Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Tornado, Tornado warning CHAOS AT ATLANTA DUE TO EXTREME WINDS | Tower Evacuated

We can’t see anything in front of us it’s a lot scarier up here. Oh, i believe it but uh yeah. I just we just don’t want to start taxing because we can’t see anything: okay, that’s fine. I understand for 877, if you’d like to stop that’s fine, also because there’s a guy in front of you there at uh ramp five. So if you’d like to stop your taxi because i’m sure they’re not going to park, you anyways, you can do so it’ll stop here. We’Ll stay out of the way around porch. Thank you. I think i need a thunder buddy. The tower sway yeah a lot: hey, tuck, seven and tuck ten. If you could just hold there that’s fine. Also, just let me know whatever you need it’s getting pretty bad out here yeah, so you could hold there or continue to the ramp, whatever you’d like and we’re just gon na stay right here. Okay, you can hold your position there. The other tug is currently stopped in front of you all right, uh uh, if they still can tell me exactly where they are because i can’t see him well, i can’t see anything either. My ass you just went out, but where you are, is perfectly fine. The last i saw him he was short of alpha 3 there, the entry to uh delta north all right, uh i’m, just gon na stop. Where i am, i can see nothing: okay, yeah that’s, fine, just hold your position there.

Please. We all need uh center bodies right now. We all need thunder bodies. I’M. Sorry, i can’t hear you but they’re going to evacuate the tower all right, guys, we’re going to 0, so we’re going to evacuate the tower copy. What’S your wind speed. Winds are two three zero: two nine gusting at 42. it’s rocking pretty good up here, hey guys, everybody! The tower is evacuating we’re going atc 0.. All aircraft with tower is evacuated, be safe up there guys aircraft holding short of 2 6 left on the uh taxiway echo out here. Did anybody else have anything hit their aircraft just a few minutes ago, um about a little bit like small hail, but that was a assistant for us we’re holding okay, so i’m i’m actually uh airbus, 321 right at echo, 13.. I don’t know if the aircraft behind me can see anything on me. If you want to put your lights on for me, we felt like we had a bag cart or something smack into us really hard just a second ago, so i don’t know what it was, but i’m not going to be moving at all until i get that Confirmed 2604 here’s a 321 just shy of the echo 13 sign. I just turned my landing lights on yet i i didn’t notice anything, although i couldn’t see one too well but uh. He looks fine to me all right, hey everybody! Everybody on the ground! I want everybody to stand by the tower.

I need everybody stand up and radio stop for just a second, not really sure what that was, but we’re going to have halftime coming before we even move everybody stand by the tower we’re back in service. Everybody stand by. Please just maintain radio silence. Is there emergency? Does anybody have an emergency? Is there anybody on the ground uh for two six left on the ground echo a foxtrot on tax? We probably that has an emergency any emergency aircraft, all right guys. Let give us about five or ten minutes to get this thing back up and running everybody just hang in there tower delta 2166 during that extreme wind section right after you evacuated something hit. Our aircraft on the inner east side i’m not sure what it was, but it sounded metal in nature, we’re going to be unable to taxi okay, 2166 uh, all right Applause, let’s see here, uh. Are you declaring an emergency, or is this that just information information only, but we will be unable to tax you until we get an inspection, okay, all right, uh delta? 2166. I see you are on taxiway echo, correct and you’re about number one. Two, three you’re number. Four there on echo uh, concur 2166, just uh being 13. 13.. Okay, another 2166 um. Can you since you’re number four? Can you pull out a line into the run up pad? Are you able to do that at least, or would you like somebody to come inspect aircraft before you do so, given the fact that i don’t know if something is stuck at the wheel or underneath the aircraft at this time, i am not moving the aircraft.

