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That is where we see that tornado warning, in effect until 4 p.m, and this tornado, worn storm, is now pushing into northern and northwestern knox county just off to the northwest of benjamin, not tornado, warned in knox county at the current moment. Here it is 3 45 p.m, but this may be extended to include parts of knox county over the next 15 to 20 minutes here. So this storm is capable of very large hail. Two upwards of three inch sized hail reported here in northern king county and that’s going to be pushing into far northwestern knox county within the next 15 to 20 minutes. So, if you’re on your our fringes of our viewing here area here, the far northern big country that’s, the main concern with this storm let’s put the um the hail track on this. To show you exactly where we’re seeing that hail coming out of far northern king county and pushing into knox county right now, so you see the history of this as it came just off to the north of guthrie. There was a report of a funnel cloud, no confirmed tornado with this, but you see the hail being the main concern with this very large hail reported along route 83. There was reports from the national weather service of broken windshields to the north of guthrie as well. In king county and that’s now moving into knox county here so it’s north of benjamin. This storm is going to stay north of the benjamin area.

If you’re on route 82 between seymour and guthrie it’s going to stay just off to the north of you and just off to the south of the crowl area and south of vernon as well so that’s the hail that we’re seeing upwards of two to three inch Size hail so very large, hail and also the threat of that tornado. Let me put on the velocity signature um. You got. The switch gears here hold on i’m gon na jump around real, quick here and move over to velocity on this particular storm. This is where we’re seeing the rotation so moving up far northern areas once again, abilene san angelo, not included in any of this as far off to your north, up towards the red river here, northern king county and coming into north and northwestern knox county here. So, where you see the red and the pinks or the the green and the reds excuse me, that is where we see that rotation a pretty strong rotation here, so that is showing that we may have a tornado warning or tornado within this storm right now. Nothing confirmed on the ground but as radar indicated here as it moves into north western knox county up towards the gila land area, ford city, truscott and up towards crawwell with us. So it’s going to come just on the fringes of northwestern knox county and then continue into the ford city area in crowdwell let’s jump back over to the radar here.

I think we just have a new tornado warning now in effect for knox county. So far, northern knox county here gila land included in this it’s, in effect until 4, 15 p.m. So for about another half hour or so tornado radar indicated not confirmed, hail two to three inches. That is confirmed when it was just north of guthrie and that’s going to continue to push on off to the wet or the east and northeast so far, northern knox county and far southern ford county here just to the south of ford city. Moving on through right now elsewhere in the area, if you’re watching this from abilene san angelo, we are dry we’re, even seeing some sunshine here in san angelo that’s, going to further destabilize the atmosphere later on may see more storms. You see some of that activity starting to form, as i put this a little bit further off to the south in the permian basin. Midland odessa is starting to see some isolated showers la mesa, seeing some of that thunderstorm activity as well. These are newly developed storms. No severe warnings further south and southwest as of yet but as we head through the afternoon and evening more severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings may be issued so we’ll keep you updated, but abilene san angelo, not in the crosshairs, now will not see any activity for The next at least two hours here but uh most of the activity right now far off to our west, is forming and moving on off to the east, but that one tornado warning is in effect for our far northern areas.

That is knox county and southern ford county that’s, in effect until 4, 15. gila land up towards ford city and crowdwell expected with this. And then this is going to continue to push on off to the east and northeast away from our viewing area. But if you have friends and family in grayback should stay just to the south of vernon, and then this storm is headed in the direction of wichita falls. So, a little bit bigger of a city there it’s pushing eastward i’m going to take about an hour and a half two hours to hit wichita falls, but it is headed in that general direction, so gill, land you’re under the threat right now up towards ford city, Let’S put let’s look at the hail core with this storm it’s, going to jump around the map here for a second, but go back up to the cell. Pretty large hail core embedded in this cell northwestern knox county. Seeing golf balls right now believe it or not. That has actually come down, but still a pretty good amount of hail in far northwestern knox county and just to this on the border of ford county and knox county in north central texas. Here. So, if you’re watching for the big country in the contra valley. Much of the area right now is quiet. This is right on the edge of our viewing area and up towards the red river here. So once again, tornado warning, in effect for ford in knox county until 4, 15 pm the storm is capable of producing a tornado.

Nothing on the ground right now. This radar is not doing a great job of seeing the circulation in this, but it is developing a hook, echo which is classic tornado. Warned you see that in tornadoes, so a very well macy of developing tornado here, north of gila land and just south of ford city let’s see tornado warning from the national weather service. It is a sparsely populated area. 23 people included in this tornado warning, but if you’re one of the 23 definitely have to be on the lookout here, get to an interior room away from windows, hail upwards of baseball size and then that radar indicated tornado once again. Our far northern areas, very northern knox, county and southern ford county for this tornado warning, in effect until 4, 15 p.m. So thankfully, a relatively rural area, but if you’re in truscots take your tornado precautions right now, ford city as well and upwards of crowd, while so it’s hail core, which is the big threat right now, no confirmed tornado but take it as the tornado was on the Ground um the hail corps is going to go right along the forward county in knox, county line between ford city and truscott it’s, going to come just on the north side of truscott south of ford city and continue to push in the east northeast direction here. So this continues to push on off to the east northeast seymour route, 183 between vernon and seymour.

This is not in our viewing area, but friends and family, or, if you’re, traveling north of our area, that’s what you have to be on the lookout for two to three inch hail once again: it’s upwards of baseball sides, we’re seeing golf ball sized hail right now, But upwards of baseball sized hill reported with this north of guthrie and that is pushing towards ford city and then eventually uh to the south of vernon, up towards greyback and it’s gon na stay north of seymour as well associated with this line. This is all associated with that one supercell right now so um. These have not been able to expire here, but the main threats is just this one storm pushing eastward here. So if you’re in benjamin you’re watching this from benjamin, you probably see the thunder may see or hear the thunder see the lightning it’s going to stay north of you, this will not affect benjamin directly. There is one cell, though, trying to form just the south of guthrie keep an eye on that, but that’s not going to affect benjamin’s we’ll stay to the north of you and really ride the fringes of ford and knox county. Just jump ahead once again to this velocity signature with the storm, so you see where the reds hit the greens that’s, where a possible tornado or where the rotation is with the storm it’s going to go just on the north side of gila land and just south Of ford city between ford city and gila land is where the rotation will go and then i’ll continue to push on off.

I’Ll. Give you a storm chest here so 406 coming in truscott, gilland 421 thalia 450 lockett high school 505. lock it 511.. They saw a tornado just the other day up in the locket area, so this is out of our viewing area. But if you have friends and family up in that area, lock it towards a vernon should stay just south of vernon, but if it did make a turn, 5 30 coming into the vernon area, all right. Another update this is far not far northern knox county in southern ford county, so very edge of our area here and into north right up towards the red river south of crowdwell. North northwest of gila land continue to push on off to the east tornado warning. In effect, until 4, 15 p.m and elsewhere, we are quiet, but watching these cells form up towards la mesa and post may affect the big country over the next one to two hours: san angelo we’re, quiet for the time being, watching that activity westward later on this Evening, but right now nothing on the radar. Nothing expected here in the short term, so we’ll keep you updated on this. Come back on. Facebook live as this continues to push on off to the east, but right on the edge, so northern knox county southern ford, county, tornado warning, in effect until 4, 15 p.m, gather some information and come back if need be on facebook live we’ll, be here all evening.

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