Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Tornado, Tornado warning ’s touched down near our home so we left for the day

You can hear them or you should be able to what a heck of a way to start a day Music. We woke up this morning to tornado sirens and bad weather and uh our part of alabama. It is really bad weather today and tornadoes have been going on and off all day long stuff is being torn up, so we decided to get out of there. We didn’t want to spend all day running back and forth to the closet, so we have taken an impromptu trip down to gulf shores alabama. I know you can’t see the beach from right here, we’re going to walk over there in a second, but this is just you see the palm tree and the hotel. The beach is like right. On the other side of that hotel, uh yeah, we took an impromptu trip down to the beach down to gulf shores alabama to get away from the bad weather. At the same time, we are go: we’re gon na go shores, alabama so we’re still in alabama. The weather has not completely eluded us it’s very windy here, but we’re we’re deal we’re gon na. This is kind of like a one day trip just to let all the tornadoes pass there in central alabama, we’ll, probably check out a few things here, and gold shores and head back home tomorrow, lots and lots of people on the beach down. That way, i don’t know if you guys remember, there was a while back.

There was like a massive tornado that tore through alabama and it actually tore up the top of this building. This is one of those souvenir shops and gulf shores, one that you have to enter into the shark’s mouth to get inside, but like a tornado or hurricane or something came through and completely tore all this up before i’ll try to find that clip for you to Show you, but this is what it looks like now so as the evening progresses the weather, the bad weather, the heavy winds. All that stuff is slowly moving away. It’S not it’s nowhere near as bad out here as it was earlier when we were on the beach, but uh really like i said earlier, this is just an impromptu trip. We did. We just woke up and montgomery and covington county. All of them were getting hit. Slammed with tornadoes and real bad weather today, so early at the butt crack of dawn. This morning we called my parents said: hey let’s go do this, they were up for it, so they drove down to op and we left from there and and two cars and headed over to gulf shores, and it got us away from the tornadoes. So this evening they want to go eat at the oyster house. I wonder if there’s any gators out here, no don’t see any i didn’t get seafood. I got a new york strip and a baked potato and a salad.

I can call your dog. Everyone else got seafood though, but i didn’t two hours later, so everybody is asleep upstairs by everybody. I am referring to amy parker lilly mom, dad bella they’re all upstairs asleep, and that led me to this wonderful idea. I had well, everybody upstairs is asleep and it is almost 11 central time uh here and um not quite ready to go to bed yet. So i was like hey when we came to the beach earlier. It was so windy, we couldn’t enjoy it. We turned around and left i better walk over and see what it’s doing now that the weather’s calmed down some so i’m walking over to the beach by myself an hour before midnight earlier when we came, the wind was blowing so hard. I realized that i’m getting dark. I do have a light. I’Ll pull it out in a minute, but uh the the wind was blowing so hard that it was blowing the sand and the sand that, like stung, it would sting you it would. It would hurt when it hit you, it was wild looking at the water from this direction, it’s really really pretty the the light from these buildings here shining off of the water it’s, really pretty. It has calmed down quite a bit in the last few hours. Oh look at this building. That’S awesome like the multitude of different colors from everywhere. That’S really cool. It just knows: it’s no secret, especially uh.

Those of you who have watched for a long time that i love the beach. The beach is, like my all time, favorite place to be. If i could be on the beach every day, i would so any opportunity i can get to go to the beach is great, is awesome. It’S amazing, i mean i don’t, know there’s, probably someone out there who doesn’t like the beach, but i mean just listen. I mean it it’s, just amazing and it’s, so peaceful and it’s. So relaxing you know, of course, we’re gon na go to the beach under different circumstances as we get into summer and throughout summer. I have a list of several stories to tell from panama city. So eventually i will be down there over near the fort walton beach. Destin area, you know at least probably at least another month or so away before we do go home tomorrow. What we have decided to do, though, is go over to fort morgan, which is here in gulf shores. It’S really cool to see, especially for people like me who really love history. The place is haunted it’s gon na, be you know, it’s just fun, so we’ve decided to get up and go there tomorrow and then after we get in with that, we’ll go home. So for me, that’s gon na do it for this video today from gulf shores, alabama the gulf of mexico. If you’re new here go down and hit that subscribe button that way you get notified every time i upload a video it’s, always something different might be a true crime story.

It might be a filming location, it might be a trip to the beach. You never know. Thank you all.

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