Okay! Double 2166 copy, all um, all right, so right now we’re working with no ground radar. We do have radar as far as everything else is concerned, so uh, if you’re on the ground, guys um if emergency exists, just let me know and just radio science 2166. We got you covered we’re working it right now, 21666. How was that right? On final yeah kevin just said: it’s the worst he’s ever had yeah i’ve never felt the power of play like just before ever power. Dropper 1192., 11.92 yeah we’re. Getting our moderate total from zero, juliet yeah i’m, getting that up here in the tower now the winds are 250 at 37 gusting to 42., so it’s 7.99 yeah. All of you guys taxing. Can anybody can stop that’s moving if it’s better? For you Applause, i think they evacuated the tower all right guys. Your friendly voice is back i’m, not scared, anymore, all right, all right for 2211. uh we are, we can see now. Did you still want us to tax you up and follow some rj somewhere um? Let me figure out what they want to do, and uh we’ll figure that out in a second, because no one’s going to leave here for a bit anyways, okay and just a heads up for you. We’Ve got about 23 minutes before we uh our pumpkins as well. Okay, good well, in that case, i won’t put you behind the rj that way. If this weather clears fast enough, i can just sneak you out uh, maybe even down the runway.

If i have to all right ground up 15 97. 15.97 go ahead. Yup we are pumpkins at this point, so i don’t know. I know it’ll take some time to move some stuff around, but we can work start working back to the ramp. We’Ll need to do that. Oh man, it looks like the weather was just passing over too. All right, um, i’m, i’m gon na have to get this uh rj in front of you here, cranked up and then uh we’ll be able to get you back to the ramp. I understand take couple minutes ground down to 20 74. we’ve got uh 29 minutes before we’re timed out 2074. let’s see you’re stuck in that line there. Okay, i’m gon na be hopeful that this weather. Looking on the scope, it looks like it’s passing over the airport. Now so, hopefully it’ll clear by then, because i don’t see anything behind it and uh. If we have to, i should be able to talk to local and get you uh moved up in the line. Even if i got ta get you out there at uh echo uh 15. I believe that is all right. Yeah we’ll, just let you know so we can make a plan all right. You got it all right. I don’t have my assy, but i think if i did this right, endeavor 54 55 you’re number one there echo show to charlie right uh. Can you start one for me? I need to get the guy behind you back to the gate.

We’Re ronnie! Okay, you got it delta 1597. uh. You can crank them up. Let me know when your gates open and available and i’ll get you down there all right 15.97. We got seven minutes if you think there’s a prayer but uh. We have one started right now: okay um, it does look like it might clear. You say seven minutes, seven minutes well, six minutes, okay, hold short of charlie and let me see what the uh trick on explain if they’re gon na, let anybody out of here in that time: okay, southwest 30 20 on this frequency. Yes, sir uh 30, 20 we’re up, okay, excellent, all right uh. Will you be ready, we’re, getting ready to start uh departing again? Will you be ready to go well, we got to start both of them but uh, maybe five minutes or so. Okay, all right! If you could, if you are northbound departure, all my northbound departures go ahead and get started and be ready to go we’re working it on our end. As far as what we’re going to do with our nazar heading got a 1597.. Yes, sir, i want to let you know the ops vehicle on the runway is going to give way to you just do what you need to do and back tax. Your 26 left line for weight, they’re going to do a quick run by inspection field. 1597 copies. We are cleared to uh line up and wait and they’re going to give way to us aircraft on atlanta tower.

We are back in the building. We did have to evacuate due to the extreme winds that we have receiving on this, then we’re back up here now. We’Re still waiting for some of our equipment and all that to come back up i’ll try to keep you guys advised of anything as i get it. Obviously, we’re, not departing just yet we’re still going to get in the group here. I’Ll, keep you guys going Applause and powered up 15 16 uh, we’re, still short of sierra i’m. Sorry romeo three but uh grants that our gate will be open at about 15 minutes: double 15 16. roger. Oh, my gosh there’s a whole bunch of guys out there. Oh man, okay, okay, guys! I, like i said earlier, i completely lost my ground radar and uh. I don’t think i realized quite how many of you are out there that have landed um.

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