Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, Lorenzo Cain, Christian Yelich, Vince Velasquez 4-3!! | JT Realmuto Moonshot Homerun!! | Vince Velasques Goes 6 Innings!

Please you go through this entire game. Okay, maybe the cup first couple of innings by vince velazquez were a little stressful, even though he didn’t manage to get out of those majority of the game, not stressful. But then you got ta go in that eighth and ninth inning, with the most stressful possibilities with the brewers getting bases loaded in both innings come on, but hey we got the win. We got the win and that’s all that matters like thank god they won. After what happened yesterday, man definitely not my best piece of work but hey. It is what it is at this point, but still thank god. They got the win tonight and they don’t go three straight game. Well, three game losing streak at this point, because this is the win they definitely needed and for some reason they liked to win with weird lineups. I just don’t understand it. You don’t have rhys or mccutchen in this game to start off. They eventually came into the game later, because matt joyce for some reason, one of the argue, balls and strikes the guy, was pissed off for some reason. Even though yeah the umpire strike zone definitely was very questionable and the phillies for some reason, the phillies, which is also understandable, they really don’t like umpires this year, and you could say that for the entire league, but the phillies specifically just don’t like umpiring this year. So matt joyce was for some reason so mad i mean i could understand.

It definitely could have been a questionable call on that strike, but still it’s like don’t argue in that situation. You just don’t because i i understand you brought kutch and hoskins back into the game. So technically you did have someone to replace matt joyce with, but just don’t argue. I don’t think you’re in the right position to argue. Come on man you’re, a bench player, matt joyce, i the umpire’s, not going to listen to anything. You say, but anyway, man, stressful stressfulness and, like i said, the philly is really like winning with weird lineups, because you don’t have risk you don’t have catch. You don’t have harper and i really hope this risk situation doesn’t become long term. I just really hope it does not because last night he looked really uncomfortable swinging the bat, especially late in the game, and hopefully this doesn’t turn into a long term situation for bryce harper, because this team desperately needs bryce harper, with the way that he has been Swinging the bat this season, they just cannot afford to lose him because the offense made majority quiet, thank god the pitching technically stepped up today, and they scored runs when they had to early on. In the ball game, the phillies got their only runs in the first two weddings, so not much offense the rest of the game, but basically summarize of that entire thing. They need bryce harper they do and they cannot afford him to lose, lose him for long term.

They just can’t, and i think today too alvarado accepted they got the uh suspension down to two games, so he wasn’t in this game and tomorrow i’m assuming it’ll, be the second game of his suspension. So he’s only going to miss two games in the series, even though he hasn’t even gon na get into the details of that suspension, but they came to an agreement. He pushed it down to two games and he’s gon na serve those two games. So nothing not a big deal there. I would say, but um yeah, just going into the game early on vince like you’re, expecting a vince velasquez start to be like it typically is he. Maybe he has one good inning to maybe showcase something? Oh, maybe this is going to be a good start from vince velasquez and then the train wreck comes later in the ball game. When he doesn’t survive past, maybe four or five innings. He allows at least three four five runs and he puts his team in a terrible situation. Maybe the offense doesn’t do much for him either, but hey as much as i don’t like vince velazquez this game. I will give him credit. I will give him credit because he actually went six innings in this ball game. He actually picked prince pretty decently. Uh i’ll give credit where credit is due to vince velasquez. Is it gon na be long term credit? No because i really don’t expect vince velazquez to keep this up for a successful stretch of time, because it’s, just vince velasquez and his track record shows that he’s not capable of doing that consistently.

He’S not capable of going six innings consistently he’s, not capable of getting past five he’s, not capable of allowing only run run consistently. So it’s it’s much of a pattern here and today he broke the pattern set, thankfully, because the phillies desperately needed something like this. From a 445th starter and vince, velazquez, surprisingly, was the first guy before matt, moore or chase anderson, the ghost six innings, so that also showcases the other problem that the phillies have with the bottom part of the rotation and it’s. Weird, too, because the phillies really have been struggling and zach wheeler flynn and nola’s starts recently and the philip and they have been winning majority of the starts recently, with chase anderson on the mound and i’m, not even sure, with vince velasquez. I think they did win the last woman vince velasquez on the man i’m, not entirely sure i don’t think they did but it’s just weird. I think that’s, the one word i’m, just trying to describe it with weird, and we all know this team they’re just not that good. This team is not that good. We all know the major problems with this team. They have a lot of it. We all know the situation with andrew mccutchen, but it’s why he got benched today made more defensive mistakes last night in the ball game was the reason why he got benched for some reason he just forgot at the field and the batting average is just not good.

