything retired rear. Admiral len herring has cleaned up this spot on bonita road last september and when he came back with me this morning, this is five minutes worth of quick walk with his trusty grabber and bucket. The ceo of i love clean san, diego snatched up the plastic bags and ppe that fly out of cars, unsecured or simply dropped there, because it was easier than finding a trash can. While this kind of litter is unsightly anywhere garbage that piles up in our coastal city is particularly damaging, virtually 70 percent of all plastics that have been manufactured in this in the world are in our environment still. So we have this tremendous problem of thousands and thousands and thousands of tons of plastics that are entering our oceans every single day, herring isn’t, the only one who has noticed an increase of trash near and on our freeways, caltrans.

The governmental agency tasked with maintaining the state’s highways has stepped up their efforts in cleaning the rubbish from the road two dedicated days a month that we do littering where all field staff does stops, what they’re doing, and they do pretty much predominantly all litter activities. On april 24th, herring is hoping that thousands of san diegans volunteer for the creek to bay cleanup to remove over 30 000 pounds of garbage from our coastal community, but even more important to reuse and refuse single use. Plastics. Stop the problem at its source and become better stewards of mother earth it’s about protecting our environment. We only have one planet, so we better start taking note of what’s happening and especially the microplastic problem in our environment.

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