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mesocyclone, is directly to our south southwest right right here, right in the center frame, there’s the inflow flowing in still pretty raggedy radar radar scope showed a bit of a tightening. Probably i don’t know i don’t think there’s anything on the ground right now at all, and we are basically about four punches here. Comes the hail. Oh, it does okay continuously, but i’ve been recording like five minute chunks yeah, but this one’s, probably gon na, be the long one on here. Music wow, although yeah i mean we’re, definitely like like this – is the waffle right in front of us right here right here. Wow, god that that, like blue coloration, coming out of my my video here is just looks amazing: yeah yeah, you can dude right there, i’m, so glad my camera is able to pick up like how much contrast there is on this, even though, like to the naked Eye it’s, like just gray yeah, i know that thing is getting really good. Yeah am i trying to like screen grab this from my phone and post it on twitter or something i’m just going to show you here, not certain Applause. Victor. Are you sure, the hell court hasn’t uh? No like look at radar or washoe here what i said you sure the hill hasn’t gone by us? Look, it probably will Music so yeah right here. This was just a funnel. We have this right in front of us right here right off to our left.

We wow there. It is once we get through this we’re gon na be directly behind it wow! Oh my gosh, i think that’s gon na drop wow that’s on the ground holy there. It is oh, my god that’s it that’s it it’s on the ground in someone’s car uh. No, i don’t have the number. I have them on the phone. Look at that wow all right, we’re driving under what looks to be the rfb going back up into the storm uh with all these kind of streaky clouds just keep it going, though, and yeah. It may still be a tornado on the ground directly in front of us. Marty might have captured it a little while ago, uh up in this direction. Yeah that’s hooking up yeah it’s, going to be so well backlit too it’s too bright out here, but this rainbow’s important time is in car. Hold on current time is 6 29 pm all right looks like everybody’s moving let’s go like okay. This is definitely the walk out like right in front of us, so all right moving again here we go again wow. Look at that debris! Oh dang! Oh, we got a freaking dust cloud under it all right. I don’t know how my car doing right. I don’t know how my contrast is doing on this, but there it is. It is currently hey. Look at all that dust, that’s, that’s, that’s, big, dusty, 6 33 is the current time.

6. 33.. This is absolutely on the ground. Applause. 6. 33. P.M. Right outside of locket, texas Applause wow there, it is that’s a tornado, all right, it’s, another tornado Applause. Oh it just hit something: oh my god, Applause it hit something. I don’t know what it was looks like an out building: okay, we’re moving all right. No, i think, it’s still on the ground, it’s dude, yeah, it’s still on the ground. I still see dice jesus christ all right rainbow. I don’t know all right. I’Ll come back in just a little bit Applause. My camera doesn’t do good in like look it’s right. There, okay, i’m unbuckling, oh it’s, still coming down yep. Oh there, it is right there. It is uh. 6 ‘. We are in uh close to mocking texas that’s, where it is right there, and this tornado is right right there. Is it wow? Look at that that’s, dude, wow. Okay, that thing looks great it’s, literally a noodle okay. We should be able to stop like right here: wow it’s, still on the ground, wow it’s, a noodle there’s, a noodle tornado still on the ground up there very skinny, but you can’t, i don’t know. If you can see this clouds noodle noodling everyone’s up there. It is uh. This thing looks amazing, oh my god. Oh i use your tripod. Just want to take it like. Okay, go ahead, go ahead, yeah robby! I need your help with this tripod here victor.

What here, okay, give me, give me one as well. I’M gon na do like the two cans for everybody: okay, robby here take this cool all right, yeah there. It goes that was amazing, so quiet out here now too bad we’re, not in oklahoma. I don’t even see them you’re, just so freaking quiet out here now got this nice momatis back here. What yeah anvil over there? You got the southern storm, uh southern storm edge of the updraft. Here i got roughly like three and a half minutes because there’s more lightning a little post update here, a little almost looks like a funnel up here. I doubt it’s going to do much a little appendage up in there, which i’m gon na check radio. I think it’s looking some good like cloud cloud lighting off in this direction, all right, the saturated, lower levels you should tell wait is harry. There dude, i think, it’s true another little, not quite sure, might be turbulence, but this kind of goes far up into a cloud a little bit of a funnel there as well there’s like we’re in between it’s, like a shelf. Wait look at this there’s like a reverse, funnel Laughter little appendage over the top, a little like swan shape or something i don’t know yeah. This is this: is a shelf cloud coming in towards us. This has got to be like a shelf club, like i said like, like you see how it’s like yeah you’re right.

This might be the front right here. Yeah well we’re, not in texas, we’re gon na have we’re gon na get hit by some wins. When this thing passes over it’s, like like kind of pinkish now yeah, you might want to video that they’re still crazy right now yeah. All this is basically died down, see that it’s, like cumulus, would like barely sign on the back. Oh yeah and you can see the sun rays over to the top man.

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Tornado, Tornado warning, Atlanta Concerning Severe Weather Outbreak Including Supercells, Giant Hail, Tornadoes

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