Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Tornado, Tornado warning INCREDIBLE Texas Tornadoes! Lockett to Vernon, TX Tornado Fest – April 23rd 2021

Am i good to the right, yep you’re good, a beautiful robot there’s a bubble above it hey, you guys want to go north. The road uh ends like half a mile. Look at that beautiful Applause, wow Applause yeah – that is a tornado too Applause, two tornadoes on the ground: Applause, wow that front one’s, getting big Applause; yeah i’m gon na study, the roads, real, quick, oh wow, yeah, see if there’s an easter egg. We can parallel it on because i want to get up close to this thing, guys: okay, it’s, about to drop the big cone right on top of it right next to it. Oh wow, look at the funnel right here, dude i’m, watching it! Oh shh! I got you we’re good, oh here it comes here, it comes driving, keep driving let’s get it done. It’Ll be right like on us here. Can you film with one uh huh? I just wanted to kind of retrograde, dude whoa there it is. Are we good? Are we good we’re, good, we’re, good, okay, make sure make sure make sure all right and just stop right here? Oh my god, is it wobbling back Applause? Okay, Applause, no we’re good! Still, moving east Applause, strong Music! Stop! Stop stop slow down! I want to get video this time all right, let’s get up with this, so thing on the ground, very intense motion with it Music. This is one of the better tornadoes i’ve ever seen.

This is incredible. I want to get still photos no i’m, not worried about it. We’Ll get better handheld uh if yeah remove it that’s. Why? I told you to stop. It was impossible for me to zoom in on that level. Strong dirt cloud wow it was lifted. Debris cloud is very much so still on the ground got it. Oh big house, hey let’s, go right through it. Oh my god, dude okay, i’m going going left yeah. It is doing it across right through here lines, debris all down here. Wow unreal.

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