For a lead off hitter, it just isn’t, so you have a problem in the left field. We all know the situation in center field: roman quinn, mickey moniak, abdul herrera nothing’s being solved there, even though for somehow in some way roman quinn was actually has actually been productive. The past two days, even though i don’t expect them to keep that up. But you know that problem in center field – it’s it’s, probably the most obvious one – and there have been some talks about when jean cigar comes back because he’s going to be going for a mindly minor league stint for a couple of games just to get healthy again And get back into game shape that joe girardi actually uh, maybe put out there that you see nick maton get some reps in center field. When gene segura comes back because you know, gene is gon na be automatically placed back at second base. So, with the way nick maton has been swinging, the bat you cannot send that kid down, so it looks like they are going to give him a chance in center field, even though nick mayton’s track record, he has not played center field much or outfield much in His career he’s basically been an infielder, so that’s really going to be an interesting situation does. Is he going to turn into majority of what scott kingery, maybe is that utility guy to where he can play throughout the field? He can play all the in field positions.

He can play in the outfield, maybe that’s, what they’re going to try to turn nick maetan in a better version of scott kingery, because nick maton, yes, has been swinging the bat and he plays really good defense, so maybe maybe he’s the center fielder we’ve been looking For but they’re going to be trying, they are definitely going to be trying so to finally get into the game. Finally, the game starts off a couple batters in lorenzo king comes up. He gets an absolute bomb to left center field. It goes on ashburn alley. I think that what it had to be at least what over 440 over 450 at that point ball was crushed. It was an absolute moon shot and the brews go up one nothing. But if you want to talk about another moonshot brad miller gets on base. In comes jt ramuto, and this man sends the ball to the moon, to the literal moon to left field and it lands into the second deck. You really don’t see balls going to the second deck and left field at this bank park, often so it’s, really a gigantic moon shot for jt roy motel to make it a two to one phillies and the phillies get tack on more runs in the second inning. Oh dubo herrera, he gets on with a throwing error which brings him over to second base and roman quinn actually being productive, gets a triple and he scores herrera makes it three to one it invents velazquez chipping into the offense.

He gets an rbi ground out and he makes it four to one and basically they’re midway through the game going through the third all the way up until they fitting pretty much quiet, vince, velazquez, first second and third inning. He did allow a couple of base runners, but he managed to get out of those situations. Fourth, fifth and sixth inning for vince velasquez, all one two threes, pretty solid on the second half of his performance, so that’s, where i’m definitely gon na give majority of the credit to vince velasquez kind of allow a couple base runners beginning on, but second half of His performance got nine straight outs, that’s, probably the best you could ask for out of vince velasquez, and he gave you the best phillies hitters with the lineup. You really don’t expect them to do much and hey. They got four runs in the first two innings. So maybe the pitching and you go into the bullpen. Maybe the bullpen can settle things down. Seventh inning bullpen comes in, it was coonrod and he got this everything out of the way. But then you go into the eighth inning and that’s, where all the craziness starts. Brogden comes in for the eighth inning, you can see, it start the torrential downpour, and maybe you could have considered the situation of putting the tarp on just because of how bad it was raining, but the weather it was just so weird. Today it was the forecast was supposed to rain, but, like all the rain was just not in south philadelphia.

It lit it landed in south philadelphia for maybe like five ten minutes stretch, but all the rain was just like on the center city area. The north part of philadelphia, so the phillies really didn’t, see that much rain. So thankfully they were able to get this game in tonight. But the rain really came down hard in that eighth inning and i maybe was affecting conor brogdon a little bit because he wasn’t getting batters out allowed the bases loaded and it really just wasn’t pretty at all, and also in that seven minute. Before i get more into the thing that’s when matt joyce got ejected and that’s when reese hoskins and andrew mccutchen came into the ball game, to you know replace for matt joyce, but connor brogdon comes in colton wong starts out with a walk walks. Lorenzo kane christian yellage he a hard ass line, drive to dede gregorius. It could have been a double play, but the ball was just hit so hard popped out of dd’s glove and he just wasn’t able to do anything with that. So you get bases loaded and then travis shaw comes up, gets a sac fly makes it four to two another mound visit comes in and then joe girardi elects to go to hector neris to get the five out save in this ball game and at first it Doesn’T really uh help because abiselle garcia, it could have been a double play, but it the ball was just like, like of course, in this situation, the ball was hit as soft as possible to where dede grigorius wasn’t able to turn a double play.

He was only able to look at the force out at second, and then it also allowed the runner to score from third base to make it a four to three game and then, thankfully, heck darneris with the quick feet on the mound picks off garcia at first Base and he gets out of the inning – so no harm, no, no, no, nothing, nothing there. I guess so you go into the eighth inning 4 3 phillies lead phillies, really don’t do much in the thing d gregorius does get on with a double alec bomb. Eventually strikes out so you can’t bring in dede home just to get that insurance run, and then this is where we start. The crazies, ninth inning, the crazy just stress, filled ninth inning because you got vogel bond out for the brewers and hector nevis is ahead. In account, throwing splitters he’s way ahead of them, he’s way over top of them and then for some reason, hector and eris decides to throw him a meatball, and then he takes advantage of that and he hit the double down the left field line. What was that thought process? You were getting ahead in account, you were using the splitter effectively and he couldn’t do anything to the splitter. Why are you giving him a pitch to hit so he allows a double. Then hector narrows gets the next out, strikes out your ears and then gets the second out of the inning.

