Kangana Ranaut, Twitter, Bollywood suspends actress Kangana Ranaut's account permanently, Bengal violence tweet under lens

Twitter says strong action on behavior, then a behavior that cause harm twitter also says repeated. Violations from kangana’s account were witnessed: violation of hateful conduct policy, violation of abuse of behavior policy. All of these have been cited as the reasons why the account of actor kangana do not has been permanently suspended by twitter. Well, twitter has said in its uh justification for this move, that this is an action taken for harm for action taken on behavior that can cause harm, also saying that there have been repeated violations from gangnam’s account disaster joining us on the phone line disha. What exactly has twitter said in support of its decision to suspend kangana renault’s account on twitter? Well, that is right. Uh it’s been almost an hour or so that we saw uh. You know uh actor, kannada’s twitter account being suspended by twitter and in fact twitter has also put out an explanation for it. Clearly twitter says that, and i quote, we have been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior. That has the potential to lead to offline harm. The referenced account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of twitter rules, specifically our hateful conduct policy and abusive behavior policy. We enforce the twitter rules judiciously and impartially for everyone on our service, so here it’s a big statement coming in from twitter saying that uh kangna ranawat’s twitter account. You know time and again she has violated uh the rules of twitter.

As far as you know, abusive behavior policy is concerned and her account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations, so yeah that’s an important uh. You know information coming in that her account has been permanently suspended and we know afrida that in the past the actor has been known for her controversial. You know statements beat against the government in concern or beat against any personalities and concerned, but she has been very vocal about each and every uh. You know political as well as any development that has been happening across the country, so perhaps that’s the uh. You know information that we are receiving, and this is the permanent suspended account that we are looking at right, but at the same time disha this might evoke strong political reactions. We know that kangana renaut has been extremely vocal on her political views, often vitriolic as well, and she has oftentimes claimed that she’s been targeted by at least the state government in maharashtra we’ve witnessed so many of those scenes where her properties in mumbai she claimed were Targeted deliberately because of her views, so do you think that this time, once again, this would raise questions any reaction coming from the actor herself on this yet tisha, we haven’t heard any reaction coming in from kannada or not at uh. You know as we speak, but you’re right afrida i mean we have seen that how vocal she has been against everything that is happening around the world.

You know as far as even across the country for that matter, and she has also been vocal about things where she has said that how she feels targeted by the maharashtra government authorities and even uh. You know in other cases, for that matter so, and we also know that she has made several controversial statements in the past as well, but this of course uh the development coming in and the twitter suspending her account permanently. It calls for a different picture altogether, so we are yet to you know, get an official statement from the actors uh on this yes and twitter. Talks about hateful conduct is one of the reasons, and it also talks about uh how certain twitter policies were violated. So in so far as twitter’s explanation is concerned, there’s – nothing political about it. What is being said is that the actor violated some of the laid down policies of the social media platform owing to which her account has been suspended because of those repeated violations.

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