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com here with your free pick in the tigers: vs pirates double header on wednesday april 21st, 2021. Of course, here on youtube, i do more free pick videos than anyone so be sure to subscribe to our channel check out all of our free pick videos every day but let’s get to these games between the pirates and the tigers and going to try something. A little different here going to combine both games of a doubleheader into one video. Why not anyways game one of the double header mitch, keller, against spencer turnbull. I like the way the pirates play in detroit they’ve won their last six games there and it’s tough. For me to go in the tigers, who, i do believe, have the edge in this game, but i think the bigger edge here is, i think, the bats are gon na, come out, it’s a seven inning game, and i just really struggle with these double headers. And these seven inning games – just not my thing, you know i i just started handicapping them. Last season was the first time we ever had them. I was lousy at it then and i’ll tell you this season. I i i’m bad at it too. It’S, just the seven inning double header games – i just it’s i’m, not there yet i’m trying it’s new for me uh. You know, i can admit it so uh. You know you don’t see these in my premium picks generally for these uh seven inning games, but i’m gon na give them a shot here with the free picks, and maybe we start to improve on them and uh feel confident enough that maybe we can put plunk Some real cash down on these things, but um in this one in game.

One like i said i think turnbull’s turned both better, but i just the the pirate success that they’ve had at in detroit. Just really deters me. Keller has been bombed so far this season. Last time out, he gave up nine hits. Seven runs all earned uh in uh 3.1 innings against the san diego padres team. That was involved in really you know mostly pitchers duels and his first start of the season. He went. Three innings allowed two hits and three runs four walks and four strikeouts. Whenever you give up more runs than hits. That is not a good thing, and this thing once again just gives up a bunch. Meanwhile, on the other side turnbow, i don’t think we’ve seen much of this guy and he is returning from from the injured list here and um, making his first start of the season. I think he’s not going to last long we’re going to be into the tigers. Bullpen but once again it’s the seven inning game, so it kind of messes the whole thing up: i’m gon na go with the over in the in the tigers: pirates game, one of the uh of the doubleheader for game, two of the doubleheader it’s gon na, be The same matchup that was scheduled for for tuesday and in that one anderson up against up against fulmer, i think in this one the the pirates have a decided edge in that one. I just think that anderson is far better than fulmer and i think we see this kind of one kind of reverting back to form where the the pirates have this domination of the tigers in detroit.

I think you know i liked uh. I, like the prospects uh for the uh for for the uh for the pirates on tuesday for the same matchup, and i certainly like it here, even with it being a seven inning, seven inning game. You know we with anderson five inning five point: one innings four: it four hits a run uh last time out against a good hitting padres team. The time before that he went five point. Winnings allowed 10 hits, but just three runs on those 10 hits and they came on two home runs, so he was super efficient. You know, despite struggling, he still was able to keep. You know the runners from crossing the plate in the game. The pirates they only lost four to two, they were certainly had had their chances. Despite you know, um, despite his struggles there and then in the first outing of the year, also against the cubs this one at wrigley, five hits and three runs. He allowed. He struck out seven in that game on 91 pitches. He just got beat you know five to one: it happens um. You know he gave up three of those runs and took the loss. I think he bounces back here against michael fulmer, who we’re already starting to see regress so uh, why not i’m going to take the uh over in game one and i’m, taking the pirates in game two of the doubleheader in detroit on wednesday? Of course, if you’re wondering who the top experts in the world believe are the best bets on today’s card head on over to pickdogs.

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