Fox News, Tucker Carlson OX News reacts to Derek Chauvin guilty verdict

I think it’s a celebration of our justice system. It is the only institution dana i can think of that’s left in our culture that anyone has any respect for. We don’t respect the media, we don’t respect the legislative process. Some of us have lost respect uh for religion, so so it’s the justice system, and then you need to take a step back and say: okay. Well, what is the justice system? It’S? 12, ordinary americans, who do the right thing that should be celebrated a judge. I mean the reason i don’t like politics is because there is no judge in politics. You have a judge in the courtroom and even a bad judge. This one was good, but even a bad jobs judge is better than no judge, but you have 12 americans from all walks of life who come together in pursuit of justice and and and the right thing and applying the facts to the law, and i just think It’S something to celebrate uh despite the tragedy uh that that it cost the life of george floyd. Thank you, trey we’ll be back around you. I want to get to lawrence jones jones, now uh lawrence. We as a channel, have turned to you over and over again uh, since this all happened. You started your career in criminal justice that’s, where your passion is and so let’s get your thoughts now. Yes, it’s the first time that there’s been a national case like this, where i haven’t been in the city with the people covering it, and you know it’s interesting, because it is a moment because you have the thin blue line unions all over the country, police departments.

All over the country said this was not us. People all over. The country said this. Is not america that’s, not what america is about and a jury of his peers, a diverse jury, who typically gives the benefit of the doubt to police officers said: oh no boy. This is not us either, and so it was a moment to say, as other panelists have said, that this is the american way. But after all this is said and done, americans are left with the thought. Okay. What do we do now? What do we do now? We go back to work. We go back to work. We treat our fellow men and women as human beings and you don’t go out there and be like chauvin, and we know that the majority of us aren’t like that, because that day, when it was going down american citizens that witnessed this as the prosecution alluded to Still called the police because they are noble, they do in large do the right thing, even though there is many of us, including me, i’ve talked about my personal experience with bad apples. The majority of them do their job and i think it sent out a clear message to those two percent three percent that are bad apples. The american way you can’t get away with you might as well turn it your badge and gun now, because this is not how we do business here lawrence. Thank you, uh martha. You were there on the opening day of this trial and one of the witnesses.

Actually, i remember was the emt that um she was a fire, i believe with the firefighting service, and she said you know, like i’m, an emt. Let me let me let me get involved and uh. Of course, uh the police said derek chovin uh pushed her back. Um as lawrence was just speaking there in terms of the people who tried to do the right thing in the middle of all that yeah, it was a microcosm that was tragic and it displayed a lot about the worst and the best of human nature. The people who wanted desperately to help she said that she was still tormented by the fact that she didn’t save his life that day. But i want to say something about what we just witnessed about this courtroom and about judge cahill. You know he chose to televise this trial and i am very glad that he did because what has been proven today with this verdict is that even somebody like derek chauvin, who had nobody sticking up for him and who was so difficult to watch as he ground. His knee into this man’s neck gets a trial he has due process. He has the opportunity to have an attorney on his side, who speaks on his behalf, and that attorney did a darn good job. He tried as hard as he could to create any environment where one of those jurors might have found a window to say maybe that’s, not the reason that he succumbed to the pressure on his neck.

So derek chauvin got the best of what the united states justice system provides and this. I hope that what happened today this guilty verdict is a is a message that is loud and clear across this country. Now this isn’t to say that every single time the country gets it right or the jury gets it right or the judicial system gets it right. We’Ve all seen cases even very, very famous cases where we felt that that wasn’t the case, but in most cases this is what we see, and i hope that you know you know i i think about chelsea handler right who, who tweeted so pathetic, that there is A trial to prove that derek chovin killed george floyd when there’s video of him doing so. I hope chelsea handler that if you ever find yourself in a situation that you get the due process that even derek chovin who people despised got in this country in the united states of america, we can never go to a place where we say yes skip the Trial we saw the video, and that is what everyone in this country should feel very good about. Today we saw a due process. We saw 12 americans who, who you know, sat there as he said, and did very tough duty uh to sit through this trial and no doubt they were scared about their own future and about you know, people knowing that they’re on that jury.

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