Tucker Carlson, Fox News ts to politicization of Derek Chauvin trial

Politics shouldn’t have any effect on any trial again that’s antithetical to what justice is, but they did intrude at every level of this case. We’Ll tell you how, after the verdict, joe biden declared that systemic racism is a stain on this country’s soul, a jury in minnesota found former minneapolis police officer, derrick chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of george floyd last may. It was a murder in the full light of day and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism the vice president just referred to. There were systemic racisms as a stain on our nation’s soul, the knee on the neck of justice for black americans enough enough of this senseless killings. Today, today’s verdict is a step forward: systemic racism, a term that neither joe biden or anyone else who uses it has ever defined with any precision whatsoever. But more striking is biden’s. Posture you’d think he’d be excited by this just this morning, as the jury was still deliberating, the president of the united states said he was praying for a guilty verdict. I’M praying the verdict is the right verdict, which is, i think, it’s overwhelming. In my view, i wouldn’t say that but see the jury was sequestered now not hear me say that when was the last time a sitting president weighed in on a jury decision before it was made answer. Never the white house was asked about this. Just a few hours later and pretended that joe biden hadn’t actually said what he actually said, you’re not able to clarify what is overwhelming the evidence, the case presented by the prosecution we’re not going to get ahead of the outcome.

I expect when there is a verdict. He will have more to say the president has talked about the importance of an independent judiciary. Why is it appropriate for him to weigh in on the verdict, even though the jury, i wouldn’t, think i don’t think he would see it as weighing in on the verdict. He was conveying what many people are feeling across the country yeah. He was just conveying what many people were feeling he wasn’t weighing in as the single most powerful man in the world on a jury verdict that hadn’t been reached. Yet he didn’t say what you saw. Him say if that sounds like a familiar defense it’s exactly what maxine waters and her defenders throughout washington are using today after waters threatened the jury with violence. If it didn’t find a guilty verdict, we’ve got to not only stay in the street, but we’ve got to fight for justice, but i am very hopeful and i hope that we’re going to get a verdict that is a guilty guilty guilty. I don’t know whether it’s in the first degree, but as far as i’m concerned as folks. Well, we got to stay on the street. Uh and we’ve got to get more active we’ve got to get more confrontational we’ve got to make sure that they they know that we need business so there’s. A reason. Police were all over the streets and cities across the country. Last night and it’s that it’s the threat of violence and maxine waters threatened violence before the jury had even begun to consider the facts of the case that’s so far over the line that we read, some democrats were shocked by it and yet no one condemned it That includes the president and includes the most powerful people in the democratic party, the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, steny hoyer of maryland.

They came out in support of maxine waters and then state media, literally state media. Public broadcasting system came out today with an explanation. At the white house press briefing watch this propagandist explain what maxine waters really meant. Um representative waters, as you said, clarified she said my actual words don’t matter. I wonder why the white house isn’t also coming to the defense of representative waters, given the fact that she’s now facing an onslaught of attacks, especially, but i would say republicans, i wonder why the white house isn’t saying we we back what she said about being confrontational. She was obviously not threatening violence. There are civil rights leaders, they’re, saying that’s what that’s what civil rights is to be confrontational to be active? Well, she could. She also clarified her own remarks, amish and i think that’s, the most powerful piece to point to that. Lady works for you. She literally works for public television and there she is ardently flacking for lunatic maxine waters at the white house. Press briefing, oh it’s, all normal don’t worry it’s, always been this way. It hasn’t always been this way, and our leaders, haven’t always talked like they’re seized by religious fervor. Here was the speaker of the house today thanking george floyd because he died in order to make the democratic party more powerful for his sacrifice. She said watch this. Thank you, george floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice because of you, and because of thousands millions of people around the world who came out for justice.

Your name will always be synonymous with justice. Unless we can change the law, this will be an episode. We changed. The law we’re going down a different path all together, so the guy dies on the sidewalk, and here this lady comes out and politicizes it so completely that he becomes sort of democratic party saint. Thank you for your sacrifice.

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