So you got two outs and you’ve got a runner on second base, but then hector narrows walks. The next batter and then colton wong gets an infield single. So no so you got bases loaded for the final out in lorenzo kane and both of those last two batters before kane got mckinney. He got wong those guys battled those guys mckinney drew it to a 3 2 count when hector narrows was ahead of. It fell. Balls off and he worked out the walk same thing with colton wong. He fouled so many pitches off and then worked out an enfield single. So you got bases loaded, lorenzo kane, hectoneris gets ahead in account and thankfully lorenzo cain was not able to check up on this swing. Thank god. It was one of those swings where the umpire saw it. He didn’t have to go for the other umpires on the corner and he called him out so that’s how your game ends stressful as it is man, thank god, they won this one, thank god. So i don’t have to overreact. With my emotions like last night and, like i said last night, definitely was not my best line of work Laughter so basically like i said it is what is at that point all you look back at his lap, but thank god they got the win and if We look at the pitching staff for today. Velasquez, like i said credit where credit is due. He pitches six full innings allows four hits one on the run, two walks six strikeouts and the only run was to the lorenzo game bomb.

So, like i said credit where credit is due, but i do not expect them, and none of us expect them to keep that up consistently. This is probably going to be vince velasquez’s best start of the season, so i guess uh cherish it. While you can until his next start, because this is probably going to be his best one of the season coonrod comes in for the seventh – does his job strikes out the side. Brogden struggled only pitched a third of the inning allowed one hit two two one runs two walks. Those two word runs were charged when, when naresh was on the mount because he did allow those base runners naris comes in, he pitched the final five out to allow two hits one walk and three strikeouts so bullpen besides conor brogdon today did a decent job of Shutting down the bruins, the heck daenerys made, it got a little ugly, but he managed to seal the deal. We’Ll go to the lineup matt joyce, not a good night for him. He was over four in the box and he got ejected from this ball game. Brad miller goes one for three jt romuleto goes one for four, with the two runs shot. Dida gregorius goes two for three a nice day at the box for him. Alec baum goes over four after going three for four last night, so just hopefully he can just find a way to get to maybe like a couple of one hit, two hit games here and there, because sometimes you do see that alec bone game where he does Get multi hits like two three hits and then he’ll have that stretch of games where he strikes out a lot.

He doesn’t get many hits, so he needs just to find a way, and i do expect the alec bomb hot streak to happen. Eventually, i do. I have that faith i’m, not worried about him. He just needs to find his place at the plate right now. He needs to readjust and i feel like it’s eventually going to happen so right now he went over four tonight. Nick maton goes over three tonight. Abdul herrera goes one for three. Roman quinn goes one for three and vince velasquez goes over two, but he got the rbi on the ground out. So the phillies take the first game of the series with the milwaukee brewers. Thankfully, because this is was going to be a really tough series for the phillies, because the brewers are a really good team, they are a team with really good, pitching, really good bats. So, thankfully they found a way to uh, win this game and for tomorrow’s game. You got noah on the mound tomorrow you got laura on the mountain for the brewers, so nola we need a better performance than he had last against the cardinals, even though i don’t entirely blame him in that game on nola just need a better performance. Definitely we definitely need him to go at least seven innings tomorrow, so noah, it’s gon na be gon na, be a huge thing for him tomorrow he needs to go it like, i said at least seven innings to at least rest his bullpen a little bit.

Then we got on wednesday got anderson on the mound going up against peralta and then i would assume it’d be zach wheeler on thursday for the matinee version of for the matinee of this series. Yeah, it is zach wheeler, going up against brandon wolf drift man that’s going to be a good patching matchup and i think i’m going to that game on thursday, so hopefully it’s a a pitching duel or just not a pitching duel for brandon woodruff, but yeah. Definitely going to be a tough schedule for the philly state if you can get two wins out of this series against the brewers. I know beca, because the brewers on are on a different level than the phillies. I find the brewers to be a better team than the phillies, so if you could define a way to get two wins out of this series, i’ll be fine with that, but it kind of does also sucks too, because you lost the series to the mets. So it kind of goes in that situation, where you would think you, the phillies, would be three games mandatory. I kind of do think they also need to win three games, but i also accept at least two wins in this series, because the brewers are just, i feel like they’re, on a different level than the phillies. I feel like. There are a completely better team than the phillies, so that’s, where i stand on that and if you get two wins in the series.

I’Ll be completely fine but, like i said hopefully, bryce harper isn’t out for long term that because that’s gon na hurt us. Hopefully i just don’t want it to happen. I don’t so phillies get the win today and let’s just be positive for the rest of the night. So what are your thoughts guys thoughts on this video? Where do you guys thoughts on this philly’s win, vince, velasquez’s performance and jt learning toes absolute moon shot, so don’t forget to leave your comments down in the comment section below. As always, don’t forget to drop a like on this video don’t forget to check out the panel lines which i am a part of. Their links will be in the description below don’t forget to check out the the links to the florida, podcast merchandise website and also for flyers nitty gritty.

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